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App Name Virtual Slime (Unlocked All Props) v4.7.5.45 Virtual Slime (Unlocked All Props) v4.7.5.45 is the most famous version in the Virtual Slime (Unlocked All Props) v4.7.5.45 series of publisher Cider Software LLC
Publisher Cider Software LLC
Genre Simulation
Size 64MB
Version v4.7.5.45
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  • Unlocked All Props

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Virtual Slime is a game with a completely new theme for the majority of players because it brings a theme that cannot be more interesting than slime blocks. In the era when slime gradually became popular with young people worldwide, the game was developed and met the creative needs of players. By participating in the game, you can not only play with the available slime blocks but also create your own slide block actively and creatively. Let’s play this game!!

Virtual Slime – Slime simulator is the title of a simulation game published by Cider Software LLC game studio for Android devices. The Cider Software LLC game studio has already published good games in the Android market and has a good game development record with millions of downloads. The upcoming game is another good game of this game studio that has been welcomed by gamers from all over the world with more than 1,000,000 downloads. As the name of the game clearly suggests, Virtual Slime is a slime simulation game. For those gamers who don’t know what slime is, we should say that slime is a paste-like substance that has a jelly-like state and can be made into any desired shape. You can almost say that slime is the new version of children’s play dough. With these interpretations, you might think that Virtual Slime is made for kids and that you are too old for this game. The fact is that this game is suitable for all ages and is actually very fun, enjoyable, addictive, and satisfying, and it can be a great game to pass your free time and get away from everyday boredom.

The most realistic slime simulator game there is! Works and sounds just like real slime! Create your own slimes and customize them with different colors, textures, and as many decorations as you want! Great for stress relief and relaxation!



The game allows you to create your slime block, which is extremely creative. The player’s hand will implement their ideas. Just choose a specific shape and a little color; you can create your slime block and play many fun games with it. If you do not have an idea of ​​your own, it does not matter because there are many choices for you among the templates that the game provides. The slime blocks you create will undoubtedly be won excellent endless creativity combined with a good sense of art.


When the game was released, this was the game’s main theme to help players play with slime blocks on their own mobile devices. With motions and effects that cannot be more realistic, the game will definitely bring you the most relaxing moments during your experience. Virtual slime blocks can become so sensitive because the game has a touch mechanism capable of reacting quickly to all actions coming from the player. Now it’s time to play around with your slime blocks; let’s join the game now.


After completing a slime block of your own, you can share it with all players through the game’s slime sharing feature. You can ultimately play with other slime blocks created by other players to find new experiences as well as valuable experiences. By referencing each other’s achievements, the game really brings a friendly game space and creates a multitude of unique features that have never been available. There are many other features hidden in this game. Join the game to get the most authentic experience. It’s so great that you can play slime on your mobile device, and this will be a very new experience and bring you unprecedented moments of relaxation.


– So realistic you’ll think it’s real slime!
– Play with your slimes in different shapes: Ball, Ring, Star, Heart, Flat!
– 3D decorations that realistically move and rotate as you play with your slime.
– Lots of slime types and materials for you to play with, each with unique texture and sounds: Glow In The Dark, Clear, Crunchy, Butter, Glossy, Glitter, Icee, Holographic, Jelly, Fluffy, Fishbowl, Cloud, Rainbow!
– Color your slime in one of 5 unique ways: Solid, Color Changing, Gradient, 2 Color, 3 Color!
– Select as many decorations as you want, pick the decoration material, and as many decoration colors as you want for each decoration! Almost infinite possibilities!
– Real ASMR sounds!


– Mix your slimes in either a bowl or a stand mixer.
– Animated see through mixer with actual moving gears!
– View your slime collection in jars with labels, or out of jars.


– Fullfull slime orders from your customers
– Sell slime to earn coins that unlock new colors.
– Make the slime and then send it to your customers.
– Watch as your slime get packed into a jar and then a box, and sealed for shipment.


– Record videos of you playing with your slimes that you can play back at any time.
– Become a Celebrity Slimer by gaining virtual followers by recording videos.


– Share slime gifts with your friends.
– Customize the gift wrap and ribbon.


  • Freedom to create your slime blocks from the available elements that the game provides with various options.
  • Play with slime blocks with incredibly realistic operations as well as the slime block’s reaction is shown very realistically.
  • Consult and share your results with other players to exchange each other’s experiences in your creative process.
  • Good image quality offers the ultimate immersive experience for players thanks to a fully invested development process in terms of visuals.
  • Virtual Slime is an entirely new theme and is capable of moving multi-reason needs from players using their devices.

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Download Virtual Slime (Unlocked All Props) v4.7.5.45

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