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App Name Garena Speed Drifters (Speed Car, Unlimited Nitro) v1.25.0.10314 Garena Speed Drifters (Speed Car, Unlimited Nitro) v1.25.0.10314 is the most famous version in the Garena Speed Drifters (Speed Car, Unlimited Nitro) v1.25.0.10314 series of publisher Garena Games Online
Publisher Garena Games Online
Genre Racing
Size Varies with device
Version v1.25.0.10314
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Garena Speed Drifters is a racing game where players will meet completely diverse opponents and find ways to outdo them with their skills. There will be a drift button to help you overcome tricky turns and store energy to perform the speed boost process in the game. At the same time, some modes require you to coordinate with other players, and cars with different qualities are waiting for you to unlock.

Garena Speed ​​Drifters is a different racing game that has a large audience due to its unique features and has gained tens of millions of different gamers from all over the world. Garena Games Online Studio gained a good place in Google Play with the release of this game, so much so that this game was added to the list of selected games of Google Play (Editor’s Choice). Garena Speed ​​Drifters is an exciting game with a whole host of unique features. It is safe to say that this game completely eliminates your similar experiences from a racing and online game and creates a new attitude for you. In this game, you can enter exciting competitions in the role of skilled drivers and compete with other players in different sections. Most of the game is related to competitions and online competitions. You can play online with random competitors or with your friends and have as much fun as you can! In this game, not only fans of car games, but also fans of motorcycle games can have fun for a long time and pursue their interests in a completely different game. You can prepare any of the different models of cars or motorcycles you want and enter the breathtaking and attractive Garena Speed ​​Drifters competition with it. Graphically, it should be acknowledged that Garena Speed ​​Drifters game is designed with good features. The game’s three-dimensional design, along with relatively large details, make the game perform very well in terms of graphics and provide an HD game experience for players. In addition to these designs, the professional gameplay style of the game has also caused the game of fast drift drivers to change from a simple racing game to a professional competitive game.


A racing game with fun gameplay
Ability to participate in various individual or team competitions online
Bulky HD graphics with 3D designs
Has 3 main modes Item mode, Racing mode, Ranked mode
Ability to build a new club or join other clubs
There are hundreds of different items to use during competitions
Ability to earn special points by overtaking or knocking out competitors
Ability to use special forces to increase the speed or efficiency of the vehicle
Ability to purchase and use more than 30 vehicles such as cars and racing motorcycles
Interesting and cartoon characters
Has a personalization system and the ability to customize game characters with more than 100 items
Has a global ranking and the ability to compete for better rankings
Has sub-sections and entertainment with simple and different games and missions
Extremely exciting and audible soundtrack (it is recommended to use headphones while playing)


When you experience Garena Speed Drifters, you will be impressed with the graphics that this game brings; you will immediately experience the gameplay through the tutorial screen. You will see the cutscenes of the characters and begin to help a character overcome problems on the track. In addition, the mechanics of the game are completely understandable, and you will try to increase your control skills to overcome other opponents.

You will control your car with two hands, and surely, the game will also provide some control options to choose the suitable control method for you. At the same time, players will see a drift button to handle the races with absolute precision. The three slots at the top are used to hold specific items or features that are effective for players.


When starting Garena Speed Drifters, the player will see a countdown clock and an icon similar to a burning fire. Your job is to choose the right time to hit it to get a steady start speed and start finding ways to overcome other players. Depending on the game mode, you can use items to stop their advance, and there’s a method to boost your speed temporarily so you maintain some distance from your opponent.

Players will control the character and drift continuously because the environment will often have many different bends that you will need to handle in this game. At the same time, you will see a bar between the control and drift buttons, and it is the energy bar that helps you get a mini boost and increase speed. Over time, you also unlock more nitro features, and of course, the acceleration will be more effective. So each speed boost will have different uses.

Besides, you will have to fight alone against the opponent; the game also offers several modes to play with teammates. Specifically, you can find team item mode where you and your teammates will face off against other players, and a team player who finishes first will bring victory to the team. You can find completely mysterious boxes with different offensive or defensive items in the game. Some items can be mentioned, such as shields that can be transferred to other players.


After completing the Garena Speed Drifters tutorial, you will come to choose the look of your character. Players can create a character they want and go with them through many different levels. At the same time, in some cases, players can also find rewards that are different costumes, and you will be attracted to the new look of the character you are controlling.

It can be said that the modes in the game that players experience are entirely diverse, and certainly, strong opponents are inevitable. So finding a perfectly suitable car is a goal of any player. Each car has an impressive appearance and is divided into different levels. So, if you’re lucky, you can unlock an A-class car, and you’ll see a difference in performance compared to the previous car you drove.


  • At the start of the game, players will experience the game’s mechanics and see cutscenes between cars with impressive looks.
  • Players will find the proper controls and start participating in the game modes that the game offers.
  • They can decide to play alone or play with others to change the experience and support each other with items.
  • Your character’s look can be tweaked in detail, and you can get rewarded with beautiful skins over time.
  • The cars have different performances, and as you participate in multiple game modes, you can unlock powerful cars.


-Design your own hairstyle, appearance and makeup. Be who you want to be!


-The Four Car Factory built the Fusion Core together, creating the never before seen ultimate core that offers four different abilities.


-Rally Race returns, now with more vouchers, cute pets and cool effects. Awaiting your challenge in the 3 years anniversary update.


-The Four Car Factory are training the next Race King. Test your skills and win a permanent A car.


  • – First download and install the installation file.
  • – Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.
  • – Run the game.

3.9 600,136 total


  • Speed Car, Unlimited Nitro

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