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App Name Drag Battle 2 Race World Mod (Free Rewards) v0.99.09 Drag Battle 2 Race World Mod (Free Rewards) v0.99.09 is the most famous version in the Drag Battle 2 Race World Mod (Free Rewards) v0.99.09 series of publisher Ice Storm
Publisher Ice Storm
Genre Racing
Size 165M
Latest Version v0.99.09
Mod Version v0.99.09
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  • Free Rewards
Update March 08, 2022 (2 months ago)
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  • Free Rewards
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Drag Battle 2: Race Wars offers short and demanding drag races that match the performance of the vehicle they’re driving. The player will need to continuously increase the vehicle’s speed by shifting the correct timing and speed. At the same time, the number of cars that players can own is completely diverse, and they all need different parts to improve their performance.

Drag Battle 2: Race Wars – Drag 2: Race Wars is the title of the second official game in the series of popular and well-made Drag Battle games from the Russian studio Ice Storm in the racing style of Drag competitions. Which was created and released after the popularity of the first part, Drag Battle Racing, which was renamed Drag Battle after the release of the second part. This time, we are proud to be the first Iranian Android website to offer this game for free download and testing, and we have provided the latest original version along with a separate mod version for download. If you are familiar with the famous Racing style games, especially Drag style games, you will surely know the best titles in this field well. The Drag Battle series may not be as popular as the CSR Racing or Forza Street games, but it should be noted that among the dozens of different Drag style games, the Drag Battle franchise is one of the best. In this game, we are faced with modern designs and we see attractive features of an evolved Drag style game in which the efforts of the creators and learning from the problems of competitors’ games are evident. Be with NulledAndroid with the introduction and general review of this fascinating game.

If you loved playing kid cars, this game will teach you real speed! In Drag Battle 2: Race Wars only you decide what your sports car should be. No more restrictions on the type of engine, superchargers and racing parts. No fuel restrictions. Your garage, your rules, your rebel racing!



Players experience drag racing in Drag Battle 2: Race Wars, where speed and performance determine the outcome, and everyone must strive to be the winner. The race is only two people, so you need to be the superior one. At the same time, this game does not require too much of the player’s control skills but will observe and press shift accurately to improve speed. Therefore, there are many interesting points that you cannot ignore in this game.

Drag is one of the favorite racing modes because of its easy-to-access mechanics and the often-quick timing of a race. Your car will continuously point forward, and on your screen, it is the nitro button and the shift button. At the same time, the shift button is the button that improves the speed factor and will be performed continuously in the game until your car reaches the finish line. There are many factors that players will need to take care of and unlock.


When starting the race of Drag Battle 2: Race Wars, you will see two cars standing in the same place, and the time will begin to count down. At the same time, you will need to press the accelerator so that the clock hands can reach the green area on the speedometer of the game. You have to make sure it stays in place, and if successful, you should get a good starting speed. At the same time, anyone wants to see a perfect signal that the player is increasing the speed correctly.

The hand will continuously increase in proportion to the vehicle’s speed, and you will need to repeatedly press shift every time the hand reaches the green area. That completely means improving the speed of the car precisely and continuously. At the same time, nitro energy can help you get ahead of your opponents, and keeping a distance between the two players is necessary. Each match requires skill and attention from the player.

Any player will need to pay attention to the length of the road they will be traversing as the race does not extend into laps. So if you’re behind, it means you won’t be able to get your chance back, and that’s largely due to the speed and performance of the car. In addition, you should not ignore the rewards you receive if you complete the challenges that this game brings.


Any player wants one point when experiencing a racing game like Drag Battle 2: Race Wars is the cars in the garage. You can find a list with many different locked cars, which will be an incentive for players to participate in the races. At the same time, all vehicles have a common feature: the parts they are equipped with. Parts are not available but will appear from the chests of the game.

These chests have different rewards depending on their qualities, so the better-looking chests will bring you more rewards. At the same time, they also have specific surprise rates because the player cannot know what is inside. You can get new elements to equip the vehicle or collect more fragments for existing ones. From there, if enough components are available, then you can perform upgrades to improve the vehicle’s performance.

Variety of Options
Choose any model from the huge car collection and create a real racing drag monster. Be it an old classics or a modern hypercar. Fill your garage.
Under The Hood
Discover your talent as a tuner and advanced drag mechanic. Absolutely everything can be tuned in the car for a successful racing. From tire pressure and suspension height, to NO2 injection, to drive type and transmission. You will feel the change in the game immediately.
The Pumping System
Once you win a drag battle, you get a box that may contain money, boosters, and parts cards. Keep upping the ante: pump up your parts levels and upgrade your league to get epic rewards.
Speed and Afterburner
Don’t forget to turn on turbo mode to keep your rival behind. Use the spares to the max. After all, this is not drift, and all you have in the game is 1/4 mile of distance and the nitro button!
Epic Personal Settings
For connoisseurs of beautiful things, we prepared professional tuning and a lot of styling elements that will allow you to make your automobile unique and inimitable. Many options for coloring, realistic physics and the level of graphics will not let get bored in the game. Gloss that reflects the asphalt of the track, or matte paint for an intimidating look of a sports car – only you decide.
Real Time Street Racing
Compete with real players from all over the world online in our drag simulator absolutely free. Enter your name into the hall of fame of the best racers and mechanics on the planet. Put your sports car on the podium. After the race you can see the rival’s car, and how he pumped it. Then make your one better and faster and win the online race in the battle of the cars.
New Modes and Tracks
Fascinating online championships with a variety of regulations, all kinds of gaming activities, simulation tracks and tasks will plunge you into the drag racing universe.
Clan Features and Tuning Club Online
Join clans, look at other players’ cars, request spare parts, unique cards and chat about how best to tune up your suspension or transmission. Confident in yourself? Then create your own outlaw’s clan.
Constant Improvements
We improve the game every day. If you have any suggestions what to do better or what parts to introduce, or maybe you want monster truck or drift mode, please let us know.

Is the forbidden speed heat up the adrenaline during street racing? Does the asphalt melt from tire burnout? So get your best car and win the challenge. We confidently say that such car simulator games you have not yet seen. Stunning realistic graphics and new experiences are waiting for you. There are many drag racing games in the world but only one of them is Drag Battle.

Challenging races are waiting for players:

  • Drag races are all about speed, so the performance of the vehicle you’re driving plays an important role.
  • The hand will move in proportion to the vehicle’s speed, and you will press shift at the right time to improve the speed.
  • The nitro system is an element that gives your car a temporary speed boost and helps to create a distance from the opponent in a short time.
  • Players cannot ignore the cars in the game’s garage, and they all need to have elements to help improve their performance.
  • There will be many rewards in the chest that the player receives, including equipment parts for cars and can be upgraded over time.

Note: In the game mode version, you will receive an infinite prize without seeing the ads.

3.8 2,493 total


  • Race win reward doubled
  • Added new and extended old achievements
  • Car model fixes
  • Fixed getting cars from collections.

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