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App Name Pixel Car Racer (Unlimited Money) v1.2.3 Pixel Car Racer (Unlimited Money) v1.2.3 is the most famous version in the Pixel Car Racer (Unlimited Money) v1.2.3 series of publisher Studio Furukawa
Publisher Studio Furukawa
Genre Racing
Size 75M
Version v1.2.3
Read 77 views
Price: $0
MOD Info
  • Unlimited Money

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Pixel Car Racer – Pixel car racing in the style of old games (Pixel) is one of the most popular and interesting games in the Racing category of Google Play, from Studio Furukawa gaming studio for Android. And in front of you! By installing Pixel Car Racer on your tablet or Android phone, you will experience an interesting driving game in the style of old games with square graphics and streaks of role-based games for those who love cars and racing with it! Build your dream and private garage and keep as many cars as you want in it and have a collection of special cars and compete with them in different modes! Change the look of all these cars to your liking, then you can come to the streets with them and drive at full speed! There are several modes in Pixel Car Racer, one of which is the two popular modes of drag and street racing! There are more than 50 different machines in the game that you can open one after another by collecting money; It is also possible to upgrade cars, which you can upgrade with hundreds of different items! If you are a fan of car games with Pixel making, Pixel Car Racer will undoubtedly attract your attention!

Pixel Car Racer is the ultimate retro arcade racer, featuring a completely customizable experience! Build your dream garage with limitless car customization! Take your ride to the streets and race your way to the top.

Pixel Car Racer is a racing game with impressive game modes, helps you have interesting experiences in the pixel world. Depending on each mode, the environment you see will have changes, and the applicable weather will have similarities. In addition, you will also get rewards for being the winner to buy different vehicles and improve their performance.


• Drag and Street Game Modes
• Over 100+ Cars!
• 1000+ Car Parts!
• RPG Style Tuning
• In-game Livery Designer
• Dyno Tuning
• 100+ Car Liveries
• Beautiful pixel art graphics
• Burnouts
• Realistic Engine System
• Manual Gear Shifting
• Racing style pedals including clutch!
• Japan, Euro, US style Cars/Parts.
• Active Community
• Cloud Saving
• Facebook Login
• Updates frequent with new content and features.
• Designed for car enthusiasts worldwide


In Pixel Car Racer, players will find specific changes when experiencing the game when it has a graphic change. Specifically, the game’s graphics have been updated to 64bit, so it can be said that the quality of the graphics has improved. The game also removes ads to make the player’s experience more transparent and optimized. At the same time, it has fully supported large screen devices that can play the game comfortably.


Players will experience racing in the pixel world of Pixel Car Racer. Your car will move in a horizontal line, and depending on the characteristics of the game mode you choose, the environment will also change. For example, you will only see two divided roads and two cars trying to run towards the finish line in drag mode. Street mode again brings players to the roads full of traffic that you need to pay attention to.


An interesting point that any player will surely enjoy when experiencing Pixel Car Racer is the freedom of terrain and weather they can use. Specifically, after you have selected the mode and difficulty of the game screen, they will bring you a choice of location and weather. As mentioned above, the game mode will determine the characteristics of the buying road that they are forced to drive in. Four types of weather are applied to both modes, including snow, day, night, and rain.

The first mode that you will experience in this game is the drag mode, where you will try to reach high speed and defeat the enemy. At the start of the race, you will warm up the tires by repeatedly pressing the gas pedal, but you should pay attention when the system tells you to wait and need to move to the start line. Then you need to observe the green notification light to rush forward. The speedometer hits the red line signaling you need to press shift to accelerate and keep doing the same thing.

The second mode is the street mode, where you will not face one opponent but many opponents. Specifically, you can drive on a wider road than in the above mode, but cars will appear. This occurrence will be foretold via a red exclamation mark.


You are motivated to participate in many levels in Pixel Car Racer to earn money to buy cars and support parts. You will see many different vehicles, and they all possess a stat that anyone can wish for. Also, it’s just the beginning as you will be shocked to see how much money you have to spend on car parts to improve your vehicle’s performance like tires, turbos, nos, and many more. Indeed when you have a quality car, you will have complete confidence to overcome other competitors.


– Players will be able to choose the game mode they want, and the environment properties will be changed shortly after.
– Before starting the race, players will choose the track and different weather characteristics to satisfy their curiosity.
– You will try to outrun your opponent in drag mode by speeding up your car precisely through multiple shifts.
– A big road is waiting for you in street mode, and there will always be surprises that you need to solve to complete the level.
– Various vehicles with different designs and specific stats can be upgraded through equipping parts purchased in the shop.

PCR website: http://www.pixelcarracer.com/
PCR facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PixelCarRacer/
STUDIO FURUKAWA website: http://www.studiofurukawa.com/


Android 4.X or higher is required. 1GB of RAM or higher is recommended.


If experiencing crashing or any bugs, please contact us.

4.6 245,138 total


  • - Removed Ads
  • - Updated to 64bit
  • - Widescreen support
  • - Bug fixes and optimizations

Download Pixel Car Racer (Unlimited Money) v1.2.3

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