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App Name War Friends (Menu: Unlimited Ammo, DogTags) v5.0.0 War Friends (Menu: Unlimited Ammo, DogTags) v5.0.0 is the most famous version in the War Friends (Menu: Unlimited Ammo, DogTags) v5.0.0 series of publisher About Fun
Publisher About Fun
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Size 614MB
Version v5.0.0
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  • Menu: Unlimited Ammo, DogTags

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WarFriends is a game where players will have different units to call out and defeat enemy generals. This goal is entirely understandable but will require a certain amount of skill and military strength. So you’ll be spending all your time unlocking new items and units with the resources you get in the game. Matches with different genres are waiting for you to pass.

War Friends is a popular and exciting game in the style of action and gun games from the well-known CHILLINGO studio for Android, which was released for free on Google Play and has been downloaded more than 500,000 times by Android users around the world. It has been downloaded and has been well received, and at your request, we are going to introduce it today! In this game, by creating a dedicated team, you will go to battle with online users from all over the world, your battle will take place entirely in 3D environments and open world, and you will be provided with different types of weapons such as deadly rifles, with the help of which Destroy the enemies one by one! Move from one trench to another with high speed and clear vision, and destroy the enemies ahead with consecutive shots to win the field! Your enemies are online users from all over the world who are in front of you with powerful weapons, and it is your or your opponents’ strength and accuracy that will determine the winner of the field! If you are interested in online action games, War Friends will undoubtedly attract your attention and you will not regret downloading it!

WarFriends is a skill-based, real-time online shooter game with fresh graphics and intuitive touch controls and online PvP brawls full of action and challenges. Collect powerful military weapons, build an army, and go to war on online battlegrounds in duels against real players. Jump into this fun, fast-paced online PvP duel arena and become the best brawling hero of all times!



In the new version of WarFriends, there have been some minor changes that affect to the player’s tactics with the appearance of a new type of unit called Covert. The feature of these units is straightforward: you can summon them and let them reach the enemy’s location easily. So it requires careful use of the captain’s resources in the levels because sometimes you will need to free yourself in dangerous situations.


You’ll experience many weapon-led wars in WarFriends where players will try to take down the enemy leader to complete the level. At the same time, this game will not require too much control, and anyone can easily access it. The field will be divided into two, and you can easily observe the character’s position when there are three shields. Your character will move back and forth between them and find opportunities to attack enemies on the other side.

Each player will have units with support missions and are summoned by cards. You will need to click on these cards, and new characters will appear shortly after. At the same time, each character has different characteristics that you will consider when choosing a unit that can throw grenades at the opponent. But summoning these characters is not free; it will cost a certain amount of energy, and the leader of the units will take care of the energy collection.

You will be able to appear and attack the opponent’s minions, and if possible, you can also attack the enemy’s leader if they are not careful. At the same time, you can also own yourself many different weapons to attack enemy units. You can find a rifle with a fast fire rate that can assist teammates in taking down enemies. In addition, for snipers, you will be able to aim at enemies to take them down quickly and continue to hide, waiting for the opportunity to counterattack.


While playing WarFriends, you will receive a certain amount of experience, which will help you increase your rank. The effect of leveling up is straightforward: you can unlock new items, and the shield you use in the match also becomes entirely powerful. In addition to experience, the amount of money you earn will be wholly pushed into buying support characters and weapons for the main character.

The first item that you buy in the game is the grenade that helps you deal with many approaching enemies, and there are many other exciting weapons like the bazooka. At the same time, you will be surprised at the number of units that this game possesses because of its impressive features and looks. So those will be the factors that help you carefully approach ranked matches and takedown, other strong players. Surely you will not be able to take your eyes off these impressive moments.


Recruit infantry soldiers, snipers, robots, helicopters, tanks, and more to create an unstoppable army. Strategically deploy your troops in the heat of PvP battle to take out rivals; snipe them out one-by-one or deploy a tank to deal with them – it’s a warzone and the choice is yours.


Each week, the gates of the Arena open so you can test your skills against other players in equalized matches, regardless of rank. Try various arena rules, fight against players in skill-based, quick-action PvP duels, and collect royal prizes and gain glory.


Enlist friends to fight alongside you in ranked PvP matches. Brawl your way up to the top of the leaderboards for international bragging rights. Build military alliances, score worldwide glory, and make real-world friendships.


Collect a full arsenal of weapons, ranging from pistols and sniper rifles to shotguns and anti-tank bazookas. Master every weapon type and become a legendary shooter across the battlegrounds!


  • – First, download and install the installation file.
  • – Download the data file and unzip it. Copy com.chillingo.warfriends.android.gplay folder to Android/obb path.
  • – Run the game.

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  • "Attention WarFriends,
  • Summer time is the perfect time to check our 5.0.0 update and become heroic!
  • - Players max rank increased to 68
  • - Unlocked Grade 10 assault rifle, grenade launcher and pulse rifle
  • - Upgrade weapon AUGs to Grade 10 with new weapons
  • - New weapons were added into the Black Market
  • - Improved heroic missions - better balance, more rewards, more fun"

Download War Friends (Menu: Unlimited Ammo, DogTags) v5.0.0

Download (614MB)
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