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App Name Football Manager 2021 Mobile (MOD + Real Name) v12.3.1 Football Manager 2021 Mobile (MOD + Real Name) v12.3.1 is the most famous version in the Football Manager 2021 Mobile (MOD + Real Name) v12.3.1 series of publisher SEGA
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Version v12.3.1
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Balls rolling on the vast grass? A cheering, enthusiastic audience? Have you guessed what I’m about to say? It’s excellent, none other than Football Manager 2021 Mobile; this is a football game that has just been released this year with perfect football screens. Play as a team coach and take your team to the world with all the countries in the world; everything is in this great game. Compared to the previous games, the game has made many successful strides and offers excellent gameplay for you to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile – Football Manager 2021 is another version of the popular and well-made and professional Football Manager game series from the well-known and famous company SEGA, which follows the success of previous episodes such as Football Manager Mobile 2018, Football Manager Mobile 2017 and Football Manager Mobile 2019 and Football Manager Mobile 2020 were produced and released as usual near the beginning of the new year, and as always, we decided to prepare it as soon as possible and simultaneously with the release of the final and complete version of this game and for the first time Among all the Iranian sites, let’s provide it for free download for fans of football management style games. By publishing this series of games, Sega has become the largest game company in this genre. Therefore, wherever there is talk of football management and coaching games, the first thing that comes to every gamer’s mind is the Football Manager game series. Along with the latest changes in the fascinating world of football, the Football Manager 2021 Mobile game has been released and is available to users. In this game, the latest changes such as the latest transfers and transfers of players, kits, coaches, player abilities and ratings and all other things that are needed in a football game have been applied. So you can safely download this game and make the most of the latest updates and become a real soccer coach! If you are a fan of football games and especially football management games, be sure that this game will be unique for you.

In the Football Manager 2021 Mobile game, as a player in the role of a professional coach, you have the task of creating your dream team or managing and coaching real world teams. You have to do whatever it takes to make a football team strong and successful so that you can bring your team to victory. For this you have to manage different players and buy them from other teams or sell your players to other teams to have a perfect business along with managing teams. After you have built and managed your team well, it’s time to test your team and your players! For this, you can participate in different competitions such as exciting leagues and tournaments. You can see the games from a coach’s point of view (in the form of pieces moving on the floor) to follow the game moment by moment. There is an interesting section in the game Football Manager 2021 Mobile where the latest news about the players is displayed for you so that you can welcome the latest changes. More than 2000 different players are designed in this game, almost all of them are present in this game with complete and accurate specifications. These specifications include the characteristics of the players and even their photos. All in all, it must be said that in Football Manager 2021 Mobile you become a professional coach.



Like the previous games of the game series, Football Manager 2021 Mobile still allows players to experience as a professional football team manager. Players will undertake to sign the players you consider the most experienced to form a national team player. Recruiting players is the key to success in maintaining the team. But as a professional team manager, you should do everything to make your team happy. At that time, they will devote themselves wholeheartedly to express themselves in actual competitions.


Besides being a manager, players can also become top soccer heroes with beautiful kicks. However, you go to the field to play is very little because as a talented coach, you have to prepare many stages to lead your players. Your work in Football Manager 2021 is significant, accounting for nearly 60% of the victory or defeat on the pitch. Not only that, this is the place where players gather together to build their strength to compete with other teams. However, the job of a coach is never easy. In the game, you are also a person who is knowledgeable about this sport to lead your juniors.


As a professional team, your team focuses on competing in village tournaments or domestic competitions and reaches out to the global world. Football Manager 2021 Mobile allows players to lead their team on the road to compete with the groups of their countries. When all the players have qualified, it’s time for a worldwide competition. This is the time when your team shows its outstanding talent in the Canadian foreign leagues that are eligible for the international tournament.

Please advise the players not to be subjective in any case if a bit of loophole becomes their chance to win. Your team will regularly meet with the groups of Mexico, Argentina; they are professional teams and have won the Golden Cup in World Cup competitions. However, also see this as an opportunity to adventure to new countries.


However, to win smartly and be admired by many, you will be the head of your team’s declaration of war. Setting up the perfect tactics is the main goal that Football Manager 2021 Mobile asks of you. We often feel small in front of the best teams in the world but let’s encourage the players to stay calm and perform to the best of their ability. Uniting each other also helps us win faster.

Players should arrange appropriate positions for weak and strong players to balance and not be defeated by the opponent by any loopholes. Creating a proper strategy is never easy in the game, but we know how to coordinate, it will bring high results. The game also allows you to choose and play in style for the ultimate set of performance enhancements.


Besides participating in competitions, the players should also regularly practice activities to improve their playing skills. As you can see, putting a ball into the right net of the goal is a challenging practice, not going to the field to play the ball immediately. In the days leading up to the competition, the training process will take place more intensively, and the players should also focus on their primary tasks.

When you are brave enough to compare your skills with other teams, it is also the time to show that you have the best soccer ball. In addition, the players are also regularly taken care of their health and eat according to a particular regimen to ensure a balance of all required indicators.

The player system is never enough because you have the right to recruit more potential players from different countries. Focus on building a strong soccer team and make them famous worldwide players and professional player rankings. However, some players still work for a long time, but some only work for a short time. Therefore, each player will have different recruitment strategies.


  • – First, download and install the installation file.
  • – Download the data file and unzip it. Copy the com.sega.score folder to the Android/obb path of the device’s internal memory.
  • – Run the game.

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