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App Name Dawnblade Mod v0.9.5 Dawnblade Mod v0.9.5 is the most famous version in the Dawnblade Mod v0.9.5 series of publisher MonsterScope Studios
Publisher MonsterScope Studios
Genre Role Playing
Size Varies with device
Version v0.9.5
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Dawnblade will be a perfect choice if you are looking for a role-playing action game to entertain after a long tiring day. Attractive gameplay combined with beautiful graphics promises to bring you experiences that can only be found in this game. Become brave warriors and engage in battles with ferocious monsters searching for a rare and long-lost treasure.

**DAWNBLADE requires minimum 3GB RAM, and at least 2GB Free Disk Space**

Please be aware this is in BETA so there will be some features that are still incomplete. You may also experience unexpected bugs or issues in the game.

Dawnblade is an Action RPG where you can loot dungeons, battle diabolical monsters, evolve pets, find treasures, and forge legendary equipment on an epic journey to reclaim the mythical weapon known as the ‘Dawnblade’.


Dawnblade will be set in the world when magic is used almost everywhere, which also leads to power struggles between nations. Around, there will be people who dare to stand up to fight for good. And you will transform into one of those powerful warriors and protect your innocent people.

It is rumored that a legendary treasure called “Dawnblade” has been lost for a long time and is located somewhere in mysterious lands that no one has ever set foot on. It will be the only thing that can help you possess an endless source of strength to confront the wicked. However, on the way, monsters will appear in the way, and you will have to use all the skills you have to destroy them.


Unlike other games because Dawnblade’s pacing is quite fast and can make you overwhelmed from the first time you enter the battle. But don’t worry too much as you can become a professional player in a short amount of time. You must be very skillful in controlling so that the character can smoothly avoid monsters’ attacks.

Especially the game will divide the character into three different roles: mage, swordmaster, and gunner. Each role will have a unique skill as well as its own fighting style, so you need to choose to suit your abilities. You will use the available skill sets of each character and combine them to create powerful combos to increase damage when hitting enemies.


Later on, the game’s difficulty will increase, so you also need to upgrade your character to adapt to that harsh environment. Upgrading the character will also help promote strengths as well as increase stats such as defense or attack. Any role-playing fighting game is indispensable for the equipment that comes with the character because it will make your fighting easier.

Not only has the support from the equipment, but you also have companions that will be of great help during the battle with the monsters. The companions here will be pets with solid shapes and help you deal more damage to the opponent. You will gain them through battles, and in each match will only bring a maximum of 2 pets to support you.


• Explore dozens of immersive fantasy dungeons
• Deep inventory & skill systems
• Over 10,000 customizable equipment set combinations
• Tons of quests with special rewards to collect
• Collect and evolve battle pets


  • The game with gameplay is built in the role-playing action genre with very high attractiveness suitable for leisure time.
  • The most crucial final task that the game sets out is to find the treasure that has been lost for many years.
  • To achieve the goal, winning the battles with extremely dramatic monsters will be the only way.
  • Many mighty warriors with the most versatile skills will be used very attractively in the game.
  • Graphics are designed in a beautiful fighting style that promises to bring the best visual experience.

Game installation and running instructions:

  • – First download and install the installation file.
  • – Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.MonsterScope.Dawnblade folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.
  • – Run the game.



If the mode is ready for the new version, this post will be updated.

Discord: https://discord.gg/pWwbuJy
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dawnbladegame


  • Hotfix Update:
  • - Fixed shop issue where pages weren't scrolling
  • - Added a button to copy player ID to clipboard in settings menu

Download Dawnblade Mod v0.9.5

Download (Varies with device)
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