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App Name Dirt Trackin 2 (Skins Unlocked) v1.8.1 Dirt Trackin 2 (Skins Unlocked) v1.8.1 is the most famous version in the Dirt Trackin 2 (Skins Unlocked) v1.8.1 series of publisher Bennett Racing Simulations, LLC
Publisher Bennett Racing Simulations, LLC
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Size 170M
Version v1.8.1
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  • Skins Unlocked

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Do you have an appointment this weekend? What do you think about a thrilling racing ride right at your home! Dirt Trackin 2 will take you into the world of the world’s best racers. You will be surprised at the grandiose scale and the professionalism that is no different from the real world. The opportunity to become a racer of the universe has arrived at your fingertips. Embrace it and join the racing community for the best experience.

Dirt Trackin 2 – Offroad car racing is a beautiful and entertaining game in the style of car racing games from Bennett Racing Simulations, LLC game studio for Android devices, which is offered for money on Google Play and at the request of dear users, the latest As always, the version has been published completely free of charge on our site. What can be done in racing games other than riding a car? So no need to explain. All you have to do in Dirt Trackin 2 is drive cars and race! Of course in the offroad space! Dirt Trackin 2 has mediocre graphics compared to its size. Of course, we definitely expected better graphics from a game with 123 MB! The design graphics of the cars are not good at all, but the creators of the game environment and animations have designed it well. Fortunately, it can be said that the gameplay slightly reduces the bad graphics. The music of the game is beautiful and adds to the excitement of the game. Dirt Trackin 2 has a little variety in its car section and only 5 car models are included in it! All of this becomes important when we realize that the game is paid and costs about $ 4! If the game was free, it would not be much criticized and the creators of the game blamed for some problems, but a paid game should definitely have a series of special features to distinguish it from free games and make gamers buy Slow down! Features that are rarely seen in Dirt Trackin 2 and leave us a little disappointed!

We’ve overhauled the engine to get you the latest cutting-edge physics and stunning 3D graphics for our high horsepower thrilling sport.
Dirt Trackin 2 features all the fun elements in the original version and more.


• A full Race Weekend includes Time Trials, Heats, and A-Main races.
• 5 car models: Super Late Model, Crate Late Model, A-Mod, B-Mod and Street Stock
• Real-world and fictional tracks.
• Real World and fictional drivers.
• 5-Cup Career mode
• Customizable cars
• 3 control schemes
• Adjustable AI strength including an insane mode
• Highly competitive AI
• Real-time competitive Multiplayer
• Full-featured 120 Online Race Events


You will not regret choosing this as an environment to show your talents. Dirt Trackin 2 is constantly improving to bring the most interesting things to players. One of them is the automatic interface change feature. You can customize the interface screen according to your preferences. After each race in the events, you will receive DNF. You gradually accumulate the skins collection. It is especially not duplicated with any other racer.


Your personality is not only reflected in the interface but it is also known through each car. They are your strongest warriors, helping you to win competitions. Dirt Trackin 2 offers players, 5 different car models. A few prominent names are regularly selected, such as Super Late Model, Crate Late Model, etc. However, A-Mod, B-Mod, and Street Stock are not medium. Each type of car always has its own advantages, so it depends on the situation you choose the most suitable for.

The racing car is like your own son. It is carefully taken care of by you from the wheel to every parameter related to the engine. You can customize all the inherent characteristics of the car, taking them to the next level from the outside to the inside, including color, shape, vehicle parameters. Therefore, your racing car collection always changes with the season, according to your mood.


This is a world where you can master the day and night cycle. A bright sunny day can turn into a starry night in the blink of an eye with just a light touch. This is a racing timing selection feature. Dirt Trackin 2 allows players to have two options, day and night. With this hot summer, a cool night with a blue-black tone as the main color will bring you the most pleasant feeling to focus on fighting.


The professionalism in each race is clearly shown through the race tracks. The racetracks are designed exactly like real tournaments, with thousands of spectators in the stands cheering and cheering enthusiastically. The referee combined with the straight camera system on the track will give you the most general third-person perspective. From there, it is easy to track opponents and come up with the right racing strategy. In particular, this is a dirt track that brings a sense of authenticity and closeness to the player.


You can excitedly invite your friends to race with you through multiplayer mode. All car races will be connected online with them. An opportunity for you to show off your top racing talent for your close friends to admire and admire. Besides, if you want to challenge and upgrade your level even more, besides playing with friends from all over the world, you can challenge AI. Its power has always been formidable from the moment it appeared, and its competitiveness is always at the top of the rankings.


Your level is clearly shown through the competition rankings. After each event, it always appears as praise for your efforts. Horaces give you even more motivation to constantly learn and beat other racers on the next many s in the defeated race stages. In addition, it also has material trophies—specifically, professional mode 5 gold cups.


On the racetrack, you will certainly not avoid bad incidents. A light touch with the car rivals, whether accidentally or intentionally, also are made carpet scratches, toothless distorted shape. A sharp turn, brake, dirt, obstacles do not hesitate but follow your car to the end. Therefore, after each racing event, it is time for you to clean up and restore the beauty of your racing car.

The sound system appearing in Dirt Trackin 2 makes you even more enthusiastic and enthusiastic on the track. In addition to the audience’s cheers, the sounds emitted with eloquent tones make your heart stop beating when near the finish line. Combined with beautiful 3D graphics brings aracing scene dramatic and fierce.

4.6 3,270 total


  • Bug fixes. Improved AI in rolling starts at Elbows Up, Elbows Up Slick and Floodplains.

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