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App Name Hillside Drive – Hill Climb (Unlocked, Free Shopping) 0.8.8-72 Hillside Drive – Hill Climb (Unlocked, Free Shopping) 0.8.8-72 is the most famous version in the Hillside Drive – Hill Climb (Unlocked, Free Shopping) 0.8.8-72 series of publisher Dreamy Dingo
Publisher Dreamy Dingo
Genre Racing
Size 96M
Version 0.8.8-72
Read 47 views
Price: $0
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  • Unlocked, Free Shopping

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Surely you are enjoying the off-road trips, and in Hillside Drive, there will be fun to come. This is an adventure racing game; players will choose a car and get ready to make this trip. During the trip, you will meet friends, and they are also your competitors during the race. Performing the significant challenges that the game brings, more specifically, the game itself, will also give great suggestions to create this mysterious conquest.

Hillside Drive – Hill Climb is a racing game released by Dreamy Dingo for Android devices. The mentioned game development studio has already offered good games for gamers and has a good record in the Android market. Hillside Drive – Hill Climb is another successful game of this game studio that has been welcomed by many gamers and has had good feedback. This game is very similar to Hill Climb Racing, but its graphics are better and there are newer mechanisms in its gameplay. The lanes are beautifully designed, where you have to drive your car in amazing environments that are the stages of the game. First you start the game from a rural environment and collect boxes along the way. These boxes are very important and there are a lot of unlocks in them and you should try to collect them all as much as you can. These unlocks can be new parts or new machines. Fuel tanks are placed in the tracks that you must collect to be able to fuel the car. In addition, there are coins in the game that you must collect because these coins are game money and you will need them in upgrades.

Buckle up, hit the gas and hold on tight you’re in for the ride of your life!
Have fun and take your car through challenges with realistic game physics in hillside drive racing game. Choose from multiple cars that each provide something different to overcome rocky terrain and become the best hill rider.
Race the challenges of unique hill racing environments with many different cars. Gain bonuses from daring tricks and collect coins to upgrade your car and reach even higher distances. The game seems to be easy, but it’s hard to be the winner.


• Handcrafted Tracks – Get the best racing experience on tracks thought out to the smallest detail!
• Tasks – Each car has own set of task to complete!
• Unlock – Unlock cars and choose the best one for your racing style!
• Upgrade – Improve the engine, suspension, tires & 4WD of your vehicles
• Gadgets – Install wings, nitro, magnet or snow wheels for better vehicle performance.


In Hillside Drive, the player will have the task of becoming a racer capable of solving situations and going to many places. Players will participate in the big challenge that the game offers, especially in a series of challenges that you will choose yourself. Choosing the challenge yourself will help you as well as allow you to test yourself.

Players will enjoy these adventurous car races, and the game will also give you more unexpected situations. For each trip, you need to prepare luggage full of everything, which will help you more. Mainly you need to prepare your racing car because those cars will make the victory and help you become an outstanding candidate in every challenge that the game offers.


This game always has unexpected situations, and you need to show your full ability. Players will always do long-distance races, which will be difficult. Players need to team up and find themselves in a group with enough strength to support each other during the move. We may have problems on the track, but all difficulties can be solved quickly with your support.

The next interesting point is that you can also form a group to practice together and find more interesting common ground. Everyone’s ability will be different, and you should also be careful in unexpected situations. Choosing for yourself a good car is also something that you should pay attention to because there will be many different types of vehicles and they all have different tasks. This game will help you find your passion and conquer great challenges.


Overcoming steep slopes or overcoming steep rapids is also one of the things you should admire in yourself. Each race will include challenges and creations so you can see your own impressions. More specifically, you should also discover your full potential by crossing mountains, overcoming dangerous roads, and conquering vast sand fields. It would help if you also changed your racing tactics to create new points to help win big.

After completing the assigned tasks, you can receive exciting upgrades. Hillside Drive always creates a chance for you to win these upgrades, and the upgrades will help you out a lot. Unlock upgrades that will help you renew your car and turn it into the bravest warrior. Overcoming significant challenges will also motivate you to continue on the next mission. The game also wants you to win the biggest prizes to make your mark on the world racing gold table.

Through this, Hillside Drive has brought an exciting and useful racing product. Players will be overwhelmed when going from one challenge to another and can conquer more difficult levels. Especially, you can also take advantage of the useful upgrades provided by the game to refresh your racing car and add the necessary equipment. Become an outstanding racer in the racing village of the world and make your name in the most significant arena.


  • Choose for yourself a car in the collection to better suit the adventure as well as the game requirements.
  • Meet great friends worldwide and form a proper group of people to support each other in the game.
  • Each group takes on the big challenge that the game requires and tries to push each other to work together for the biggest win.
  • Overcoming dangerous roads, climbing mountains, crossing passes, and crossing vast white sand deserts.
  • Unlock each new upgrade to give you more opportunities to renew your racing car and upgrade the equipment system in the car.
  • Win the biggest prizes and try to overcome your fears in this game.

Enjoy the off-road hill rally experience, and see how far you can go.
Get ready for this new offroad hill racing. Play this new hill car game for free! Drive your car up hill in this racing game! Enjoy it with your friends and family!

Hillside Drive Racing is a free to play driving game but there are optional in-app purchases available


The main installation format of the game is apks – after downloading the zip file from PepperTech, unzip it and click on the apks file to install it with the Z Archivar file manager program!

4.1 24,573 total


  • Unlocked, Free Shopping

Download Hillside Drive – Hill Climb (Unlocked, Free Shopping) 0.8.8-72

Download (96M)
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