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App Name Dust Settle 3D (One Hit Kill) v2.11 Dust Settle 3D (One Hit Kill) v2.11 is the most famous version in the Dust Settle 3D (One Hit Kill) v2.11 series of publisher Mint X Games
Publisher Mint X Games
Genre Arcade
Size 64MB
Version v2.11
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  • One Hit Kill

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Dust Settle 3D is a free space shooting game with simple controls and easy gameplay. You will use your fingertips to hit and destroy all kinds of space dust with your spaceship. Also, remember to develop spaceships, weapons to fend off galactic invaders and collect coins to build and equip your space force.

Dust Settle 3D – Space War is a well-made and very attractive game in the style of Space Shooter games from the arcade category, which is available for free with in-app payment on Google Play and is available to Android users around the world. . The Chinese studio Zhenrongbin has been responsible for the development of this game. This game, which has been released with the full name of Dust Settle 3D-Infinity Space Shooting Arcade Game, is introduced for the first time in Iran by PepperTech. You can get its latest update along with its modded version from this article and experience a classic and attractive nostalgia of an arcade title on your Android mobile or tablet. So far, hundreds of different games have been published in the same style, and the common feature of almost all of them is two-dimensional or two-and-a-half-dimensional designs. But Dust Settle 3D-Infinity Space Shooting Arcade Game, unlike these games, has 3D modeling that creates a different feeling of this game and provides you with a special experience of a space shooter game. In this game, you, as a hero, have to stand against the invasion of aliens and destroy them! You are in control of a military spaceship called Dust Raid. This ship is known for its high power and ability to destroy enemies! You have to take control of it and go to your enemies, who are alien forces, and fight them in the galaxy in an exciting and action-packed gameplay.

🚀Most Intriguing Space Shooter Game 🏆
🚀Coolest 3D Space Exploration Game🏆
🥇1st Space Adventure Arcade Game🥇
🚨🚨”Warning! Space alien invaders attack! 👾 Warning! Dust Raid! 💥💥This is not a drill, this is Alien Invasion!!”⚠️🚨🚨
“Code Red! 🔴Space Dust has spread throughout the galaxy and have become the main threaten to all systems! We need you to defend the galaxy against invaders and clear all the dust!”
“Shoot and Blast the dust with your fingertip! “💥🔫
🚀Dust Settle 3D – Infinity Space Shooting Arcade Game is a free space shooter game. Tap with your fingertip to destroy all sorts of space dust. Don’t get hit by the galaxy dust, dodge and shoot them with your spaceship. Remember to develop your spaceship, weapons and collect coins to build and armed your space force. Ride your own fighter to defeat the evil alien forces.
There are many different kinds of space alien invaders 👽👽👽lurking around the galaxy, seeking the opportunity to invade inhabited planets. The whole galaxy is on the verge of space war, human against aliens. Caption Falcon🦅, Commander of Galactica, is gathering his elite space squad. Join Falcon’s squad and do your best to keep back the enemies from the Outer Rim.
“Shoot ’em up! Upgrade your squad with different weapons and blast through swarms of enemies! “


🌟Various Type of Dust: Normal Dust, Elite Dust, Mini Boss, Super Boss.
🚀🛩Lots of 3D Fighter Aircraft & Spaceships: Every ship has its own skill. With higher levels, your fighters and spaceships can unlock more powerful skills.
🎮 Amazing Space Gaming Experience: Get different super power through different items. You can also get fire support from your wingman or super fire power items to help you destroy all invaders and dust in an instant.
ⒻFriendly Advice: Stay away from the red skull items, it will weaken your power and strength, make the enemies more difficult to destroy.
😲No In-app Purchase Required: The game is balanced so that you can played and get stronger day by day. NO PAYMENT REQUIRED but spend some in-app power items would save your time to go further.
🎇 Extraordinary Visual Art: Vivid graphic, Authentic 3D spaceship and spectacular explosion effect to take you back to galactica time.


Space Dust has spread across the galaxy and has become the main threat to the entire system. So you will become the hero in this game to save the universe from this danger. When the invading dust swarms threaten the entire universe, you will step aboard the modern spaceship of the figure and wipe out the enemies, starting to enjoy the epic shooting experience. You have to try to blow away the enormous clouds of space dust that are flying toward you with different types of cannons with different powers.

Besides, you will discover many exciting levels with engaging gameplay that excite you. At the same time, you can upgrade your spaceships to make them more capable in battles and help you shoot down all enemies. Moreover, you also have to master your shooting skills and strategy to defeat the enemy effectively. You will be immersed in beautiful space travel with exciting battles to bring peace to your planet.


This universe contains several distinct sorts of dust, including normal dust, elite dust, mini-bosses, and formidable bosses. In addition, there are a variety of fighters to choose from. Each ship can have a unique ability, and it can receive energy from a variety of sources that can help you boost the power of your fighter. You can also acquire more abilities for the spaceship and receive assistance from energy items, which will aid you in quickly destroying any dirt that gets in your way.


The chaotic galaxy is crammed with evil creatures, so it’s up to you to save the universe from threat and bring peace to all of humanity. You will choose your fighters and rally them to defend the galaxy. You will slide your finger to maneuver the spaceship to clear all the dirt and kill all the enemies with ease. Moreover, the simple engine and gameplay will take you to many different areas to explore exciting things. The game will also tell you exactly how much HP is left of each enemy so you can calculate your strength and firepower to attack them and come up with an appropriate move strategy.


You will participate in epic levels in Dust Settle 3D with many different levels. You will take part in exciting shooting challenges and point your guns at enemies in exciting matches. After completing the assigned task, you will be recorded achievements and receive special rewards. Those rewards can be special abilities or items for you to upgrade your spaceship-like defense, attack, or maneuver. You will enjoy extraordinary experiences and get many superpowers to develop your battleship. From there, you will use those available or rewarded powers to fight and fight all kinds of dust and other powerful enemies.


  • The engine gameplay is simple and engaging for you to enjoy: slide your finger to maneuver the spaceship and destroy all the enemies with ease and protect your galaxy.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics with a wonderful cosmic world: realistic, smooth visual effects to bring you exciting experiences combined with fun and catchy background music.
  • The game is entirely free and does not require the use of the Internet, but you can still participate in many challenging battles with dusty enemies for you to enjoy in your free time.
  • You can get many items and bonuses: boosters or objects that power up your spaceship and increase your firepower and defense for you to experience.
  • You will face many different types of enemies: normal dust, elite dust, small boss, or powerful boss. Upgrade your spaceship with effective attack and maneuverability to your satisfaction.


👉Swipe your finger to move your spaceship to clear all dust and kill all enemies.
👉Collect items and gold to upgrade your fighters and spaceships, fire power and weapons.

The galaxy is chaotic, dangerous and full of evil creatures. We need you to eliminate threats and bring peace to the galaxy! Now choose your fighter, prepare your spaceship and to guarding the peace of Galaxy!

Motive, easy and engaging gameplay. Fun and Easy to play, destroy space dust anywhere and anytime; get the most fun out of your breaks! If you are a fan of Ace Squad, Galagtica, Strikers, you are going to enjoy this space shooter game with no doubt.
✊🏻 Play Dust Settle 3D! Join Falcon’s space squad🦅! Protect the Galaxy from the invaders and space dust!
✊🏻Show your Integrity and Strength! Commit to save the galaxy without hesitation!

Enjoy the 3D infinity space shooting totally for free!
Enjoy the combats and battles in the perfect air combat classic arcade game!
Let us be the guardian of the Galaxy, fight against alien invaders and space dust in this endless space round by round!

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  • ● A lot of money
  • ● Remove ads

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