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App Name Wheel Offroad (Unlimited Money, VIP Unlocked) 1.4.0 Wheel Offroad (Unlimited Money, VIP Unlocked) 1.4.0 is the most famous version in the Wheel Offroad (Unlimited Money, VIP Unlocked) 1.4.0 series of publisher Sylvie
Publisher Sylvie
Genre Racing
Size 164M
Version 1.4.0
Read 59 views
Price: $0
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  • Unlimited Money, VIP Unlocked

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If you are a fan of Monster truck Wheel Offroad will be on your favorite games list.
You can change the size of the tires at any time during the race to control your Moster Truck and get over different types of terrain as fast as possible. The first one to reach the finish line will be the winner!
You can choose from a lot of tuned high performance monster trucks.Upgrade your vehicles with new tires, nitrous, exhaust, engine, gears, booster and body!

Wheel Offroad – Offroad Wheels is the name of a game in the racing genre published by Sylvie Game Studio for Android devices. As the name implies, el Wheel Offroad is a off-road racing game. In this game, you take control of giant off-road vehicles and compete in various competitions. Although there are always good games in the world of car games, sometimes it may seem that the past creativity of mobile game developers has waned. Most of the giant off-road car games are similar, and this is a bit disappointing for gamers. But Wheel Offroad has really laid the foundation stone and with a fascinating and fun gameplay, it has brought a unique experience for gamers. This game is so great that you wish all the giant off-road car games were made this way. All stages of this game are challenging and offer a new level of excitement. There have been many innovations in this game that should be thanked to the Wheel Offroad development team. The flowers, the uphill paths, the dirt hills, and everything along the way have been very professionally and realistically done and fresh and have created a new feel for the game.

If you are a fan of speed racing games on complex terrain, then Wheel Offroad is an excellent choice for you to enjoy it. This is one of the offroad car driving games, allowing players to drive many other off-road vehicles and defy all obstacles to get ready to overcome them. Besides, with simple gameplay, the player’s task is to show driving skills how you would return to the final destination.



Wheel Offroad is a game that is no longer strange to many gamers today, especially those who love adventure. In order to help players satisfy their passion for speed with this adventurous game genre, the game was born with many attractive features to help players have a desirable gaming experience. Players will have to transform into racers who own large displacement vehicles to conquer dangerous roads for this game. In the game, players will have an excellent driving experience. Essentially, players will be mastering the most aggressive off-road vehicles and venturing on rugged roads with breathtaking landscapes.


In the game, players will have to compete with a variety of different supercar players. Most of them are people with extreme driving skills and own the best supercar on the market. During the competition, players will have to control their vehicles to overcome different roads and terrains, making it difficult for them to move.

Besides, each contest often gives high prizes to those who finish first, so players should try to choose the car they like to have a strong engine to compete with many other players. The game also allows the player to change the size of the tires at any time during the competition so that you can cross different terrains as quickly as possible. In addition, players also have the opportunity to unlock more than 50 super-strong road racing models capable of overcoming all terrains.


Overall, the game always gives players the ultimate off-road racing experience. As a driver, players will have to control their vehicle on all terrains, venturing through dangerous areas when only a map and compass are left in hand. Wheel Offroad is divided into many different levels, with each level equivalent to different missions to experience many different moments.

The game uses a new weather system, which changes based on each terrain area and requires players to adapt themselves. On some routes, the weather can affect visibility. The track’s surface is also very complex; the more cars pass through, the more than 100 floors on the surface will gradually subside and break, affecting the roughness of the road surface.


The racing cars will be changed in the next levels, and their movement speed is also much faster. Therefore, to win, gamers need to flexibly change the speed when controlling by lightly touching to slow down or holding down to increase speed, and at the same time pay attention to observing the obstacles ahead so that the car does not fall into the abyss.

Besides, to have the best playing experience, players should upgrade the stats for their vehicles by changing the oil, changing the tires, and increasing the car’s performance to help you move on the roads easier. Wheel Offroad lets players use the points they get to upgrade their cars.

In conclusion, the aspects of the game mentioned above have shown that this racing game is great for players to experience it on exciting racing tracks.


  • In high-speed racing games on complex terrain, players must continuously accelerate to get more scores when overcoming obstacles on the road.
  • The game offers many exciting missions with different obstacles combined with an off-road driving environment with realistic HD graphics for the player to control the game intuitively.
  • The game designs many difficult challenges for players to conquer and master realistic physics, overcome complex terrains, and many rough obstacles.
  • Players should upgrade the car to suit their style and the nature of the track to reduce wear and tear by designing their own car and upgrading each part.
  • The game offers more than 50 different models of vehicles capable of overcoming any complex terrain for players to use and pass races in extreme environments.

4.0 16,135 total


  • Add New Levels

Download Wheel Offroad (Unlimited Money, VIP Unlocked) 1.4.0

Download (164M)
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