MailWizz 1.9.25 Nulled – Email Marketing Application


MailWizz Nulled makes email marketing accessible to everyone, as simple as possible. It is suitable for both, experts and beginners.


  • Quick support access
    We make it easy for to quickly get help, we placed a shortcut link in your dashboard to quickly reach out for support.
  • Overview dashboard
    Easily view counters about the number of email lists, campaigns, subscribers, list segments and delivery servers but also a detailed recent activity report.
  • Users management
    Users are system administrators. You can create as many as you need and assign them to various user groups with various limits and permissions.
  • User groups
    Create as many user groups as you need, each group can have very fine grained permissions and limitations.
  • Customers overview
    Customers are the ones that create email lists, add subscribers, send campaigns, etc. You can have unlimited separate customer accounts, in this area you can see them all.
  • Customer groups
    Create as many customer groups as you need, each group can have very fine grained permissions and limitations.
  • Email lists overview
    Manage all the email lists created throughout the system, in a simple and straight forward manner.
  • Campaigns overview
    Manage all the email campaigns created throughout the system. See regular and autoresponder campaigns together or in separate views.
  • Surveys overview
    Manage all the surveys created throughout the system. Get access to each survey overview which shows detailed stats about the survey.
  • Mass emails
    Having customers you want to email an update or just some regular news? This administrative area allows you to do exactly that.
  • Messages
    MailWizz will keep you updated with all sort of events that happen throughout the system and here’s the place where you see them all.
  • Login logs
    View detailed logs related to system logins. See who logged in and when but also see any failed login attempt or blocked logins.
  • Delivery servers
    Create as many delivery servers as you need. Choose between your SMTP servers or any of the big known email providers. Or use them together.
  • Bounce servers
    When using SMTP servers for delivery, add bounce servers for automatically bounce management. For email providers, bounces are processed automatically via webhooks.
  • Feedback loop servers
    When using SMTP servers for delivery, add fbl servers for automatically complaints management. For email providers, complaints are processed automatically via webhooks.
  • Email box monitors
    Email box monitors will help monitoring given email boxes and take actions against subscribers based on the contents of the incoming emails.
  • Sending domains
    Sending domains will match the FROM address of the email campaigns and will add proper DKIM signatures to the email headers, thus increasing the chances for the emails to land inbox.
  • Tracking domains
    Tracking domains allow masking of the domains used in the tracking urls from email campaigns with other domains that you specify here.
  • List page types
    Each email list has it’s own pages, like subscribe, unsubscribe, etc. From here you can configure the defaults which all lists will inherit.
  • Email templates
    Create and categorise as many email templates as you need. Not a designer? No problem, upload pretty much any email template and it will just work.
  • Email blacklist
    This is a global email blacklist that applies to absolutely each email from the system, therefore email addresses listed here will never receive any communication.
  • Blacklist monitors
    Sometimes, emails can be automatically added in the global blacklisted for false reasons and when this happens, you need a way to monitor the email blacklist to remove such false positives.
  • Email block requests
    People can add their emails to your database so that they never receive emails from your system. We advise approving all these requests, no question asked.
  • Extensions
    Extend your MailWizz system with various extensions, like backup managers, email list cleaning services, custom attachments for subscribers and so on.
  • Themes
    While the default look and feel of the system is enough for most of people, you can design your own themes for MailWizz so that your changes persist during updates.
  • Languages
    MailWizz can be easily translated into your own language. Various language packs are available and can easily be uploaded to translate the system.
  • IP location services
    Use location services to find out the location of subscribers that open and/or click inside email campaigns.
  • MaxMind database
    Instead of paying for location services, use MaxMind’s city database to translate IP addresses into actual locations.
  • Countries database
    An entire database of countries to make it easy for people to select the right country when they create their lists, use country custom fields, etc.
  • Zones database
    An entire database of zones (states) to make it easy for people to select the right zone when they create their lists, use zones custom fields, etc.
  • Articles
    Create and manage articles and article categories when you need them. No need to use an external system like wordpress to write some simple articles, use the built-in one.
  • Pages
    Need to write your terms and conditions page? Or maybe privacy policy and cookie policy? Or any other public accessible page? Use the pages area for this purpose.
  • Common settings
    Set the site name, description and tagline. Add your company info, enable auto-update or clean urls, put the site of the api offline, set the page size for grids shown throughout the system, and much more.
  • Import/Export settings
    Fine tune the import and export settings, decide how much memory can it use and what file sizes are allowed.
  • Email templates settings
    Re-design the content of absolutely all the emails that are sent by the system.
  • Email blacklist settings
    Decide how the global blacklist works but also add regular expressions to match email addresses.
  • Campaigns settings
    Manage settings for attachments, template tags, blacklist words for subject and/or content, webhooks or forbidden domains in campaign fields.
  • Customer settings
    Manage global customer settings for servers, domains, lists, campaigns, surveys, quota counters, sending, CDN, API and much more.
  • 2FA settings
    Manage the settings for 2 Factor Authentication. Each user and customer can then enable or disable 2FA per account basis.
  • API settings
    Manage the global API settings like checking api request signatures or only allow/block certain IP addresses/ranges.
  • Customisation settings
    MailWizz comes with a lot of skins you can use for backend, customer and frontend area. Use the one you like most.
  • CDN settings
    Global CDN settings for application assets. Speed up page rendering by serving assets from a CDN.
  • SPF/DKIM settings
    Sending domains will generate their own DKIM settings, but you can use this area to force global DKIM signatures.
  • License settings
    License management is very important in MailWizz. Use this area to make sure your license is always up-to-date.
  • Social links
    There are various places where social links can be shown. use this area to set the links for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Demo MailWizz PHP Scripts

Download MailWizz PHP Scripts

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