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App Name Flat Zombies (Unlimited Money) v1.9.7 Flat Zombies (Unlimited Money) v1.9.7 is the most famous version in the Flat Zombies (Unlimited Money) v1.9.7 series of publisher PaVolDev
Publisher PaVolDev
Genre Action
Version v1.9.7
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  • Unlimited Money

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Your world is approaching the end of the world; there are many dangers around you and especially hundreds of waves of monstrous zombies. To protect your life and those around you, you are sent to clean the corridors in each mission. In order not to be infected with their diseases, the player must choose the ultimate weapon to be able to shoot them down against the threat of zombies. There are many levels in Flat Zombies, corresponding to the many zombie corridors you need to clear.

Flat Zombies: Cleanup & Defense is a new, entertaining and credible game in the style of action games from PaVolDev game development studio for Android, which, as usual, its latest version, along with Mamoud with infinite money, has been introduced to you for the first time in Iran! The general story of Flat Zombies: Cleanup & Defense is that zombies have taken over the city and are no longer safe; To survive in such a situation, you have to lock yourself in a building and defend yourself against a wide range of bloodthirsty zombies! When you get to the building you want, you will see that the zombies have already taken it, but you should not be disappointed; Destroy all the zombies you see in the corridors and turn the building into a safe haven for others! Easy and simple touch controllers of the game allow you to shoot at zombies, target the zombies with your high speed of action and destroy them one after another! Different weapons available to you, open them and use them in your battles against zombies; The stronger your weapon, the easier it will be to destroy the zombies! If you are looking for an interesting, simple and fun action game to fill your free time, try Flat Zombies: Cleanup & Defense!

During a zombie Apocalypse the streets were not safe at night.
For survival people need refuge from the zombies.
As a result, you were sent to cleanup a building with crowds of zombies.

How many corridors you can clear and survive against zombie hordes?
Don’t let zombies approach to you.

On you goes crowd of zombies. Use your weapon against zombies. Touch on screen to aim. Try to hold out as long as possible.


• Different game modes;
• Different weapons;
• Damage on zombie body;
• Different types of zombies;
• Increasing crowd of zombies;
• Game result depends only on your skills;
• List of highscores;


A terrible crowd of zombies is threatening the lives of everyone around you. To be able to survive the invasion of zombies in Flat Zombies safely, players need to master the job. There are many different game modes in this game, and each mode offers a variety of levels and difficulty levels. Primarily you will have to complete the quick clean mode – save lives and wipe out many corridors.


Flat Zombies is known as the scariest shooting game of all time. In addition to protecting lives against dangerous life, especially at night, zombies often appear and eat live people. To be able to fight those hideous zombie waves, players need to choose the right weapon to confront. Hundreds of different types of guns can support you; you are also allowed to create your own weapons.


The zombie crowd is not just a simple type; they are divided into different levels of ferocity and cruelty. In the first level, you own three lives face simplers of zombies. It is an opportunity for you to challenge as well as practice your ability to use a gun. Zombies are also classified into many ranks; the higher they go, the higher the zombie’s life is upgraded and much harder to kill.


Confidently fight that evil mob with all your confidence and strength. Choose the right gun for each tough match to bring the most honorable victory. Remember, your sniper skills bring different results; each zombie is destroyed, your score will be increased according to the level of the zombie. The more zombies killed, the higher your score will be, especially the shooting skill also affects the score.


As you know, the number of zombies will be multiplied a lot when going through each level. Even if you don’t come up with a good strategy, zombies will be scattered all over the corridors in Flat Zombies, at which point there is no chance of being saved. When you lose the battle, you will die at that level, but the weapon is still of the same quality, still used for the next level. But strengthen your defenses – build barricades throughout your area.


On the street, especially at night, the zombie mobs are increasingly raging without fear of your loud gunshots. You and your teammates – the warriors and doctors in Flat Zombies, will work with you to prevent the development of zombies. When you see your teammates injured, save them immediately if you don’t want the virus to spread quickly, and significantly don’t threaten the lives of the accompanying doctors.


• The number of zombies will increase each corridor;
• At the beginning of the game you are given three lives – three attempts which can be bought to clean up the level;
• After all attempts will be used, you will lose all weapons…

Hospital corridors:

• The number of zombies will increase each corridor;
• The number of zombies will be increased by 1.5;


• One life. One attempt to cleanup a room;
• Health is not restoring;
• Weapons remain after death;


• The number of zombies will increase;
• Bought weapons will be lost after several death;
• Barricade repair;


• The number of zombies will increase;
• One life – one attempt;
• Weapons will remain after death;


• The number of zombies will increase;
• One life – one attempt;
• All weapons are available to you;
• Don’t kill living doctors;


• A crowd of zombies is divided into small groups;
• One life – one attempt;
• Weapons will remain after death;


• All weapons are available;


– Experience the horror of zombies in a variety of unique game modes, especially the cleanup mode – which requires spending as few lives and clearing as many corridors as possible.
– Hundreds of unique weapons help players fight off waves of monstrous zombies, especially players who are allowed to create their own special weapons based on the obtained items.
– The zombie crowd is classified according to many different ranks; the higher they go, their cruelty and lives will be upgraded, making it difficult for you to destroy them.
– Regularly practice your sniping skills before going to war because your sniper skills will affect the final outcome – which will help you move up the leaderboard.
– Strengthen the defenses around your area by building barricades with bulletproof devices or items engraved with zombie life.

4.1 5622 total


  • • Shotguns: mixing different cartridges;
  • • Settings: added parameter «Shoot dead bodies»;
  • • Bow arrow bug fixes;
  • • Zombies bug fixes;
  • • Minor graphic fixes;
  • • Settings: added Chinese language;

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