Illegal Race Tuning – Real car racing multiplayer (Unlimited Money) v15

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App Name Illegal Race Tuning - Real car racing multiplayer (Unlimited Money) v15 Illegal Race Tuning - Real car racing multiplayer (Unlimited Money) v15 is the most famous version in the Illegal Race Tuning - Real car racing multiplayer (Unlimited Money) v15 series of publisher Tuning Mania
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  • Unlimited Money

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Race Illegal: High Speed ​​3D is a new and extremely beautiful game with excellent graphics in the style of car games and car racing for the Android operating system, version 1.0.0 of which was released today in the Android Market, and we are the first Iranian site. We have put for you lovers of racing games.

In the above game, the sound of a car engine on the one hand and the cheering of the crowd on the other hand, will bring excitement to your smartphone and will give you a different experience from illegal car racing. At the beginning of the game, as a novice, you compete with rivals to gain their respect; After the simple steps of the game; You will enter a big challenge and the excitement of the game will be doubled and you will enjoy playing much more.

Be the fastest driver!
Customize your car from scratch thanks to a tuning system never seen before. Compete and beat rival crews. Challenge the police and become the most wanted of the Underground.

The revolutionary tuning system allows you to deeply modify your car. Boost your performance and burn your rivals at the start by adding horsepower to your car. Make your car unique by changing the body parts and swagger it by adding personalized stickers, directly from your gallery, thanks to the advanced decals editor.

Use the Friends and Messages system to contact other drivers and organize explosive multiplayer races.
Only the best will be visible on the BlackList.

Explore freely the city and discover all the available events. You can also immortalize your car on the cover of the most famous automotive magazines and share them with the world.

The racing game that is full of features that you include with exciting features in each level is definitely an excellent experience for you to explore. Here you will be taken to the unique racetracks and compete with a series of opponents with top skills. They will not be easy to overcome, so you need to play carefully with all your abilities to be able to win.


  • * 20 songs to increase the excitement of the game
  • * Put at your disposal 9 unique cars
  • * Ability to sport cars to increase beauty
  • * Ability to participate in online car racing
  • * View honors and driving statistics
  • * Excellent and stunning graphics


If you love racing games that contain exciting and dramatic missions, then Illegal Race Tuning will bring you new experiences. Starting in the game, you will be able to choose a supercar that suits your style; this is also the car that will accompany you throughout the process of conquering new tracks. Besides, this game will not be encapsulated in a racing framework. Still, it will include a series of exciting missions and compete with other new opponents to be able to win.

Players need to combine racing and overcoming the police, or they will always chase and find a way to detain you, so use all your skills to overcome all of them. The game is built with quite simple operations, and you do not need to follow any instructions but freely control the car on your way.


Illegal Race Tuning gives you the freedom to tweak everything for your supercar. You will need to pass many different stages to perform the game’s tasks, so you need to complete equipment for your car to start quickly. The game will provide you with the necessary accessories to be more confident in every race through the tuning system.

Besides, opponents will also be very dangerous because they own cars with high speed that will most likely overtake you if not focused. Therefore, players need to use skills as well as increase energy efficiency to make the car operate smoothly. Also, set up new parts and customize individual stickers to make it look more impressive.


The game will give you the features you need to enhance your experience while discovering the latest tracks. Besides, players will be allowed to join with friends and contact them through the friend system provided by the game. You can connect with a series of other racers then create races of the century, but remember not to let the police catch you.

Players can freely adjust the car’s speed and surf on the new roads in this city. In addition, you can also organize races with the participation of many other players to find out who is the perfect racer. All you need to do is show your skills to be able to win and reach the finish line first to collect more exciting rewards.


In order not to cause boredom for players, Illegal Race Tuning will bring you diverse new maps. You can discover countless new races in this challenging racing journey. In the early levels, the player will be able to visit the neighborhoods that are designed to be lively to create more fun while driving. Still, after completing the tasks and progressing to higher levels, the new maps will gradually increase.

Besides, the game will take you adventure and create the most impressive driving stunts. Players can also share their supercar on the cover of a famous car-themed magazine and share them widely to let more people know about your supercar.


  • Discover new things and participate in thrilling races with your supercar; players can start freely choosing the right style for themselves.
  • Besides you, a thrilling illegal racing game with a strong background built with 3D graphics needs to use your ultimate driving ability to participate in new races.
  • Players are allowed to adjust everything for their car, from the appearance to the internal accessories, not to have any problems while racing, plus you will face opponents to reach the finish line fastest.
  • Contact your friends in the game to join the race with impressive speeds, players can also create their own lively races, but the police will always be lurking, so be careful.
  • Experience a variety of unique maps and adventures across the city in a supercar; it’s time to show your skills by beating your opponents to victory!

4.2 378 total


  • -Improved graphics
  • -Added Advanced Photo Mode
  • -New Cars
  • -New Map
  • -New Game Mode
  • -New Car Sounds
  • -New UI -Singleplayer/Multiplayer Manual Switch
  • -New Progression System
  • -Improved AI
  • -Improved Car Damage
  • -Other Improvements

Download Illegal Race Tuning – Real car racing multiplayer (Unlimited Money) v15

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