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App Name Defense Legend 4 (Menu/Damage, Money) Mod v1.0.55 Defense Legend 4 (Menu/Damage, Money) Mod v1.0.55 is the most famous version in the Defense Legend 4 (Menu/Damage, Money) Mod v1.0.55 series of publisher GCenter
Publisher GCenter
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Version v1.0.55
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Being the next part of the series Games Defense Legend, Defense Legend 4 gives Players full of new interesting experiences. In this part, our defense system has had a great development and modern equipment meanwhile the Dark Force also has come back strongly and cruelly. Defense Legend 4 will contain new experiences that players have never had in any Tower Defense games due to its unique sci-fi concepts. In this game, players must combine many abilities to build the most powerful defenses to block all attacks. Meanwhile, players can control their spaceships to support ground units and destroy everything with high-tech weapons.


In this part, the war between the Human and the Dark moved to a fierce new phase. In previous parts, Human found out the way to stop and defeat The Dark’s attacks. However, the Dark having cunning schemes always changes and develops after each of their failures. Battle in Defense Legend 4 is a maximum challenge for the followers of Defense Legend.
The Dark will send a large and powerful army to attack fully to our strategic bases. They attack from all sides from the air, land and underground… Besides extremely modern weapons, the Dark also uses magic enhancing their strength to destroy Human’ bases.


The first impression that Defense Legend 4 wants to introduce to players is the fierce and complex battlefields; even the first level of the player still embraces the chaos. All enemies appear in a rush from time to time, and giant bosses with many abilities will put up a fight, scaring players in the face of loss. However, everything is closely linked, and players will need perfect strategies to prevail and win.


Thanks to the fierceness that each battlefield brings, players can build different towers in any position they feel suitable. The combination of turret clusters and their abilities will make the defense strong and deal great damage with different enemies. Because of that, players must make the most of ​​​​the construction area to have the best defensive effects in many different rounds.


Defense Legend 4 will introduce a variety of game modes to diversify gameplay and give players a variety of new experiences. New game modes can make the rules different, creating more limits, but there are many new mechanics with rich rewards for them to thrive in the long run. The game also regularly updates with new content every week to thicken the diversity on a new scale.


The diversity of towers is a preeminent feature for players to make the most of for future defenses. Based on individual progress, they can unlock more new variations of each upgrade and then directly apply the new foundations in wars when the budget is sufficient. Building and developing towers is important as they have greater strength and help the player defend the line with better stats and effects.


Besides the towers, the player will control a small spaceship to support many positions and use many skills or highly destructive features. Also, they need to upgrade the spaceship to become more valuable, like changing the weapon system or equipment to show absolute support for the ground unit. Above all, the player also has to take on the fronts in the air, preventing the enemy from using dirty tricks to attack the base.


High difficulty levels often throw at players countless enemies on the ground, but Defense Legend 4 is famous for its ability to design classic and big bosses. They all have unique and epic appearances, even constantly creating surprises for players when their army moves below. The battle with bosses is always a complex challenge, promising to bring a lot of feelings and absolute excitement.

Defense Legend 4 uses sci-fi concepts and large-scale warfare to create a new feel for the tower defense genre and give players the most exhilarating exploration. In addition, its content and gameplay continuously expand in-depth, giving players many options to develop the most effective and superior strategy for future battles.

Defense Legend 4 requests players to focus highly and give good strategies to defeat the Dark’s troops
★ Two heroes fight directly. Players are supported fully from the superhero team equipped more modernly.
★ Upgrade strongly cannons, develop special skills.
★ Various territories such as deserts and forests and iced lands. Each kind of territories gives different challenges.
★ Various strategies such as air forces, land and underground…
★ A lot of modes

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Download Defense Legend 4 (Menu/Damage, Money) Mod v1.0.55

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