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App Name Rock Crawling (Unlocked VIP) 1.8.6 Rock Crawling (Unlocked VIP) 1.8.6 is the most famous version in the Rock Crawling (Unlocked VIP) 1.8.6 series of publisher TapNation
Publisher TapNation
Genre Racing
Size 109M
Version 1.8.6
Read 53 views
Price: $0
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  • Unlocked VIP

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If you have ever played through Nitro Jump Racing, it is not too difficult to encounter Rock Crawling. For this game, players will be immersed in extreme racing games overcome epic levels with many different environments to experience non-stop racing. The game has had many changes in the graphics to help players have more exciting experiences when participating in these game challenges.

Rock Crawling is the name of a game in the racing genre published by TapNation game development studio for mobile devices with Android operating system. Rock Crawling is basically a car racing game. Car style games, especially racing, have always been one of the most popular games among gamers. These games generally fall into different categories such as arcade, simulation, and و and have a great variety. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a big fan of racing tablet games, and you’ve probably already experienced the thrill of racing full of excitement and adrenaline with other games under your teeth. If you ask a gamer of racing games which car game he prefers the most, the answer is definitely one of these games: Asphalt, Need For Speed, Forza. These games do not need to be introduced and it is rare to hear the names of other games from fans of racing games besides these games. But if you are looking for a little variety, there are many other games besides these that can be fun and exciting and give you a unique experience. Rock Crawling is one of these games and its experience will surely satisfy you.

Manage the acceleration of your 4×4 and nothing will stop you!
Various obstacles and environments are waiting for you!



As one of the games in the racing genre, Rock Crawling has brought players incredibly daring racing screens. It can be said that the application offers players the tracks of many professional players and crosses many terrains in seasonal races. In this racing game, players will have to face dangerous roads where enemies are lurking to advance to the top. Besides, the game has the form of off-road driving in harsh environments so that players will experience extreme gameplay.


Entering the game, players will be able to race on many racing roads on many different terrains freely. Combined with that, Rock Crawling has added countless obstacles that appear continuously on the track. In fact, this is a huge challenge for gamers. In the process of participating in the game, players will have to pay attention to their playing style and turn their hands in time when they have to make urgent decisions. Players will sometimes have to decide whether to crash into obstacles or avoid them but can still plunge into the sea when the speed is maximum.


Besides the above features, players can customize to upgrade their supercar to be the best to participate in breathtaking races. Play hard to collect great rewards for yourself and customize your car using over 500 different parts.

The information provided above is enough to prove that this off-road racing game is exceptionally suitable for gamers who love adventure gameplay. By joining the game, players will have many opportunities to experience unlimited racing challenges and super peaks.


  • The extreme off-road driving game offers many obstacles and different types of vehicles for the player to enjoy the extreme racing tracks slowly.
  • Players can participate in the journey with a free car, complete the track to overcome the cars that are ahead of them and at the same time earn huge profits.
  • Off-road racing games in harsh environments always bring extreme racing experiences for users to absorb more playing experience.
  • During the game, the player should control the arrow keys well to make sure your car moves in the right direction and make sure the car reaches the destination without any accidents.
  • The game has pretty good graphics, lots of vehicles, upgrades, and achievements to keep players in for a long time and gives players the option to upgrade car parts.


If you select and install the game mode; Disconnect your internet access altogether.

4.2 15,979 total


  • bugs fix

Download Rock Crawling (Unlocked VIP) 1.8.6

Download (109M)
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