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App Name Gravity Rider Zero (All Content Unlocked) 1.43.10 Gravity Rider Zero (All Content Unlocked) 1.43.10 is the most famous version in the Gravity Rider Zero (All Content Unlocked) 1.43.10 series of publisher Vivid Games S.A.
Publisher Vivid Games S.A.
Genre Racing
Size 65M
Version 1.43.10
Read 77 views
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  • All Content Unlocked

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Are you passionate about speed? If yes, then you should not miss the suspense and drama of Gravity Rider Zero because it has interesting elements that you need to explore. This is an impressive racing game; players have the right to choose their own motorbikes and start to master the speed. Obstacles and challenges will appear continuously in this game to try and test your ingenuity. Conquer every track and always create something new in this race.

Gravity Rider Zero – Gravity Rider Zero is a very attractive and exciting racing game style game published by Vivid Games S.A. for Android devices. The game studio has already provided other successful games and has a good track record. Gravity Rider Zero is actually the sequel to its previous game, Gravity Rider. In terms of gameplay, this game takes you into a motorcycle race in other worlds, where you will encounter many obstacles and dangers in different directions. Each stage will be different, but your main goal in all stages is to reach the end point. The general principles of the game are the same and you will not see any changes in the game stages, but what makes this game different from other games is the idea of ​​”returning to the original”. Usually when a game is franchised, the new game is based on the previous game. For example, new features are added, new modes are added, various technical optimizations are made, and much more. This ideology is usually true for all genres and platforms or any other collection, but Gravity Rider Zero is not! The creators of this game have reduced everything to the basics and offered a simpler approach. This game now has only one mode and each stage consists of 3 stages. In some stages you have limited time and in some stages you have to compete with artificial intelligence.

Hot on the trails of Gravity Rider comes Gravity Rider Zero, a new streamlined moto racing experience.
Here there are no upgrade parts, no difficulty spikes or races against overpowered vehicles: every track is perfectly balanced so you can always beat it right now, using your favorite ride.



Players will have the right to choose for themselves the new cars in the collection that Gravity Rider Zero offers. Hints will also appear continuously to create familiarity between you and the challenge. You will be guided by the game from the basic steps to follow you during the game. This helps you avoid surprises as well as get used to the rigors of speed. The game will also allow you to try out in more challenging terrain if you have a need to conquer.

After choosing for themselves the cars they like, players have the right to choose a new race. These races will help you assert your true ability as well as show your racing skills. New stages open will come with a series of challenges and difficulties to help you conquer. However, it would help if you prepared everything before conquering this great challenge.


Entering Gravity Rider Zero, you will have the opportunity to meet new friends, friends that you have never met before. These friends will share a common passion for speed racing and will meet you as a challenger. Of these hundreds of people, maybe they are amateur drivers or high-class drivers participating in this journey. Take on the challenges in turn and accept them as a great gift.

A special feature is that you also need to immediately choose opponents with the same ability to continue this race. You will be able to choose the terrain; there will be a time in each of those stages. Players should also calculate a reasonable time and pass important landmarks to win. If you are lucky to win, the game will allow you to choose any gift, which is the gift to encourage you in the new journey.


Opening the gifts, you will be overwhelmed because there are attractive upgrades to help you upgrade your car. These upgrades make it possible to renew cars, replace each part, and can get more attractive support features. Players also need to take advantage of these rare opportunities to receive upgrades. And more specifically, Gravity Rider Zero will also bring a series of other exciting things for you to enjoy.

You need to overcome historical races by yourself, on the way you will encounter bad situations and you need to solve them as quickly as possible. A special feature is that the game also gives you additional support features, which you can use to overcome challenges more easily. Players can also extend the time to defeat bigger opponents. You can also unlock new challenges, and your race will continue. You will also have more chances to win big and become the speed king of this new world.

Through this, Gravity Rider Zero gives you unique charms and new features to make a difference. The game is increasingly upgrading and promises to molt to become perfect in players’ eyes. Players also need to conquer some complex challenges and have a reliable companion of the game that will help them unleash their own abilities. Be a speed king and surpass your limits.


In this bike balancing game, you will be climbing over obstacles, discovering new clever mechanics and trials to overcome in each level.
Giant ramps, lasers, spikes, or good old gravity will try to get in your way. No sweat though, your vehicle has the perfect speed to pass through – with a bit of finesse, you will be fine and not fall off.


Collect dozens of unique racing vehicles with futuristic designs. Unlock new bikes by completing tasks, beating challenges or breaking track records: there’s always a new objective and a new reward to look forward to. From trials bikes to ATVs, WW2 era motorbikes to space rockets, they’re all in there.


Here’s a list of what you won’t find in Gravity Rider Zero:
– No overpriced upgrade parts
– No grinding
– No tickets
– No timegates
– No difficulty spikes
– No artificial difficulty
– No limited garage space.


You can unlock all the racing cars and bikes you want. You can dash on your moto, mmx buggy or quad whenever you want. You can speed with them on any track you want – their stats are always perfectly balanced for the race you’re in. Yep, no secret ultimate cheat bike, no special wheels of doom – here, all motorcycles are good.


The controls in Gravity Rider Zero are simple and precise. Accelerate and tilt your bike in the right places to pass over obstacles faster. Brake in time to avoid traps. Always tilt after a jump to touch the ground earlier and gain more traction. Brake before a jump to minimize your air time, try and try again.
Or, just focus on making sure you pass obstacles, don’t crash and beat the level. Bike racing is a customizable experience: you decide how deep you want the mechanics to be.


Enjoy a classic solo career progression system: you get enough lives to clear 3 stages, and then move onto the next world. Each new world features a new gimmick, and you will see a planets’ load of environments. That’s not an image: you will literally travel from planet to planet to face the most crazy tracks in the universe. Oh and of course, your vehicle stats will increase along the way: it’s all balanced, but you will get faster.


Admire and customize your vehicle collection. Give your race car a new paint job, give your motorbike a different colour, or upgrade your kart with a neon lights trail. Even if your motorcycle is always perfectly tuned, that doesn’t mean you cannot upgrade your style!


Gravity Rider Zero is all about two things: getting cool rides, and pure racing. That’s how we do things here, in the career mode. We focus on what matters, and to heck with the fluff. You want to optimize your turns, race against the clock, get the best time? You can.
You want to take your time getting through creative levels? You can too.


  • Choose the motorbikes you like and match the race to discover new unique features in this race.
  • Discover the mysterious races as well as create a new feeling for yourself in these races.
  • Choose easy terrain if you are not qualified or can not handle difficult situations on your own.
  • Upgrade your own motorcycle system, change the model, and change all the machines to continue the next journey.
  • Unlock new challenges and accept them widely to conquer the rugged terrain here.

Just enjoy the ride and pop a wheelie.

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  • - Bug fixes
  • - Performance improvements.

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