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App Name OH~! My Office Mod 1.6.14 OH~! My Office Mod 1.6.14 is the most famous version in the OH~! My Office Mod 1.6.14 series of publisher Twitchy Finger Ltd.
Publisher Twitchy Finger Ltd.
Genre Simulation
Size 67MB
Version 1.6.14
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The company your father built is going bankrupt. As a boss, you have a chance to go back in time to save your company. Manage your office with an iron fist or let your employees slack off without consequence. How you manage your office will determine your company’s success. Google Play Store Featured Game! OH ~! My Office – Boss Simulation Game – My Office is a simple and fun title in the category of simulation games in the style of management and clicker games in which players can experience an interesting and fantasy simulation of an office. And manage this office like a chief of staff and those involved. This game was made by a fledgling and lesser-known studio called Twitchy Finger Ltd and was released for free for the Android operating system, and NulledAndroid has prepared and published it for the first time in Iran. In a simple definition it should be said that the game OH ~! My Office – Boss Simulation Game has a very interesting and new focus. This game has been produced with a very fun idea and its fancy and humorous designs have given it a very attractive and special color and smell. The story of the game is about a company and an office that went bankrupt a few years ago. After a while, you, in the role of the boss’s son, decide to start the company again. But in order not to go bankrupt again like your father, you have to take special measures! It seems that the main reason for the bankruptcy of this company was the lack of proper and compassionate activity of its employees. But now the situation is different. You have to reopen this office with a different attitude and do your best to bring it back to successful days and a bright future. To do this, you have to manage this office like a real manager and increase employee productivity!

OH~! My Office – Boss Simulation is an office game that helps players transform into a boss to manage many employees. Besides, the player can become a good boss as he expected and treat employees extremely well or can also turn his own office building into hell with many penalties for employees. Not only that, but this office game also helps players forge staff management skills and experience office work.


When you first start playing, players will see why they have to become a boss and manage so many employees. That is, the player will see the company that his father is doing very well, suddenly one day falling into bankruptcy. And the player’s task is to go back in time and become a really strict boss to manage those employees and bring back his father’s company.


It’s not just exciting content that attracts players. OH~! My Office also has 15 levels for players to upgrade and manage their company to new levels. What’s more remarkable is that up to 80 office workers have ten different types of colorful and diverse employees. Those employees also have up to 6 new abilities to help players freely choose their characters to enjoy without feeling boring.


The office staff management game is continuously updated with regular events such as the upcoming Halloween event. Then wait any longer without downloading and playing right away! Making players feel more excited about the game by creating beautiful Halloween office characters as well as beautiful Halloween-related room decorations. With this feature, players will have an enjoyable experience in the fun holiday masquerade.


Whip Your Staff Into Shape!

Slackers beware! Whether it is a nap or playing on your phone, those who slack off will be severely punished! To ensure every moment of your employees’ time is spent raising profits, you are given “The Hammer of Productivity” to bring out the “best” in your staff!

Money Well Spent

Profits earned should always be invested in growing your business empire. Equip your office with better facilities, equipment, office pets or give yourself a makeover and arm yourself with a variety of “motivational tools”. Huge selection of upgrades to take your company to the next level!

Your staff is the company’s best resource. The game features a large cast of colorful and unique characters each with their personal abilities and talents. Build up your dream team and become the next billion dollar unicorn!

– 15 Chapters to push your company to all new levels!
– Over 80 unique staff to choose from, 10 different types of staff each with 6 unique abilities!
– Customize, modify and arrange your office layout. Special office items to help you become a global company!
– Deep avatar system to customize yourself to be the ultimate boss!
– Don’t just act like a Boss, Dress like a Boss too!
– Lots of “management tools” at your disposal!
– 100% Pet Friendly Office!
– Cast of Colorful Characters

OH~! My Office is a handy game for players who are passionate about managing a company or becoming excellent office workers. In addition, the game is also suitable for players who love to decorate and arrange objects to their liking because, in order to manage the company to become more and more developed, players also need to be able to arrange objects products that are suitable and have enough positions for all of its employees.

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  • - Introduce Valentine's Day version of Lily
  • - New Special Event: Lily's Valentine Date
  • - Fix various UI-related bugs
  • - Wish you the best of health!

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