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App Name City Island 4 (Free Shopping) v3.2.1 City Island 4 (Free Shopping) v3.2.1 is the most famous version in the City Island 4 (Free Shopping) v3.2.1 series of publisher Sparkling Society - Build Town City Building Games
Publisher Sparkling Society - Build Town City Building Games
Genre Simulation
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Version v3.2.1
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City Island 4 allows players to participate in dream city-building activities on different islands. Players take on challenges related to arranging accommodation, roads, and jobs for people. The work that generates cash and gold gives you more opportunities to upgrade buildings and expand the city. Linking the islands has been proposed. Grow your city and experience its exciting four-season story.

City Island 4: Sim Town Tycoon is the fourth version of the beautiful City Island municipality game from the Sparkling Society studio for Android, which was released hours ago for free on the Play Store, and we have decided to bring it to you, the game-loving users, at the same time as its release. Let’s introduce municipal and strategic! In the 4th version of the game, just like the previous versions, you have to expand your own island; Build all kinds of buildings for the citizens, create jobs for the people of the island, take advantage of the criticisms and suggestions of the people of your island and create a unique island by creating rivers, railway lines for trains, parks and hundreds of different items. Create custom and entertain yourself for hours! The fourth version has really made significant progress compared to the previous versions, and from them, things like snow and rain and day and night can be added to really induce the feeling of urban development, new buildings; New places mentioned! If you are a fan of city building games, do not miss City Island 4: Sim Town Tycoon under any circumstances, because its wonderful design will attract your attention as a lover of the previous versions.

Play the most popular city building game series on mobile! In this new City Island game, City Island 4- Simulation Town: Expand the Skyline, town building has never been more fun! You’ll be the tycoon to grow a small village on one island into a virtual world on multiple islands. No internet required to play.

Discover new islands, expand your town and city life, keep your citizens happy, manage transportation and enjoy a virtual world full of quests! Join over 50 million players that played the City Island series so far. The game is highly rated for its awesome detailed graphics and realism. Place buildings and decorations strategically to keep the cash flowing and your city growing. Watch your islands come to life, in the snow, rain and sun, night and day! Manage and expand your city on the go – both online and offline playable.

*** With over 85 million downloads and over 10 city building games, Sparkling Society is -despite a small but really passionate team- one of the biggest City Builder Simulation Game developers of the world ***


Following the high rated “City Island 3: Building Sim” town builder game, City Island 4 is the fourth game in a very popular series of city building tycoon games. You start on an empty island with little cash and gold, and then you need to manage and grow your village to a small town or city and even further into a metropolis. If you like city buildings games, with 300+ awesome buildings with extreme detail, City Island 4 is your best choice. Join the world’s most popular building simulation game.

As mayor, you need to solve real life challenges like buildings maintenance, fires, provide services and other community needs to keep your citizens happy, boost your population with parks and decorations, provide transportability with roads, railways with trains, walking paths, canals, docks and cargo ships and solve fun challenges with friends to grow and shape your society.


– More than 250 different items to decorate your city
– A variety of fun missions for you
– Attract citizens by creating parks, trees, railways and buildings
– Collect and earn money through commercial buildings
– All kinds of rewards and different achievements to get
– HD graphics with exciting and excellent sound
– Easy to play building sim game
– Build and decorate beautiful islands of your own archipelago with more than 300 unique items, be creative!
– Fun FREE to play tycoon game
– Tablet support
– HIGH QUALITY graphics
– Intuitive gameplay with challenging tasks, rewards and achievements
– Enjoy fun quests to help you create your own virtual paradise
– Currencies: gold and cash, pirate chests
– Attract citizens with parks, trees, a railway with trains, boats, decorations and community buildings
– Collect profit from your commercial buildings
– Upgrade your city buildings
– Help your citizens and towns village build a city on this exotic island story
– Unlock transport to new islands
– Collect XP and level up to unlock a new building for construction
– Collect dozens of REWARDS while playing
– Expand your city to create more room for constructing more buildings, transport and progress your village to a metropolis with tall buildings
– Speed up construction / upgrade time
– Lots of adventure, pirate chests and quests to unlock
– Expand your city
– Many hours of free fun


Players make basic requests to improve their experience in City Island 4. The system fully captures the reviews left and is always ready to launch with an update that is worth the experience. In order to increase the feeling of excitement, in each login and access to the system, players will discover new features. They highlight the manager’s function and enable you to build a perfect city.

More experience is the main feature of the updates. The system adds new locations to the island collection. You have more options to perform the process of linking the lands together. Expand the land of the city and with it hundreds of options to help you increase your income and assets. As for the update release period, the system will soon notify you in the form of messages or device-specific notifications. Keep an eye on them in your inbox, so you don’t miss anything!


Your city with a starting area of ​​just a small piece of land will be licensed by City Island 4 and raised to a large area. But first, you will have to start with the construction of small areas. Many barren lands will be covered with a new layer of trees, grasslands, or a critical structure. The system will provide buildings for a living, enhancing life, and experiencing pleasure.

Players find designs of buildings in our build content picker. The living area will be distinguished from the entertainment and dining area. The buildings that serve your day-to-day activities will generate income. Every day, the number of coins will be collected and become the idlest money you can earn. Each building will have a certain level, and players need to upgrade the building’s level to get more bonuses for each customer reception.

All buildings are built on islands floating in the sky. City Island 4 allows you to expand the area by opening new islands and starting to build the first buildings. Besides, you can link them by simply dragging and dropping. The lands after linking will be bigger than ever. You will experience real-time right in the game, and the four seasons are clearly shown through the visual design. The screen will show the effects of falling leaves in summer, snowy ground for winter, and different activities created to suit different seasons.


City Island 4 is a series of exciting activities that allow players to use the tools provided to create admirable constructions. Your entire operation in the game is extremely smooth, thanks to the support of a modern technical system. Content will be refreshed into updated versions to help you have more interesting experiences. For the job of creating buildings, developing income, and linking islands, players will create a dream city.


  • Engage in gratifying community work, including building buildings, expanding areas, and tying islands together. Players can improve their income thanks to this work.
  • Implement a system-generated request for levels of buildings. You will have to upgrade the built structures so that they earn more coins during operation.
  • Completing the site clearance steps to start new construction, you will build a distinctive architectural building with a variety of exciting blueprints and development strategies.
  • To expand the city area, you are provided with new islands to explore by the system. Sometimes the links will help you quickly manage this large city.
  • Create jobs for people and start a new life with remarkable changes. Their income will contribute to your pocket to create capital to build other buildings.

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Download City Island 4 (Free Shopping) v3.2.1

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