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App Name Ice Scream 1 (Unlocked, God Mode) v1.2.0 Ice Scream 1 (Unlocked, God Mode) v1.2.0 is the most famous version in the Ice Scream 1 (Unlocked, God Mode) v1.2.0 series of publisher Keplerians Horror Games
Publisher Keplerians Horror Games
Genre Arcade
Size 156MB
Version v1.2.0
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Ice Scream 1 version of the missing neighbor will give players a more exceptional space, including hunting ice cream trucks on the street and many exciting activities. However, as a witness, find out the location of the terrifying source of freezing magic. Are you brave enough to follow that eccentric guy? Towards the road ahead, stick close but don’t reveal any clues. Some suggestions will be sent from the ad library.

Ice Scream 1: Horror Neighborhood is an adventure and arcade game with elements of horror games and stories from the Spanish studio Keplerians Horror Games, the maker of other horror games such as Evil Nun: Scary Horror Game Adventure. As the name suggests, this studio has focused on creating fantasy horror games, and the projects released by it also confirm this statement. This time we decided to introduce another game from Keplerians studio for the first time among all Iranian sites. The game Ice Scream 1: Horror Neighborhood has an interesting idea and is a fun fantasy for fans of adventure and horror games, but due to the low level of violence and the fantasy of the game, this game is not that scary and maybe it can be simply Consider an action game or a game in the Thriller genre. Although the general nature and story of this game is somehow for younger audiences and there are no violent and bloody scenes in the game, but still, the psychological story of the game cannot be ignored. A story that is strange, mysterious and scary at the same time. The story of the game is about a mobile ice cream shop that has just arrived in your neighborhood. The seller of these ice creams is a man who wears a big hat like a scary ice cream on his head and travels to different places in his van. One day you are watching this ice cream seller from the window of your room when you notice that your best friend goes to buy ice cream, but this ice cream seller, who is a strange and evil man, freezes your friend with a special power and kills him. Kidnapping!

The ice-cream seller has come to the neighborhood! He has kidnapped your friend and neighbor Charlie and you’ve witnessed it all…
He has frozen your best friend using some sort of superpower and has taken him somewhere with his van. Your friend is missing, and worse… What if there are more children like him?
This terrifying ice-cream seller’s name is Rod, and he seems to be very friendly towards kids; however, he has an evil plan, and you need to find out where is it. All you know is that he takes them into the ice cream van, but you don’t know where they go after that.
Your mission will be hiding inside his van and solving the mystery of this evil villain. To do this, you will travel through different scenarios and solve the necessary puzzles to save the frozen child.


★ Rod will listen to all your movements, but you can hide and deceive him, so he does not see you.
★ Move to different scenarios with the van and discover all its secrets.
★ Solve puzzles to rescue your neighbor from the clutches of this horrific enemy. Action is guaranteed!
★ Play in ghost, normal and hard mode! Can you complete them all?
★ Enjoy a horror game without bloody scenarios, suitable for all audiences!



A bicycle will follow you on the adventurous trail of Ice Scream 1. Players can alternate the way they move to get the most favorable view. The people you meet along the way will give you many helpful hints as you move. Many players will need the help of hints, and you will be able to buy more when participating in ads. In addition, a large map makes your journey many obstacles. Travel through the city and witness more, hundreds of evidence to arrest the eccentric ice cream guy. Maybe he saw you; at best, that can’t happen. Players should plan for this trip and need to be extra careful not to be detected!


In the name of an ordinary ice cream truck, an evil force disguised as an ice cream seller with a scary mask committed their crimes in Ice Scream 1. You have witnessed the whole process, and let’s chase to find out the secret that the truck keeps. In addition to robbing your friend, they will imprison many other children and have more scary actions. It was no ordinary ice cream van. It looks like their plan to freeze the city has begun; you need to act!


On the way to chase the suspicious ice-cream seller who has frozen his friend, the player will have to face many different risks. One of them is the unfinished puzzles. You will encounter obstacles, they are arranged in order from easy to difficult, many important decisions will be made during this time. Besides, some theories make you wonder between two paths, will it lead you to follow the suspicious guy and save the children?


The ghostly elements make the space of Ice Scream 1 tenser than ever. However, the corresponding difficulty also causes players to encounter similar difficulties. You’ll have to be on the lookout for many things and get some extra helpful hints along the way. A total of 3 popular modes have brought you the best experience. First of all, join the ghost mode to feel the real ghost of the game. This level will be reduced for normal mode, and there are more hints when encountering obstacles. The advanced mode makes you struggle with the fast escape of the mysterious ice cream truck.


Ice Scream 1 gives you the freedom to play and learn with specific items. Players will go through many rounds by choosing the desired topic. Much new content is added to help you get a more particular view of the game. As the level increases, the difficulty of the question also increases. Are you finding it difficult to chase the mysterious ice cream guy? We have a variety of tools to get you up to speed. Combine many elements to get excellent performance in the game!


– The story begins with the unusual actions of the mysterious ice-cream salesman, the truck filled with cold air has rolled over and taken your best friend away.
– The ice-cream seller will control the runaway truck after completing the kidnapping mission. Follow them closely and do not be detected by their eyes.
– The car contains hundreds of terrible secrets of the city that you will reveal in the game’s action-packed adventure series.
– Along the way, you will encounter some difficulties, overcome them and move on, answer the entire mentioned content and quickly gather more information.
– Experience every mode to analyze the difficulty of each type; you will get a specific feel for the game content, continue to explore and rescue your friend.

If you want to enjoy an experience of fantasy, horror, and fun, play now “Ice Scream: Horror Neighbor”. The action and the shouts are guaranteed.
It is recommended to play with headphones for a better experience.
Each update will bring new content, fixes, and improvements based on your comments.
This game contains ads.
Thanks for playing! =)

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