Gangstar Vegas Mod (Unlimited Money/VIP 10) v5.5.2a + OBB

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App Name Gangstar Vegas Mod (Unlimited Money/VIP 10) v5.5.2a + OBB Gangstar Vegas Mod (Unlimited Money/VIP 10) v5.5.2a + OBB is the most famous version in the Gangstar Vegas Mod (Unlimited Money/VIP 10) v5.5.2a + OBB series of publisher Gameloft SE
Publisher Gameloft SE
Genre Action
Size 2GB
Version v5.5.2a
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MOD Info
  • Unlimited Money

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Gangstar Vegas is a role-playing game to become the leader of a gang in Las Vegas, while playing along gangsters and mafia cartels, in a free open game world with gang wars. Gangstar Vegas is an open-world mafia-themed game where the player follows Jason as he escapes Frank. You’re free to choose your experience in this vast world, and there’s sure to be plenty of gameplay and events going on for you to take part in. At the same time, you can also participate in gang battles to compete with other players with your weapons.


In the new version of Gangstar Vegas, there will be an event that any player will enjoy because of the interesting gameplay that is mind control. The goal in this mode is quite simple: you will use a vehicle capable of mind control of others and begin killing marked enemies that you will easily recognize. So you will use tactics to take them down and get impressive rewards in this event.

The game has prepared for you a dedicated vehicle to mind control the different characters in the game. In this game, you need to pay attention to that you will need to choose the correct characters to defeat your enemies. At the same time, most of the time, you will select the targets that you need to destroy because they have weapons and quickly take down other enemies. In addition, you can also aim at anyone you see and do not let the controlled character get close to your car.


The story that players experience in Gangstar Vegas revolves around Jason, an MMA athlete. Everything was normally going until mafia boss Don Frank Veliano appeared before Jason and asked for favors. Specifically, you are forced to fake defeat to your opponent in his next match. Of course, because of the influence of the Mafia boss, Jason followed suit, but things were not as he imagined.

When two athletes were fighting, Jason knocked his opponent down even though he was the one who got knocked down. Because of this, the boss is angry and wishes to punish him. They used the car to chase and try to attack him continuously. Fortunately, Karen appeared before the boss’s subordinates defeated him, and she brought him to Vera. From there, his life began to change, and the events continued.


If you are a fan of the hit GTA series, you will undoubtedly find similar points appearing in Gangstar Vegas. It is an open world where you can easily find a variety of enjoyable experiences in an open world. You can interact with what you want and experience the vastness that this game possesses. In addition, it also creates much different gameplay that you will choose for yourself depending on your preferences.

The first experience will usually be associated with the open-world when the environment element is fully designed. You will quickly have a vehicle and go to any location you desire to satisfy your desires.

The second type of experience where you will spend time completing objectives is doing missions. You will try to complete the story-related quests to find out what happens after Jason returns to work for Montello after escaping from Frank. At the same time, these missions are completely intense and impressive as you will be able to confront the mafia or try to drive quickly to the specified location.


Besides the primary experience that you can find in Gangstar Vegas, you also find some other exciting gameplay. You can go into places where bloodthirsty zombies are always trying to catch and attack you until you are motionless. Of course, you will also be equipped with weapons to fight them. In addition, you can also join a gang to experience gang battles against other players with the weapons you have.

The number of weapons and items you receive is entirely diverse that you can unlock, use, and equip your character when starting with each different mode. At the same time, event items always attract the attention of players.


Explore this open city with different TPS missions, box the mafia cartel, fight for the final prize and play in different adventure crime clans vs. the gang world of the city of Las Vegas.
This is an RPG adventure saga of mafia and waging gang wars. Extra missions are added with each update and season, plus limited-time events to play.
Street fights and mafia deals are part of this gangster world-of-crime game, with six-gun action missions. Fight-night boxing, street fights anytime and anywhere, and different kinds of city driving with multiple vehicles and roaming around this open world.


An open world with racing challenges with different kinds of vehicles, various collectible weapons and clothes. Commit grand theft auto crimes on the streets of Las Vegas and combat gangsters.
Keep fighting for your life through each adventure-packed mission. Robbers and thefts chase you in auto racing challenges to drive beyond city legal limits. Motorcycles, trucks and boats are also part of your vehicle choices for accomplishing different missions.
Vice is all around the streets and locals, and shootings happen everywhere. Play TPS missions in Las Vegas, a gangster city with alien wars, waves of tanks, zombie clan attacks and different mafia to fight.


In this adventure saga, various vehicles and weapons are available for each different mission. Gang wars with Molotov cocktails, grenade launchers and many other weapons and vehicles to accomplish the plans and missions.

A world with many interesting elements for you to explore, such as:

  • You will follow the journey of survival of Jason, an MMA athlete, after having problems with mafia boss Don Frank.
  • The world that this game brings is diverse and large, where you can freely explore or continue the journey to solve story missions.
  • Besides the original gameplay, there will be many other experiences that you can choose from, such as surviving zombies or gang battles against other players.
  • The number of items and weapons you can acquire is useful, and some will be increased through events.
  • In the new version of the game, players will find event mind control, and its gameplay will make you feel impressed on the first play.


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4.3 6,519,271 total


  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Mod Info:

  • Unlimited Money
  • VIP 10.


  1. Turn off the internet before opening the game for the first time.
  2. Turn on the internet when filling in your age and gender information.
  3. Then turn off the internet and play the game to avoid a ban. (using NetGuard)

Bypass license?

  1. Install Gangstar Vegas from Google Play. When the download progress a few %, you can cancel.
  2. Install mod versions.

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