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App Name Love Star Mod (Unlimited Stars, Tickets) v1.93 Love Star Mod (Unlimited Stars, Tickets) v1.93 is the most famous version in the Love Star Mod (Unlimited Stars, Tickets) v1.93 series of publisher Pocket Story
Publisher Pocket Story
Genre Simulation
Size 129MB
Version v1.93
Read 161 views
Price: $0
MOD Info
  • You can spend stars and tickets even if you do not have enough. Your stars and tickets will never decrease.

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💕Get ready for the best text based love story gameˇ!

Love Star is a story-focused game where the player and the character will overcome many problems in the game through choices. Players will experience the life of a celebrity and find their own goals to conquer. At the same time, there will always be difficulties that you can see in the game. So, you will be able to make the choices you want and develop the story to the perfect ending.

💕Get ready for a completely new experience of choose your story games enriched with chat based gameplay! Be the first one to try Love Star – The Mansion, a revolutionary texting based adventure game, and see what makes a unique love story filled with real determining choices and completely different paths. This fabulous romance game perfectly combines elements of mystery, suspense, true friendship, love, fame and celebrity. Download this free interactive text story game and enjoy making crucial choices while you try to face one of the most difficult challenges and surprises that the Love Mansion has in store for you. Your texting messages adventure starts NOW!

💕Texting story with multiple endings and various outcomes! 💕


In Love Star, you will have the opportunity to participate in a reality TV show and have the chance to go to significant places. Many people who participate in the program look forward to meeting many participants, and some of them are famous people. At the same time, the main character can interact with others to build relationships and meet rivals to find their love. So indeed, many roads are waiting for you to explore.

The gameplay of this game is entirely accessible to different players when it owns a simple interface of a messaging application. Therefore, you will not have difficulty accessing these elements, and the information when you interact with the characters will ultimately be presented transparently. Surely you will feel attracted to this familiar interface and will spend a lot of time inside the world that this game has to offer.


It will not take you long to approach Love Star when your job is to read information about what happens inside the game show and the characters with whom you are establishing relationships. Because of the closeness of the interface, you will feel fascinated when you read the messages of other characters. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for games that focus on story elements without getting bored, and you will get caught up in the problems inside this game.

Players will encounter many different problems, and this brings a specific attraction to this game. Specifically, you will be able to meet many characters and develop your relationship with them, and of course, things will not be as easy as you think because there will always be opponents in this game. So you will always be careful in making your choices to deal with these issues, and you will decide for yourself the outcome of the title according to your wishes.


In Love Star, you will make many different choices so that the game’s plot will improve over time, and this is also necessary when you send a message to a specific character. You won’t know what’s going to happen when you make these choices. So it will increase the player’s curiosity, and you will think carefully based on what you read before. At the same time, players will often make choices depending on their desires.

There will be side activities that players can experience, such as choosing the images they see fit to experience what it’s like to be a celebrity. Also, for story-focused titles, you’ll find an awe-inspiring amount of content. So players will take the time to complete this game, and sometimes, you will want to experience this game again because of the love you have for it.


💕Make choices to create your own story!
💕Customize your social network « Instagrum » with the photos of your choice!
💕Unlock premium choices in this custome love story to discover secrets and gossips
💕Unique experience of texting and chatting inside your favorite game!
💕Addictive story line, well thought-out plot twists, carefully developed characters and numerous customization options via your personal social network where you post the pictures of your choice!
💕All that and much more in Love Star – The Mansion our brand new romance game!


💕Choose your own adventure path trough this text game that brings you a totally immersive novel game with intriguing characters and amazing photos. Love Star – The Mansion is a love story with a captivating storyline you’ll instantly become hooked to. Enjoy impressive photos to personalize your own social. Try out this supreme chat story maker right now and have the time of your life.

💕A complete new expererience far more realistic and mature than regular otome love story games! Meet original characters and join them on their way to solve mysteries and discover gossips in the love mansion reality show. Witness fear, mystery, drama, love, friendship and take part in making crucial decisions. Find the answer to the question that starts to affect the lives of you and all of your friends in this fantastic teenage love story. Unique experience of texting and chatting will only make this visual novel seem more real to you, and attractive male characters will make you die for them! Enjoy the superb photos and pictures that go along with the Love Star romance novel you create.

💕You’re hooked to send messages? You love playing our simulation games with realistic choices and situations? If you’re looking for a chat story, a dating simulator game, or a visual novel, you will find all that Love Star is the more mature experience of love and romance! Download this adventurous mystery reality show about growing up, building friendships, falling in love and discovering secrets. Romantic interactive love stories have never been more exciting!

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  • fix bug in murder story

Download Love Star Mod (Unlimited Stars, Tickets) v1.93

Download (129MB)
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