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App Name Secret Cat Forest (Unlimited Wood) v1.7.45 Secret Cat Forest (Unlimited Wood) v1.7.45 is the most famous version in the Secret Cat Forest (Unlimited Wood) v1.7.45 series of publisher IDEASAM
Publisher IDEASAM
Genre Casual
Size 110MB
Version v1.7.45
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Secret Cat Forest focuses all of its elements or gameplay on the goal of helping players relax with cute and funny cats. It also combines crafting, building, and decorating elements to make everything fun and tranquil to enjoy the best times in a cozy home. The game uses a lovely and amusing graphic engine to make everything more visually rich and attractive than ever.

Secret Cat Forest is the name of a game in the fantasy genre that was published by IDEASAM game studio for Android devices. This game brings gamers a relaxing experience centered on resource management and city building. The house you control during the game is a lovely house hidden in a vast forest. Now you have to take care of this house and make a camp by tidying up around the house so that other cats can come and have fun. In this way, you can earn money from their stay and then use your income to grow and develop your house and camp so that more cats will come there. Secret Cat Forest is a small and compact game, but this small story and few characters in the game can entertain you for hours. In this game, you get immersed in different adventures and do many things. The goals and daily quests designed for you in this game create a very high dynamic in the gameplay. Each part of the game has a wonderful surprise and the gameplay, as a whole, always maintains freshness.

Nowadays playing games can often be stressful than relaxing…

So why not play this whenever you feel like relaxing and befriending cats?
Craft items/furniture the kitties love!
Craft them one by one, and the most adorable kitties will appear… maybe…

Relax, kick back and enjoy the game!

Then, once you become friends with the cats, you can witness their special behaviors 🙂
Befriend as many cats as possible, and complete your own album!
You can download the album images to use as your PC or Mobile wallpaper!


– Easy to play, intuitive controls!
– Day/Night cycle (real-time)
– Dozens of adorable kitties
– The cutest animations
– Gorgeous moving backgrounds
– Linked to Google Play game service (Cloud)


The content in Secret Cat Forest is to want players to focus on relaxation instead of being busy or stressed. Therefore, a life filled with cozy and friendly animals is always one of the best choices to always have a lot of positive energy. Above all, everything will be more fun if players live with lovely cats and do many fun activities to make time pass peacefully.


Besides enjoying a peaceful life in a forest, players must create the coziest and refreshing house to live in with the cats. The game allows everyone to enjoy decorating or designing it in various distinctive styles depending on individual preferences or imagination. Fortunately, the interior decoration system is flexible and innovative so that everyone creates the most comfortable atmosphere for the whole house.


The Secret Cat Forest is a new journey for players to discover and experience the best moments with cats. As the player goes deeper, more resources and rare animals will gradually appear, even allowing them to take the most beautiful pictures. Besides exploring, people can collect many items necessary for life or later crafting.


The crafting system in the game is user-friendly and straightforward, as players only need to gather the necessary resources to create essential items. Players sometimes need to craft new things, including furniture, toys, and items for everyday life with cats. Depending on the appropriate object, the love between the player and the cats will increase and open up more new content for cat lovers.


The world in Secret Cat Forest is also prominent as it has many different areas for players to explore or enjoy the most splendid scenery. Because of that, the game’s control mechanism is flexible so that people can easily move around or interact with all the vivid items. Many new actions will also open when players interact with many extraordinary things for the cats to be hyperactive or perform lovely moves.


The diversity of cats is also remarkable in this game, where players can live with many different cats. Of course, they also have to build more rooms specifically for cats and cook their favorite foods to create a relaxing and bustling family. Players can directly interact with several cats to admire their beauty or smoothness through the game’s top-notch visual quality.

Secret Cat Forest is an excellent choice if players want to forget their troubles and start a new life with the cat. The gameplay is also deep and full of life, creating many mesmerizing experiences to build a separate life like crafting, decorating, and adventure in an exquisite manner.

  • The coziest and remarkable gameplay emphasizes the comfortable life in the dense, tranquil forest and bustling cats with distinct appearances.
  • Intuitive controls for a smooth experience while exploring the forest, surroundings, and the nearby town for immersive discoveries.
  • Innovative house renovation factors for players to live their best life while designing the house with creative and adorable styles.
  • Simple crafting system to help players save more economy to buy items, furniture, and amenities for the cat and personal needs.
  • Enjoy the best moment with mini-games that revolves around cats and lovely actions to increase players’ bond with their favorite cats.


1. Craft “Furniture” cats love
2. Use the fishing rod to fill up the “Fish”
3. “Turn off screen” rest up and coming back later
4. Cat Appeared!!

– Tap the tree on the right, collect wood and build furniture!
– Go fishing to fill up your fish inventory.
Every time cats visit, they’ll gobble up your fish.
– You’ll acquire items through fishing or kitty’s gifts.
Upgrade using these items!
– Swipe from the right corner of the screen
(like flipping pages in a book) to go to “Archive”.
– Complete your Archives to acquire a Special Album.
– Use Furniture Collection when you’re out of woods!

※ Craft secret furniture (Gold?) to discover a new place!😻


– Saved to cloud, not a server. Save/link your data to Google Play Games to keep your progress safe.


Q. The ads will show but I never get the rewards.
A. Go to settings and type in “safemode0” in the “Enter Code” section.

Q. Ads won’t appear for a long time.(Ads not ready)
A. Check the ‘CS – FAQ’ in settings at top right.

Q. I’ve completed the Profile Archive, but I’m still getting Shards!
A. There are extra Shards in the game (Around 20.) If you get more than 20,
find out which secret furniture (Gold?!) is waiting for you, and use shards to craft it!


– Once you link your data to Google Play Games, the game might not start if you haven’t accepted all required permissions.
Please restart your device, restart the game and then accept all terms of service.
Permissions will only be used to save/load the game.

– Game has unexpectedly crashed(or stopped) : Clear Cache
Settings → Apps → Secret Cat Forest → Storage → Clear cache (or delete temporary files)

– ★IMPORTANT★ Make sure the device time is [Set Automatically]. If you change the device time manually, game data may be permanently deleted.

7.0 7455 total


  • ■ Outdoors
  • - Added 2 items to decorate kitties (Momo, Loki)
  • ■ Beach
  • - Cat added (Yeonji)
  • - Furniture added x6
  • - Minor bugs fixed

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Download (110MB)
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