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App Name Parkour Flight (Free Shopping) v3.18 Parkour Flight (Free Shopping) v3.18 is the most famous version in the Parkour Flight (Free Shopping) v3.18 series of publisher Alexander Bukharev
Publisher Alexander Bukharev
Genre Simulation
Size 54MB
Version v3.18
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Parkour Flight creates many terrain-related challenges for players to start experiencing. Your job is to land safely, passing our test of dexterity and endurance. Each game is once you are updated with a new terrain type. The game needs you to combine many different moves and the requirements related to the accuracy of the moves. Scores are scored will help you maintain the top position on the leaderboard.

Parkour Flight – Parkour Jump is a popular and entertaining game in the style of parkour sports simulation games for Android, which was released by Alexander Bukharev game studio for free on Google Play, and as always, the latest version is available for download and is in front of you! In this game, you play beautiful parkour moves as the main character; The game’s easy-to-use touch controllers allow you to perform various movements such as Backflip, Gainer, Layout, and more! Dozens of unique and fun stages are included in Parkour Flight, you can pass them one after another and have fun for several hours in a simple and lovely environment! Three different game modes are available in Parkour Flight; Choose one of your choice and then be glued to your phone for hours by doing beautiful parkour moves! If you are one of the enthusiasts and lovers of Parkour games that have a good design and construction in addition to a small size, try Parkour Flight and tell me what score it is worth out of 5?!

Parkour Flight is a modern game with elements of parkour, in which you have to jump from a great height through various obstacles, performing many spectacular tricks.
Combine the backflip, gainer, layout, twist and more.



The challenges that players will face when joining the acrobatic community of Parkour Flight include the challenge of altitude. We created a level system with a reasonable arrangement of difficulty. As the level increases, the player will face more complex challenges. Our incentives include that you can redo your presentation if it fails. There are horizontal poles with too high a height from the ground, the distance between blocks of wood, and many other challenges.

The player’s task is to land safely without causing any harm to the body. We will combine them with other requirements for the accuracy of each movement. This is a game that simulates the training activities of military soldiers. You will have to land safely but do not cause the obstacle to be destroyed. Each time you touch the surrounding obstacles, you will be counted as a foul. The game needs more than your toughness and dexterity.


When participating in Parkour Flight, players are allowed to observe how their character works. Every move is professionally supervised and executed. The main screen will display virtual keys to help you better control your activities. A jump from a high distance requires that you need to be acrobatic for the specified number of rounds. Think of the challenge as the perfect workout for a break.

The score determines your position on the leaderboard. But do not worry; you will easily overcome the challenge if you observe the terrain in detail and control the strength that is put into your hands. Newly added content will be related to the level or change of the sports combination formula, and we will score points depending on the success of this official implementation. Relax your body and get ready for the most adventurous activity!


The player’s score in each game of Parkour Flight is significant, and they will help you level up and gain the necessary experience. As the level goes up, the evaluation criteria also become more rigorous. But don’t worry, the appearance of the leaderboard will be your motivation. A new achievement can also help you pass a lot of people on the leaderboard. Besides, when achieving good achievement levels, players also receive corresponding rewards. Rewards include coins and basic hints for some moves you haven’t made yet. They will help you in the process of conquering the top of the game.


Parkour Flight will challenge you in the most adventurous content. With strict requirements on movements, players can easily practice the most basic movements of finger manipulation on the screen. Each level has certain difficulties; you have to overcome the challenge to unlock new levels and experience. However, failure won’t stop you as we repeat these moves. Coins and recognition on prestigious leaderboards will be the most worthy rewards for your completed tasks.


  • An innovative content-building system, forming a new game of perfect difficulty for you to experience. Players will receive a variety of terrain use acrobatic skills to land most safely.
  • Use the virtual joysticks that appear on the screen to help your character perform operations smoothly. You quickly face the challenge of terrain with many agile hand movements.
  • Obstacles that can make the challenge more difficult include iron bars placed horizontally too far from the ground and separating two objects so large that you have to jump.
  • The most important part of the challenge and challenge period is facing the challenge of incorporating too many moves for aerobics. You will need to learn more skills.
  • Get rewarded for your achievements enhance the experience with levels and new content. Players need to pass the current level to unlock the next level and experience.


You have unlimited money in the game mode version.

4.0 4785 total


  • Bugs fixed

Download Parkour Flight (Free Shopping) v3.18

Download (54MB)
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