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App Name Standoff 2 (Mega Menu) v0.19.3 Standoff 2 (Mega Menu) v0.19.3 is the most famous version in the Standoff 2 (Mega Menu) v0.19.3 series of publisher AXLEBOLT LTD
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Version v0.19.3
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  • Mega Menu

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Standoff 2 returns to the playing field in the most explosive way with the addition of new game modes, new equipment, bug fixes, and optimized gameplay speed enhancements. A reasonably familiar battlefield for young people to unleash their ability to shoot, throw bombs, and use knives in approach mode. Download and discover how the new war to enjoy in the improved space we offer! You are always welcome!

Standoff 2 is the second version of the extremely beautiful, popular and exciting game “Dead End” from Axlebolt game development studio for tablets and phones with Android operating system, which is offered for free on Google Play and decided at your request, dear ones. We are going to introduce the latest version of it that was released on Google Play just two minutes ago and bring you joy again! The first version of the game was introduced on the site a long time ago and was met with a great response, and now it is the turn of the second version! In Standoff 2; As in the previous version, you can participate in first-person shooting battles by choosing one of two different types of tactical and strike teams; If you want to become one of the best warriors in the game, you have to defeat the enemy as much as you can; Remember that you can use a variety of light and heavy weapons and progress from beginner to general level! You can compete with friends or other users from all over the world! Excellent touch controllers of the game allow you to guide the main character, and with the built-in buttons on both sides of the screen, you can do various shooting, jumping, etc., and experience one of the most beautiful shooter and shooting games on Android! The game has improvements compared to the first version and includes more content, and we recommend it to all lovers of action games, shooting and the famous counter game!

Standoff 2 both honors its prequel’s legacy and explores the first-person shooter format, a novelty for the series. Choose a mode, grab your favorite gun, and join the standoff as soon as possible!
Worldwide locations are available: from the narrow streets of Italy to a secret laboratory in the mountains. In addition to new maps being introduced to the series, updated versions of the classic Training Outside and Arena are back as well.
And you’ll certainly find something to fight with. More than 20 weapon models are available for selection from the very start of the game. Grab your favorite and go take down frags!
You can decorate your favorite gun however you like! The game has a huge variety of skins and stickers. Experiment and show off your combinations to other players!
Your skills are something to boast about too. Participate in competitive matches to claim victory and improve your ranking. Will you be able to reach the rank of “Legend”?
Playing with your team is not only more convenient, but also more fun. Create your own clan and invite your friends to play together!


• Defuse the Bomb
• Team Deathmatch
• Arms Race
• Arcade
• Escalation
• Allies


Each of the lands selected by Standoff 2 as the place to start the war has a map displayed in the right corner; choose from 6 maps and join. Always observe it and try to stick to the safe areas to survive longer. Players are given the right to choose 1 out of 3 modes “Deathmatch,” “Defeat bombs,” “Armed race.” You can experience it with friends and team up, separate teams against each other. Either way, players can show off their shooting skills.

Access your mailbox and text with friends or teammates during the battle so you can find each other, discuss strategy, and better coordinate. The new version also supports hidden items in settings to customize HUD and crosshair; what happens in front of your eyes will be the most realistic. Turn on the speaker for fun communication or open other transactions with your fellow participants, which will save your typing time. Have fun in the space we created for you!


Standoff 2 did an excellent job of introducing a capture and loot mode, and the increased number of players trying it out has partly proven that this comeback is a huge success. You will be surprised, but I believe you will soon get used to this improved space. Please pay attention to our countdown timer; it will appear in the bomb removal section; time passes, you have to remove all or top the list quickly. Wouldn’t this give you a hard time?

Every week, events will continue to be organized and replace each other; what do you get after each of these organizations? There are many attractive rewards; they have a guaranteed value to help you accumulate more coins and more items in your inventory. Look, the warehouse is full of new gun models; try one and see what that great feeling is. Not only stopping at guns, knives, and grenades are replacement equipment also produced in many models and designs, they will satisfy you.

Standoff 2’s interface is entirely new; the new launcher launches faster, there are no problems if your connection is stable. We have enough room for everyone, less maintenance, and less time. Remember to participate in regular tournaments to quickly make your name appear in the shooting boss rankings! It is these things that save waiting time and increase the number of hours we spend together.


The battle has begun. Standoff 2 has divided people into the battle, so what are you waiting for? Try once to experience a game that millions of people have downloaded. In that beautiful graphic space, make the most of your abilities and confidently move forward, destroy all enemies and become the winner. Remember to use assistive devices to make your journey safer! See you in the game, have a good time with it, don’t forget to leave a review below!

Drop by Standoff 2, upgrade your skills, increase your rank, and get seasonal rewards!


  • # Standoff 2 game is online and offline
  • ## Unlike the first version; Standoff 2 does not require a filter breaker to run
  • ### The game has been tested on several devices by us and has been run on all of them without any problems.
  • #### If the mode is ready for the new version, it will be added to the download box


  • – First download and install the installation file.
  • – Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.axlebolt.standoff2 folder to the Android / Obb path of the internal storage.
  • – Run the game and enjoy!

4.5 2566 total


  • Speed Hack
  • Air Jump
  • Money Hack
  • No Recoil
  • Wallschot
  • Drop Knife
  • Fast Defuse
  • Fast Plant
  • Fov
  • Game Menu:
  • Kill All
  • Mass Kill
  • Telekill
  • Skin Changer Menu:
  • Karambit
  • Karambit Gold
  • Karambit Klaw
  • Karambit Sketch
  • Karambit Frozen
  • Tanto Knife
  • Tanto Dojo
  • Tanto Yakuza
  • Tanto Malachite
  • Tanto Pearl Abyss
  • Tanto Flow
  • Butterfly
  • Butterfly Legaci
  • Butterfly Starffal
  • Butterfly Black
  • Butterfly Storm
  • Visuals Menu:
  • Chams
  • Wire Frame
  • Chat Menu:
  • Spam Chat

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