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App Name PUBG Mobile KR - Korea PUBG Mobile KR - Korea is the most famous version in the PUBG Mobile KR - Korea series of publisher KRAFTON, Inc.
Publisher KRAFTON, Inc.
Genre Action
Size Varies with device
Version 1.8.0
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PUBG MOBILE KR Korean version (KR – Korea) is a PUBG MOBILE mobile game for Android phones, the latest version of which is in front of you at your request. As you can see, PUBG Mobile – PubGi Mobile is a popular, fantastic and amazing game in the style of action games – Survival of Tencent Games for Android, which is the main and official version of PUBG for mobile. In PUBG Mobile, like its PC version, 100 players are placed on an 8 by 8 km map, and this is the winner who can survive! The game is made with the next generation graphics engine, ie Unreal Engine 4, and in the very first run, you will lose its stunning graphics, and then its wonderful design, exciting sound and addictive gameplay will make you think! With the wide range of weapons you get, you are able to defend yourself, use different vehicles to move, take refuge in different houses and places, and by doing different things, just try to survive and be the last person. That survives! If you are a fan and lover of survival style games, PUBG Mobile will undoubtedly attract your attention in all respects, because it is a head and neck higher than similar games, and we recommend it to all of you!


  • 🔺 Titan Strikes: How to Play
  • 🔺 Attack of the Titans
  • 🔺Gifts from the Titans
  • 🔺Apex Camps
  • 🔺Monster Settlements
  • 🔺The Livik Titan
  • 🔺Microcosm
  • 🔺New Arena Map: The Hangar (starts June 1)
  • 🔺New Vehicle: Coupe RB
  • 🔺New Shooting Mode: OTS (Over The Shoulder)
  • 🔺M249 Optimization
  • 🔺Pistol Balance Adjustments
  • 🔺Sniper Rifle Scopes Crosshair Offset Calibration
  • 🔺🔺🔺Royale Pass S19: Traverse (starts May 17)
  • ▶Availability of different game modes with the possibility of download and selection by the player
  • ▶Availability of a wide variety of maps to choose from and have fun
  • ▶Ability to surf a large map and find weapons and equipment
  • ▶Ability to use dozens of different guns and weapons to destroy enemies
  • ▶The presence of real enemies from around the world and their robots play for battle
  • ▶Ability to invite your friends from all over the world and take part in group battles
  • ▶Ability to chat with your friends in high quality and various voice-related settings
  • ▶Advanced and user-friendly controllers with the possibility of personalization by any player
  • ▶Availability of monthly and long-term tournaments to earn special points
  • ▶Availability of special types of clothes to get by the player
  • ▶Ability to centralize the player account in various ways including Gmail, Facebook and Twitter
  • ▶Having a global ranking table to determine the score of open Pabji mobile users around the world
  • ▶Different weather modes such as day or night to make the game environment more realistic
  • ▶Having stunning 3D console graphics with precise details
  • ▶Design and construction with powerful Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine

▶NEW Map Santorini◀
Introducing a new exotic Arena Map ‘Santorini’!
Enjoy team deathmatch in the new and beautiful map!

▶NEW Spider-Man Theme Mode◀(~2/15 09:00am)
Battlegrounds Mobile x
Check out the SPIDER-MAN Theme Mode in Erangel and Livik!
You can shooting spider webs like Spider-Man and find spider web grenades.

▶NEW Livik: Apocalypse◀
Introducing a new classic map to PUBG Mobile!
Livik is struck by major disasters including volcano eruption.
Easier combat with lower recoil and zip line for travel.

▶New Classification for Classic Mode◀
Some maps in PUBG Mobile are now divided into ranked mode and non-ranked mode.
Play ranked maps if you wish to increase tier points or play non-ranked maps if you don’t want to worry about tier points.

▶Classic Map New Features◀
New features will be added to some classic maps of PUBG Mobile!
Check out new features including supplies exchange at the coin shop, one-time revival.

▶NEW Royale Pass Season RPM7◀
The new ROYALE GUARD season begins.
Meet luxurious Palace Knight items.

▶PUBG Mobile◀
PUBG Mobile is a battle royale genre survival game where multiple users fight against one another based on their own tactic with diverse firearms and items to be the last one standing. PUBG is a multi-play game offering free-to-play one-on-one matches and team matches and holds esports every season bringing in diverse attractions.

▶Metro Royale◀
Special collaboration with METRO EXODUS
New battleground system with Metro universe is added

▶Erangel Metro◀
Metro theme comes to Erangel Classic (11/17)

▶Classic Mode Update◀
Melee throwing
Spike Trap
Route feature

▶Royale Pass Season 16◀
Try various skins with the Metro Royale theme!

▶️Subscription Feature◀️
1. Plan & period
The Prime plan costs ₩3,900/m per month while Prime Plus costs ₩9,900/m.
* Your 1st subscription to one of the plans by Nov 8, 2020 will give you a discount to the 1st month of subscription. Each plan will cost ₩3,500 and ₩4,900, respectively.

2. Details
Subscriptions are available in Prime and Prime Plus.
1) Once you subscribe to Prime, upgrading to Plus is not an option but you can subscribe to both and enjoy the benefits of both.
2) Subscriptions are renewed automatically each month. If you cancel subscription, you can’t enjoy the benefits after the next billing date.
3) A Prime awards 150UC to you and gives one Scrap Package daily and Special Crate Voucher (30UC) and Premium Crate Voucher (30UC) weekly.
4) A Prime Plus awards 300UC, three of each Crate Coupons. You’ll also get 10UC, one Chicken Medal and 10RP daily plus one Special Crate Voucher (60UC), Premium Crate Voucher (60UC), Special Crate Voucher (100UC) and Premium Crate Voucher (100UC).
5) You can’t receive daily & weekly rewards if you do not access the game.(For UC rewards, you can get the uncollected UC for up to 5 days. UC rewards expire if not collected before the subscription ends)

3. Automatic subscription renewal
• Subscription is automatically renewed and paid through your Google Play Store account. You can cancel it on Account Settings page of Google Play Store.
• The same payment method you used to buy the subscription will be used when the subscription renews.
• Within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, please check your subscription status.

4. To cancel subscription
Google Play Store -> Tap “Menu” and tap “Subscriptions” -> Select the subscription and tap “Cancel subscription.”

▶ Notice on Access Permissions◀
[Required permissions]

[Optional permissions]
– Image/media/file: Users who deny permissions can’t use features like sharing, uploading and saving in-game screenshots.
– Audio record/play: Users who deny permissions can’t use the audio record and play feature.
* Users with optional permission have access to PUBG MOBILE without having to give consent.
* Permissions can be modified or revoked, even after consent is given.

[To revoke permissions]
– Android 6.0 or higher
1. To revoke permissions individually: Settings > App > Overflow (Setting and Control) > App Settings > App Permissions > Select Permission > Select Grant Permission or Revoke Permission
2. To revoke permissions on each app: Settings > App > Select App > Select Permission > Select Grant Permission or Revoke Permission

– Android 6.0 or lower
The OS doesn’t allow individual revocation. Permissions can only be revoked by deleting the app.
Therefore, we recommend you update Android to the latest version.

▶To buy in-app items, additional fee is charged.

▶In this app, players can only use content provided in Korea.

▶Official support URL◀

▶Privacy policy◀

▶Terms of service◀

[email protected]
+82 0263773124


1 – Internet and online games.
2 – The Korean version of PUBG Mobile is shared with the main server, and players with the original version of PUBG Mobile can play with Korean version players; According to friends, the Korean version has a better chance of getting the skin than the original version!
3 – Korean version of PUBG Mobile game; It is installed next to the original version.
4 – For the update, you must receive the installation file and the new data [With the data of the previous version, the new version cannot be upgraded!]


– First download and install the installation file.
– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.pubg.krmobile folder to the Android / obb path of the internal storage.
– Finally, run the game online.

4.3 1,186,966 total

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