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App Name ChocoboGP' (Free Upgrades, Speed) v1.8 ChocoboGP' (Free Upgrades, Speed) v1.8 is the most famous version in the ChocoboGP' (Free Upgrades, Speed) v1.8 series of publisher SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
Publisher SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.
Genre Racing
Size 108M
Version v1.8
Read 69 views
Price: $0
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  • Free Upgrades, Speed

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ChocoboGP’ offers players the exciting journey of following Chocobo and Alta as they travel through various locations to find treasure. Multiple challenges will require you to control the two characters to move carefully and dodge the obstacles ahead. At the same time, the number of upgrade elements will make it easier to move through many different terrains.

◆Two easy controls to reach the goal! Use Chocobo’s dash or back commands to get to the finish line. But be careful! If you lose your balance, you’ll drop the treasures you collected! Be sure to gather them up and regain your balance.
◆Customize your rollers! Every time you clear the stage requirements, you’ll receive coins. Use coins to unleash the true potential of your rollers! Play each stage as many times as you need to get your balance. You’ll be surprised what customizations give you peak performance!
◆Ghost and Ranking options! Play against a ghost to try and beat your own record! With the Google Play Games ranking function, you can check out who’s top of the scoreboard. Try to beat the scores of your friends and other users around the world.
◆A variety of obstacles in each stage! Watch out for the drop-offs! And the bridges! And…the fat Chocobo blocking your path!? Use all the tricks at your disposal to get past the obstacles in your way.


Chocobo and his trusty moogle partner, Atla, are off in search of treasure.
Suddenly, a shadowy figure overtakes them from behind and steals all the treasure they collected! Oh no!
Chocobo quickly dons the beat-up roller skates he happened across to give chase over mountains, through valleys, and more!
Little did the two treasure hunters know that this chance encounter would lead them on a brand new adventure…


The two main characters that the player will follow in ChocoboGP’ are Chocobo and his partner, Alta, and they are on a journey to find treasure. After the treasure hunt was successful, problems continued to arise and required them to use roller skates to get out of the current area. At the same time, your job is to ensure that the movement of the two characters does not have any problems and the diamonds do not fall out.

This game’s control method is completely simple with just two left or right arrow buttons, which help Chocobo and Alta move. At the same time, they can even decide whether two characters will fall forward or backward in some cases. It is important and needs to be correctly done to not fall or the diamonds fall out. So there will be challenges that you will try to overcome.


In ChocoboGP’, players will try to move between different terrains, and sure enough, your ultimate goal is to move to the finish line, and if there is a problem, the game will stop. It can be said that the environment in this game is completely not as flat as in your imagination, and sometimes if you are not careful, the two characters can easily fall or fall into the pit. You can also find other obstacles that make you careful.

There are many obstacles that players find in this game, and they all have different characteristics and sizes. You will move on round iron barrels, and of course, they will create an imbalance in controlling the two characters. At the same time, wooden crates can appear in different numbers and block your movement. So for sure, you will find ways to solve them to reach the finish line quickly.

Many factors make players want to play a specific level again, such as falling diamonds. In some cases, when two characters lose their balance, the number of diamonds will fall, and the maximum number of diamonds that can be held is seven. One more great point is that you can pick up these diamonds before they disappear entirely. In addition, do not let the two characters fall during the move.


Many problems can arise in ChocoboGP’ besides being prevented by obstacles. In some terrains, sometimes you will get stuck and can’t keep moving or don’t have enough speed and momentum to jump out of the pit. So the only way to solve this is to perform an upgrade, and this upgrade will cost a certain amount of money, which is a reward from the levels you have completed before.

The upgrade system is utterly diverse, with different levels that you can easily find. You will consider choosing a stat you feel is important to prioritize to upgrade it. For example, you can prioritize speed, accel, balance, and other valuable factors. So, over time, you’ll have complete confidence when traversing a variety of terrain quickly. There will be many challenges waiting for players to face ahead.


  • Players will control two characters to move through many different locations to reach the final finish line and keep the number of diamonds.
  • These diamonds can fall out if you are not careful, and in a short amount of time, you can either pick them up or let them disappear.
  • Many obstacles will appear before you and make it difficult, especially losing your balance and falling on the game screen.
  • When you complete the level well, you will receive a specific reward and use it to upgrade your moving equipment.
  • Upgrading is beneficial because it can help you handle some difficult terrain that you could not overcome before.

□□□ Recommended System Requirements □□□
Android 6 and higher

3.0 233 total


  • Free Upgrades, Speed

Download ChocoboGP’ (Free Upgrades, Speed) v1.8

Download (108M)
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