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App Name Love & Sex: Second Base Mod (Full Game) v22.1.0a Love & Sex: Second Base Mod (Full Game) v22.1.0a is the most famous version in the Love & Sex: Second Base Mod (Full Game) v22.1.0a series of publisher Andrealphus
Publisher Andrealphus
Genre NSFW
Size 1.22GB
Version v22.1.0a
Read 143 views
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The player may take on the role of either a man or a woman and encounter a slew of fascinating and unusual characters along the road.

Mike is a young code monkey at a large corporation, and despite being surrounded by gorgeous females, his love life is in turmoil. His high school girlfriend cheated on him, and his most recent crush is dating one of his buddies. Will you be able to assist him in finding love and avoiding the traps of dating, or will he be left alone and unhappy? Bree is a college student who is broke and socially shy. Help her find work and succeed in her education in order for her to become a successful lady, or lead her down a dark road of drugs and immorality.

Basically, you have complete influence over their lives (and love life)!


With Love & Sex: Second Base, you can do all of this while building your stats, getting to know your conquests, and rewarding the player for the effort they put in to win their hearts. As your character improves with time and experience, the game allows you to progress further and further in your dating career.

As you work and play alongside a growing number of distinct and fascinating prospective love partners, each with their own personalities and life to lead, you will be able to experience all four seasons of the year. Give them a call, text them, send them presents, and express your gratitude to them.

As well as inviting them on dates – and maybe even making it beyond Second base – is essential.


  • Unrestricted movement
  • Take on the role of a guy or a woman.
  • Be a chad, a scumbag, or a decent person.
  • Choose between being plain or being kooky.
  • Become involved in several relationships or remain devoted to your one true love.
  • Take your dates out for a night on the town, get them presents, and bring them back home.
  • Send text messages to the ladies and gentlemen that are nice, seductive, or nasty.
  • Call the ladies and men to find out where they are, to have a booty call, or simply to talk.
  • Discuss a slew of topics or don’t talk about anything in particular.
  • Purchase and equip clothing and accessories in order to seem more attractive.
  • Either go to work and make money or try to become a rock star.
  • Make a girl pregnant and then ask her to marry you.
  • Modifications to one’s physical appearance (piercings, breasts surgery…)
  • Cheats and hint systems are pre-installed.

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  • Full Game

Download Love & Sex: Second Base Mod (Full Game) v22.1.0a

Download (1.22GB)
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