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App Name Driving School 2017 Mod 5.0 Driving School 2017 Mod 5.0 is the most famous version in the Driving School 2017 Mod 5.0 series of publisher Ovidiu Pop
Publisher Ovidiu Pop
Genre Racing
Size 49M
Version 5.0
Read 87 views
Price: $0
MOD Info
  • Unlimited Money/Vehicles

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Driving School 2017 is a massively multiplayer online game that creates vibrant, pulsing, and fun-filled environments for cars fans. Meanwhile, the game has no single-player or offline progression, as it features pure online sessions with large-scale players with a chaotic atmosphere. For that reason, it comes with a lot of exciting content to diversify the gameplay and the player’s experience, giving them more profound explorations to the driving simulator.

Driving School 2017 can be considered as one of the most realistic, beautiful and different driving and car simulation games for devices with Android operating system. And we, as usual, decided to introduce it to you for the first time in Iran, and to delight you, the fans of car racing games and driving simulators, once again! In Driving School 2017, you have to do the same real-world tasks such as fastening your seat belt, guiding, and in order to earn high scores; That’s an attractive feature, isn’t it? True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. Naturally, you will not have an easy task when you have to pay attention to all the components of the car! In general, in this game, you drive in the city and entertain yourself for hours! If you are a fan of simulation racing games, not experiencing Driving School 2017 can be a big sin; A work that, due to its positive features, has led us to label it a “special offer”; If you are not interested in this style, we recommend Driving School 2017 because you might be interested in the world of simulation racing games with it! The game is a significant improvement over its previous version and we recommend it to all lovers of car racing games and Android simulator!

Driving School 2017 is the newest driving simulator that will teach you to drive many different cars. Driving School 2017 features some amazing environments like cities, country roads, highways, deserts, mountains, etc…
You can learn to drive a manual transmission with clutch and stick shift or keep to the classic automatic gearbox. Use a virtual steering wheel or many other control options that suit your needs. Gain more knowledge of the road rules with this intuitive driving simulator.
Play with your friends in new racing and free ride multiplayer modes.
More than 80 levels with different driving conditions are waiting for you. Show off your driving skills, get your driving license now! Play Driving School 2017!


• Includes about 100 different cars to unlock!
• Includes over 15 maps with fantastic design and high detail!
• Realistic and fantastic touch of your dream cars with high handling!
• Various car, bus and truck certifications to get!
• Includes over 80 challenging levels to overcome!
• Free driving mode for city level cars!
• Multiplayer modes: Racing, Free Ride & Catch the Flag
• Various control modes and gear settings!
• Different weather conditions to make the game look real!
• Support for controllers to play with the gamepad!
• Dozens of new features + fantastic design!
• Nearly 100 vehicles to unlock!
• More than 15 detailed maps
• Smooth and realistic car handling
• Different licenses to take, Car, Bus and Truck
• More than 80 challenging levels
• Free Ride mode
• New Multiplayer Modes: Racing, Free Ride & Catch the Flag
• Detailed vehicle interiors
• Realistic damage system
• Gas System with refilling at gas stations
• Manual Transmission with clutch
• Tilt steering, buttons and touch steering wheel
• Online Leaderboards and Achievements
• Real engine sounds
• Next-Gen weather conditions
• Request new maps and vehicles on our social media pages!
• Controller Support, play with your Gamepad!


Driving School 2017 uses a realistic graphics engine and physics system to give players the most natural feeling of driving multiple vehicles at once. However, when they start their career, the game will feature a diverse series of driving lessons, covering many amazing contents for players to master each vehicle quickly, whether manual or auto. Depending on individual progress, the driving experience and lessons will become superior over time.


The game’s main content is all about giving players effective lessons for agile driving, and it also incorporates many challenges for entertainment. However, everything happens in real-time on online servers, making things more chaotic and complicated in terms of player completion. If the player successfully gets enough points for each course, new challenges or content will open and expand rapidly.

The great thing is that players can use the challenges as a playground against others, and they can hold small contests to see who finishes first. The challenges all want the player to utilize all the driving skills learned so far, including perfect parking, careful driving, and reverse driving. Each type of content is humorous and fun, suitable for many people to entertain and create a fun-filled, friendly, and delightful atmosphere.


The automotive industry is now divided into many distinct categories with diverse features to serve people’s lives. Therefore, Driving School 2017 will bring a diverse vehicle tuning system for players to immerse themselves in the excitement of driving a variety of vehicles based on expensive and famous models. They can also shop for various vehicles and decorate them with outstanding designs from their creativity.


If the player wants to relax or admire the beauty of the special environment in each city, the game introduces the free drive mechanism. It also integrates the online system, so it is suitable for players to gather together or create attractive content to enhance the fun in many locations. Of course, that freedom comes with many magnificent things, which promise to enhance everyone’s driving experience through online activities.


Besides the attractive content in the gameplay, players will admire the pinnacle of the new generation of graphics of the mobile platform. Everything is designed to be vivid and vibrant, with various weather effects and random things that make everything resource-rich and worthwhile. Moreover, the vehicle’s interior is designed with great detail, making it potential content for players to enjoy fully.

Driving School 2017 is a playground where car enthusiasts often exchange or organize small events to supplement everyone’s atmosphere. Best of all, the gameplay and content both have depth and continually expand based on the player’s progress, giving them more potential to experience the driving simulator genre.


  • – First download and install the installation file.
  • – Download the game data file and decompress it. Copy the com.ovilex.drivingschool2017 folder to the Android / Obb path of the device’s internal storage.
  • – Run the game.

4.4 660,283 total


  • - Challenge mode available!
  • - New 2019 Cars available!
  • - Special Package offers!
  • - Bug Fixing!

Mod Info:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Vehicles
  • No ADS

Download Driving School 2017 Mod 5.0

Download (49M)
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