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App Name Torque Burnout (Unlimited Money) 3.2.6 Torque Burnout (Unlimited Money) 3.2.6 is the most famous version in the Torque Burnout (Unlimited Money) 3.2.6 series of publisher Grease Monkey Games Pty Ltd
Publisher Grease Monkey Games Pty Ltd
Genre Racing
Size 183M
Latest Version 3.2.6
Mod Version 3.2.6
MOD Info
  • Unlimited Money
Update May 04, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
Read 21 views
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MOD Info
  • Unlimited Money
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Torque Burnout officially races us to fiery races and even the most definitive tackles that we all feel great. This is an extended racing game, and players will explore the classic races by themselves and participate in incredible races. What attracts players is probably the prestigious award, and the championship is waiting for us to conquer. This fun will continue continuously in the game, and you are the winner.

Torque Burnout is a new and extremely beautiful Burnout car game with console graphics from League of Monkeys studio for Android, which was released for free on the Play Store (Google Play) hours ago, and again we have decided for the first time. Once in Iran, we would like to introduce it to you, users who love the Bern Out technique! If you are a car enthusiast, you will no doubt be familiar with Burnout; An activity that works and lifts smoke from car tires with proper control of gas, clutch and brakes! If, among all the driving charms, drifting and watching the hot smoke rising from your favorite tires, do not miss the Torque Burnout. This motion-based driving game was released for the iOS platform almost three months ago, and now it’s Android time to show off their mastery of drifting and scrambling in the game’s score competitions! The roads are not smooth and long and you do not see anything called the finish line. Time and points are the criteria for ranking in Torque Burnout dramatic movement competitions, and the winner of the competition is the one who performs more beautiful and longer drifts in a limited time!

In Torque Burnout, to control the cars, you have several touch buttons at the bottom of the screen, one for gas, one for brakes and one pair for rotating the steering wheel! Interestingly, for more mastery of the drift, two buttons for manual drag are located on the right and left of the image so that you can react at the right moment! Torque Burnout has good graphics, and a fairly precise control system is implemented in it, however the game is not as successful as it should be and perhaps does not convey a sense of speed; This is a problem that many game testers in the iOS version have agreed on and it still exists in the Android version!

Torque Burnout is a ‘driving’ game which combines parts of every racing game!
Grip the wheel, put your foot to the floor and drive like a maniac, completing donuts and drifts like a champion. Evolve your ride and push it to its limits, rally the crowd into a frenzy and then push it some more to reign supreme as the BURNOUT KING!


– Simulate a real burnout with smoke, tires bursting and the engine igniting
– Different types of machines with unique features and the possibility of customization
– Super HD graphics with exciting and unique sound to induce a real sense of burnout
– Realistic burnout simulation complete with gorgeous smoke, bursting tires and flaming engines!
– A wide variety of cars each with unique handling and customization.
– Thundering engine sounds that will send chills down your spine.


– More cars.
– More challenges.


The game gives us the exact experience of extensive racing, where players will be able to drive epic racing cars by themselves and show their own class. Players will be immersed in the heat of the races and draw their own lessons to motivate them to continue to conquer the arduous. There is no such thing as perfect success, but there will also be difficulties and challenges. Be calm to take those challenges, turn them into luck for you.

The challenges will be built into Torque Burnout and will be experienced by the players themselves. There will be a small challenge to a big challenge, and each challenge has its own color that players find interesting. The heat will be increased, and the game will show great strengths that the players themselves can not expect. When participating in a race, players should prepare well psychologically as well as physically so that everything goes in the right direction.


Before each race, players need to prepare and choose for themselves the best racing cars. Each racing car will show its true ability as well as show the face of a participant. The most memorable thing is that the big treasure in Torque Burnout will have enough hundreds of large and small cars to serve participants. And players will have the right to choose those cars to prepare for the upcoming big race.

After choosing the cars, check the engines, tires, mirrors, etc., to prepare for battle. Each time, the player has a relatively large role and responsibility, so prepare well to avoid making unwanted mistakes. The control system is essential, so try to change the direction of rotation to best suit the goal and the upcoming race.


The races are held as a playground for participants to show their true ability, talent, and intelligence. Not only attention to speed and performance talent is equally focused and appreciated. Better yet, everyone’s encouragement will be the driving force for you to win the championship.

With a fairly long runway, sometimes there are dangerous turns, and that is the point for you to show your own ingenuity. Deep spins to overcome barriers or skillful handling are all very important. The people on both sides of the stands admire your handling ability, and you should make it your own shining race.

The attraction won’t stop in Torque Burnout and beyond. The game always stirs up the movement as well as creates useful playgrounds for players to experience. The challenge does not make it difficult for you, and this is the place for you to win a brilliant championship.


  • Stunning smoke, popping tires, and blazing motors accompany this realistic burnout simulation.
  • There is a large selection of automobiles, each with its own handling and customization.
  • The sound of a roaring engine will send shivers down your spine.


– 2012 model high end device or newer is recommended to play.
– A network connection is recommended but not required to play.
– Torque Burnout is free to play. In game credits can be purchased using real money via in-app purchases.

Any problems? Any questions? Any suggestions? We’d love to hear from you!


The game requires access to the following permissions:
– Access to the devices Photos/Media/Files is required to use the screenshot feature.
– Access to the devices Phone is required for authentication of the apps social media features.


  • – First download and install the installation file.
  • – Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the leagueofmonkeys.torqueburnout folder to the Android / obb path.
  • – Run the game.

4.2 277,356 total


  • Take TUFFST back to it's roots with a brand new silver throwback wrap by Myers Vinyl Wraps!
  • We have also updated S1CKO for the new 2022 season!
  • Also huge congratulations to recent Masters 2nd place champion SKDUTE! Take it for a spin in game now NOW!
  • - New wrap for TUFFST!
  • - Updated S1CKO
  • - New real world driver car, SKDUTE!
  • - Fix for Facebook log-in issue.
  • - Various performance improvements.

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