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App Name Trash Tycoon (Unlimited Money) v0.7.10 Trash Tycoon (Unlimited Money) v0.7.10 is the most famous version in the Trash Tycoon (Unlimited Money) v0.7.10 series of publisher AlexPlay LLC
Publisher AlexPlay LLC
Genre Simulation
Version v0.7.10
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  • Unlimited Money

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Trash Tycoon: idle clicker & simulator & business will give you a unique and exciting simulation life. Players will be able to freely and freely create and build a world for themselves. If you are a lover of nature and the environment, then this is a game that will meet all your needs and serve you with a lot of new and attractive features. It would help if you were not shy but should try participating once to know the benefits and many positive things.

Trash Tycoon: idle clicker is a beautiful and fun clicker game from the category of simulation titles for the Android operating system. The Belarusian studio AlexPlay LLC was responsible for the creation, development and publication of this game. This time, for the first time among all Iranian Android sites, PepperTech has introduced and published another game and has provided it to you in a tested and free form. We have also prepared and prepared a mod version of this game in addition to the original Google Play version, and we have provided it for download along with the original version. Trash Tycoon: idle clicker As the name suggests, it is an Idle, Clicker and Tycoon game. Clicker games have been a guest of today’s mobile phones and tablets for several years and have a large share of mobile games. This style of games are actually a type of strategic and management games whose general format has changed a lot. Although hundreds and maybe thousands of different games have been released in different styles of clicker and idle, but the structure of almost all of them is a fixed thing, during which the player should start a growing process from a basic condition and try to Its development and expansion will lead this process towards success. Often, there is no very specific goal in these types of games, and your most important achievements during these games will be the expansion of your activity.

Welcome to Trash Tycoon business simulator – a game where you will get rich and build your own Empire! You’ll become the idle tycoon Savior of our planet with, plus you’ll make a lot of cash by selling garbage. Your idle success will make other people reflect on the environmental problems around them — save the environment and protect nature, forests, and fields.

In Trash Tycoon mining simulator you will build objects for reprocessing all types of rubbish. Develop your idle factory, compactors and containers, and construct equipment for compressing trash into garbage cubes for further sale. Oddly enough, many people are involved in this scavenger hunt and want to use recycled products. The environmental activists will definitely thank you.

With our crafting idle clicker you’ll have an opportunity to clean up all the dirtiest places on our planet: the city of Varanasi, the Mediterranean Sea, the volcano Vesuvius, the Grand Canyon, the Samsun coast, the Rub al Khali desert, the Mendenhall glacier, the Amazon jungle, the savanna of Africa and the forests of Russia. Clearing all these places of trash is such a troublesome business, but you can get rich on it and become a real Trash Tycon.


You inherited an abandoned landfill from your grandpa somewhere on the outskirts of your hometown. At the landfill, you will meet a garbage man: your grandfather’s assistant who has been recycling garbage for many years. Start earning your first coins using an old rusty manual compactor. After that, you can make own success story and become a millionaire tycoon!


It’s easy to play the Trash Tycoon simulator. To compress your first garbage cube, you just need to use an eco clicker. The faster you click, the more trash you get, and gradually you’ll be able to build an enormous Trash Empire! After compressing the first batch of garbage, it’s time to sell it on the stock exchange. Watch the quotes to choose the best moment to salvage a big score.

Once you get that taste and upgrade your compactor, container and garbage truck, move to a higher level to discover new horizons. Clear out the dirtiest places on our planet with ecoclicker! And if you get bored, the life simulator has lots of exciting branches. For instance, you can carry out archaeological excavations in the mine, research and invent new equipment in the Laboratory, make details to upgrade compactors in the Forge, fight for the best lots with a lot of cash in the Auction and much more. But the main offshoot is the Racing World — the Garbage Truck Races, to be exact. You’ll be able to collect your first racing truck from trash and race into the elite ranks of this scavenger sports world.


• The Trash Tycoon mining simulator does not require a permanent Internet connection.
• You can play this idle building game with one hand, so it won’t be difficult to play in the subway, on the bus, or even on the toilet.
• Some trash will be collected offline while you’re not playing the life simulator game.
• The Trash Tycoon idle clicker game doesn’t have any annoying ads (a tapping game should lack obnoxious ads, don’t you think? 😉
• For this quality of graphics, our idle simulator game takes up very little space, so you can download it even without Wi-Fi!


Coming to Trash Tycoon, players will be able to build and develop large factories capable of handling waste and serving the needs of many people. The game will give you modern equipment with many unique functions, capable of processing and recreating recyclable waste. It will collect and sort out each type of waste separately and then turn them into proper garbage for the environment. Explore and learn to promote and control the machines smoothly.


Trash Tycoon is a game that allows you to clean all the dirtiest places in the world. We collect all the waste from the coastal areas and the daily necessities of tourists and make the seawater clearer, less polluted, and less smelly. Not only that, places like the Rub al Khali desert, Mendenhall glacier, Amazon jungle, and many more are also cleaned and cleaned by us, returning their freshness and natural beauty to them. Although these are just garbage collection and recycling jobs, you can get rich from them. Be a tycoon of the famous garbage factory.


Maybe it’s just a simulation game, so don’t hesitate to join if anyone has the desire and passion. With just a few simple steps, you have the opportunity to process a pile of garbage and compress them into large chunks. If it is organic waste, it can be made into organic fertilizer, providing and supplementing nutrients for plants. Or, if it is inorganic waste, you should recycle what is still used to protect the environment. In addition, you can also sell them on the stock exchanges, from which you will earn a considerable amount of money.


The manufacturer has intentionally brought the player a straightforward graphic screen but combines and interweaves all images very creatively and attracts the attention of many players. Not only that, the color tones in the interface screen are harmoniously coordinated with each other. They are easy to see, giving players a feeling of enjoyment and comfort when playing. Besides, every image is sketched delicately and honestly, creating a highlight and memorable impression in each person’s heart.


To transport and carry garbage to the treatment site, the presence of trucks is indispensable. It is a device that can transport waste from one place to another according to your requirements. Find and select drivers who can stick with you and help you be productive on your team.

A small life hack from the developer: log in to the Trash Tycoon idle simulator game several times a day to speed up your journey from trash to cash. That way you’ll succeed faster, Empire Tycoon. Forward to the eco-adventure!

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  • - bug fixes and performance improvements.
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