Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Mod (God Mode, Money) v3.5.0

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App Name Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Mod (God Mode, Money) v3.5.0 Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Mod (God Mode, Money) v3.5.0 is the most famous version in the Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Mod (God Mode, Money) v3.5.0 series of publisher Mobirate
Publisher Mobirate
Genre Strategy
Size 102MB
Version v3.5.0
Read 103 views
Price: $0
MOD Info
  • Coins and Money increases when spent!

Download Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Mod (God Mode, Money) v3.5.0

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Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is a popular and exciting game in the style of action-strategy games from Mobirate Ltd game development studio for Android devices, which is offered for free on Google Play, and at your request, we have decided to release the latest version at the same time as its release. Introduce your presence and make you happy again! In Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare, all you have to do is resist the zombie attack, fight for your salvation and freedom, and become the number one zombie killer! Destroy bunches of zombies, get the resources you need, look for other survivors and most importantly leave an unforgettable legacy! Protect your base with claws and teeth and do not let the zombies pass through the fences you have drawn around! Form a team of fighters and send them one by one to the battlefield with the zombies! Get rid of the zombies by any means possible, no matter if you attack them with a sword and tear them to pieces, shoot them, set them on fire or use a group of Molotov cocktails and grenades. Get rid of them! Any method to destroy zombies is allowed, whether direct or explosive methods or covert methods! In Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare, show that you are a man of the field and you can clear the zombies from everywhere! Be creative and win by choosing the right fighters and putting them together. Use defensive and offensive tactics in a timely manner, and of course remember to block the zombies from advancing when necessary. Remember that zombies do not have mercy on anyone, so do not have mercy on them and attack them with the last power of your fire! If you are a fan of action games, this game will undoubtedly attract your attention! Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is quite a famous and successful game in the game market from the publisher Mobirate. The zombie theme is always ideal for many blockbuster movies or popular multiplayer games, and this game is no exception. Coming to the game, you will be no stranger to its gameplay because it is also about killing zombies like other games. But not only that, there will be many exciting things that the game brings waiting for you to discover.


Instead of as before, you will only get used to controlling just one or two characters to fight off zombies; with Dead Ahead, you will have to control an entire army to create a perfect battle formation. That also means that the game’s difficulty will increase because managing such a large army at once is quite challenging. But don’t worry too much because the game will guide you step by step from easy to difficult so you can get used to the game easily. Your job is simply to create a great squad with the perfect combination of strength and a good strategy.

Building yourself a good squad is not too complicated because the game will provide you with the 3 most basic types of soldiers: melee soldiers, short-range gunners, and long-range gunners. Because each type of soldier will have a different ability and strength, you can consider choosing the right one for your squad. If you have a good strategy, you can arbitrarily combine these types of soldiers together without worrying about the deviation. Always take the time to learn about the soldiers in your squad to know each of their pros and cons.


You must know one thing that what is standing in front of you are terrifying and dangerous zombies, not creatures without brains as you think. Be careful because they have no brain, but in return, they have the ability to run very quickly and are extremely sensitive, so they can rush in and attack you at any time. Your mission is to protect your life and that of your teammates, so be alert in all situations. After each level, both the number of soldiers in the team and each person’s strength will increase. But don’t be happy because the zombies will be like your team and will be getting stronger and stronger in both strength and number. Every time any soldier in your team dies while fighting, right now, the zombies will also increase one more. There will be more and more of them, and in addition, there will be many other skills.


Different soldiers will have different ways to use their skills, such as some will use sticks and others will mainly use guns. However, it will be a bit inconvenient to shoot zombies for snipers because it will take a long time. Although they move slowly, in return, the damage per bullet fired is very high, so it will kill zombies within a note.



Resist and defy the evil undead in this new tactical survival sequel of Dead Ahead!
Fight for freedom and become a fearless slayer of the undead in one of the funnest survival
games of the year! Kill raid after raid of zombies, collect supplies, look for survivors and
most importantly… create your own legacy!


Defend your bus and endure opponents scarier than any devil or demon! Break through
barricades while you slaughter the corrupt corpses. Gather your team of gladiators and send
them one by one into battle! Use any means necessary to ward off the horde of pixel crazed
flesh eaters! Slash, shoot or burn the dead with barrels, Molotov cocktails and grenades. Be
direct and explosive or stealth kill your opponents.


Show that you have real steel to conquer the maps! Be creative and combine different types
of units to win! Use tactically offensive and defensive moves to kill all the zombies and the
barricades! Be creative and assault them for maximum bloodshed. Remember – the rising
dead won’t make it easy for you.


Collect items, earn experience and complete quests to upgrade your units and vehicles. The
more gear you get, the more zombies you will be able to take on! Become the ultimate slayer
of the undead! Banish the banshees to eternal hell! Contrast your high score with other

In addition to the number of health and gold shown at the top of the two corners of the game, there is also another stat called the courage stat. This stat will measure whether your team can put pressure on the zombies or not. This stat will fill up when your team overwhelms the zombies and kills them before they take you down. And now your team will also win this round.

Dead Ahead will be the perfect choice for those who love the zombie fighting genre but want to experience completely new gameplay. You will also be surprised that the graphics in the game are enjoyable, with the characters designed in a cute chibi style. The sound effects are also extremely lively that will keep you hooked on the game.

* Blood-and-guts action-strategy game with a sense of humor
* No hiding in the shade! The undead WILL come for you!
* Resist against the onslaught of zombies and keep your bus safe at all costs!
* A huge world with numerous locations
* Plenty of survivor units and zombies
* Upgrades, special items and optional quests
* FUN!”


Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is online and offline.

4.6 610,237 total


  • An improved Team Powers system for:
  • - three units, now you need to have 3 unique units on the field;
  • - two Marines, now Private Rodriguez attacks without pause;
  • - three Mechanic in the Scuffle, now Welder has a 100% chance to spawn a Turret;
  • - three Northerners, now Team Powers system affects units that belong to Northerners.
  • Fixed some UI bugs and game crashes.

Download Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Mod (God Mode, Money) v3.5.0

Download (102MB)
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