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App Name Tavern of Sins Mod (Unlimited Money, Gems) v1.0.4.4 Tavern of Sins Mod (Unlimited Money, Gems) v1.0.4.4 is the most famous version in the Tavern of Sins Mod (Unlimited Money, Gems) v1.0.4.4 series of publisher Nutaku
Publisher Nutaku
Genre NSFW
Size 82MB
Version v1.0.4.4
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  • Unlimited Money, Gems

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Most fantasy worlds always have the concept of heroes and demon lords, and they even become potential elements to develop countless games. However, some games use that element to develop into another genre to bring entertainment and relaxation to the player. This article will introduce a similar game, Tavern of Sins, with gameplay full of relaxation and a combination of merges. Moreover, the game will add many extreme elements, improve the gameplay’s entertainment, and promise to give players the most impressive experience.

Tavern of Sins gives you experiences with beautiful girls working in a tavern where many heroes relax. You will hire girls with different characteristics to work and help you earn more money. At the same time, the number of characters can be unlocked through merging, and it is a long process when you want to hire girls with high charisma.



The setting of Tavern of Sins is set in a world where heroes and dark forces collide. Heroes try to destroy the enemy to protect humanity and prevent the increasingly powerful invasion of the enemy. At the same time, you will act as a support when helping tired heroes to relax. So you will be running a tavern where beautiful girls gather and serve heroes that gradually appear.

You will see the area inside the pub through a 2D environment, and you will see many predefined empty cells. That will be the place where the beautiful waitresses you can hire will appear. At the same time, thanks to them, you will earn a large amount of money idle and attract more heroes to your tavern. So your job is to try to build a beautiful, impressive service team and bring you a lot of money.


As mentioned above, there are designed locations for the female characters of Tavern of Sins to appear in the tavern. So at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a character with money that you can use to hire her to work with you. You will see a specific change in the amount of money you can earn over a period. At the same time, you are also an observer and ensure that the amount of money you earn will continuously increase.


In Tavern of Sins, there will be many different locations in the pub that you can take advantage of, so you can use the money you earn to fill in the blanks you see. At the same time, when these empty cells are completely filled, your job will be to merge characters with similar characteristics. That will help players unlock new characters, and they have different characteristics compared to the previous version.

When the character merge is successful, you will see the character’s image, and under each character, that’s how beautiful they are. Each character will have a different beauty level and help the amount you earn in a period.


After the wars, heroes and adventurers will immediately find the taverns for entertainment with friends. And Tavern of Sins will let players become a boss of a tavern, but with adult content, and use an entirely new mode of entertainment. The player will serve the client with everything, such as food, drinks, entertainment, and ultimately hot girls. Everyone has a different form of entertainment, and players will use everything to make the tavern famous and attract more customers. The game will introduce more exciting elements in the future, and players can expand their tavern to new heights, like more luxury, exciting entertainment, drinks, and food.


Tavern of Sins is a tavern simulation game in a fantasy world, and it also belongs to the merge genre. These games have simple gameplay, allowing players to merge two identical units to create a higher-level unit. Those units will work, and they will continually generate revenue for players, and in Tavern of Sins, those are the hot girls. Players will constantly merge the girls to create a more advanced unit with improved revenue generation rates and entertaining more customers. Each unit has a different personality, so the player’s tavern will become richer and more diverse, even attracting more regular customers.


Tavern of Sins is a tavern management simulation game, so upgrades and improvements will be introduced throughout the gameplay. Players will have many attractive options to upgrade the tavern and even come with a decoration system to design the tavern in many different styles. The great thing is that the tavern’s upgrade system is endless, and players can depend on the girls to increase sales, even giving them great benefits. The game’s upgrade system is developed in great detail and abundance, and even players can enjoy many special benefits from the girls.


The game’s special girls will have special functions, and the player can unlock them permanently if the required conditions are fulfilled. Interestingly, players can create feelings for the game’s girls, and the game even has its photo album for players to enjoy the girls’ beauty. Of course, outfits and fashion are important, as those girls will become gorgeous and beautiful for players to see.

Tavern of Sins is a relaxing and lively tavern management simulation game, combined with game merge elements to create a whole new experience for players. The game also adds sensitivities, makes its entertainment level significantly increased, and is suitable for those who want to experience extreme feelings.


The characters in Tavern of Sins are completely diverse and possess different characteristics. At the same time, the level of challenge will increase as you unlock characters with high beauty stats because you will have to go through a process of merging two different characters, and over time, the complexity will increase. The reward you receive in this game is worth when the featured images of each girl will be sent to you.

A fully immersive pub management experience with:

  • You will run a tavern where the heroes relieve stress in the battle against the dark forces.
  • In the pub, there will be different positions where the girls can do their job and make a lot of money for you.
  • You can hire as many characters with the money you have to speed up your monetization process.
  • The number of completely new characters is unlocked by merging the characters, which will be time-consuming.
  • The characters all have unique images that the player can achieve when unlocking a new character.

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  • Unlimited Money, Gems

Download Tavern of Sins Mod (Unlimited Money, Gems) v1.0.4.4

Download (82MB)
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