Project QT Mod (Mega Menu, Auto Win, Damage) v13.0

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App Name Project QT Mod (Mega Menu, Auto Win, Damage) v13.0 Project QT Mod (Mega Menu, Auto Win, Damage) v13.0 is the most famous version in the Project QT Mod (Mega Menu, Auto Win, Damage) v13.0 series of publisher Nutaku
Publisher Nutaku
Genre NSFW
Latest Version v13.0
Mod Version v13.0
MOD Info
  • Mega Menu, Auto Win, Damage
Update February 14, 2022 (3 months ago)
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MOD Info
  • Mega Menu, Auto Win, Damage
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Project QT is a turn-based combat game with a match-three element where players and charming girls fight against a strange virus. You will spend time searching for suitable characters with diverse strengths and different elements. At the same time, the character system also comes with a counter system when the elements interact with each other. So, this is a game that you will not ignore, especially the girls with a beautiful appearance.

The action-adventure games are always the right choice for players to immerse themselves in their fantasy and vast world. Moreover, many games allow players to entertain and explore new elements that other games do not have. This article will introduce Project QT, an action-adventure game combined with puzzles, along with the most amazing content that many games cannot imitate. The most prominent element of the game is the hot girls, considered rewards, teammates, and endless entertainment sources.



During Project QT’s Halloween event, players will have a chance to summon Scarlett, whose banner has been rated up. So, this is the opportunity for players to use their resources to call her and participate in impressive battles. The game also offers specific promotions, such as remarkable packs or gifts sent in the mailbox during the event. It will undoubtedly increase your chances of summoning Scarlett.


The world that the player experiences in Project QT is set in a distant time, and it does not possess a peaceful time but is threatened by some forces from another dimension. From a portal from another dimension, viruses can ultimately come to the present world and cause lousy harm to the world of humans. So, the only way to solve this problem is to join the girls with the power to fight against entities from other dimensions.


The main gameplay of Project QT revolves around a match-three game where players will connect multiple match elements of the same type standing close together with a swipe. You can create links and make them disappear to collect battle energy for the girls. At the same time, you will see a number representing the match you will make in the left corner of the playing field. When your moves are over, the girls will attack; your turn will return after the opponent’s turn is over.

The combat mechanism of this game is completely diverse when dividing the characters into four systems: Water, Fire, Wind, and Lightning. In this order, the former will deal 50% more damage than the latter, so you will need to attack enemies with counter elemental characters. At the same time, over time, you can also unlock characters through summons with a chance ranging from 1 to 5 stars. You will spend time adventuring with them and uncovering their mysteries.


Project QT is one of the most innovative games, as it combines elements of action-adventure and matching puzzles to create completely new gameplay. In this game, players will choose a squad of beautiful and powerful girls and join the battle to repel the infection from spreading worldwide. It comes with various character interactions, allowing the player to manipulate the characters more easily and exert skills upon meeting the respective conditions. The gameplay’s creativity also embraces game modes and other entertainment elements to beautiful and charming girls. Also, the game featuring various mechanisms and systems, and players can leeway explore them while enjoying the game.


The game’s fighting mechanism is simple; players only need to match colored blocks together to perform many different actions. Furthermore, it’s in the link-matching style, so the player will get a higher score when linking the more colorful blocks. The variety of blocks that come together stimulates their solving abilities and must find the longest path to execute. Depending on the linked blocks’ color, the player can perform a corresponding action and accumulate energy points for the decisive moves. Also, players can use special items in the middle of the battle to build a more effective strategy and have more advantages over the enemy.


Project QT is developed in an immersive style to introduce a character development and upgrade system throughout the player’s experience. The player can improve all girls’ fighting performance, even evolving into many different variations with surprising effect. The game is not so simple, but players will have to research and upgrade small elements in the entire technology branch, thereby unlocking new functions or skills. The upgrade improves performance and overall strength and comes with eye-catching effects, and improves the interaction of characters in battle.


Because of some special circumstances, all the combat units in Project QT are women, with various personalities, styles, and more for players to explore. Moreover, the game’s nature is sensitive content, so the girls will gradually have charming designs to unlock after long-term interaction. Each girl’s stats and traits are distinct, creating variety and diversity in the lineup and giving players various experiences when recruiting and developing them on the battlefield. The game uses vivid and attractive visual graphics, shaping female characters with a special style, and easily makes players more excited when accessing each girl’s hidden content.


Project QT is an online game and was developed to provide players with endless entertainment and excitement from hidden content. Therefore, it will continuously update new content for users to explore, such as special events or challenges. Furthermore, every event is a debut for new characters, and the player must fulfill its generous conditions to recruit new girls for the collection. The development of each person’s personality is rich and full of romance, making the game’s content always flexible and attractive.


The game not only focuses on girls’ development but also introduces many engaging and creative game modes. That makes the gameplay richer and gives players many different options to experience this special and exquisite game. Furthermore, all game modes are puzzle-related, but their styles differ and stimulate the player to combine powerful combos to win. Unlike the main mode, the extra modes appear only during special events, and players can get many rare items dedicated to upgrading girls or headquarters.

Project QT is the perfect combination of role-playing, adventure, and puzzle-solving to give players completely new gameplay. Furthermore, the girls are the most prominent and entertaining element and give players the most impressive and captivating moments throughout the entire gameplay. Thus, the game is sensitive and suitable for those who are always looking for sensual games to enjoy alone.

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  • 1. Menu on Battle
  • 2. HP Changing to 1%/50%/100%
  • 3. Auto Win
  • 4. Enemy Kill
  • 5. Next Turn
  • 6. SKill Ready
  • 7. Change every stone to color of choice
  • 8. Change every stone to Block of choice

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