Candy Chicks Mod (Menu/Unlimited Money, Items) v0.99.72

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App Name Candy Chicks Mod (Menu/Unlimited Money, Items) v0.99.72 Candy Chicks Mod (Menu/Unlimited Money, Items) v0.99.72 is the most famous version in the Candy Chicks Mod (Menu/Unlimited Money, Items) v0.99.72 series of publisher Candy Chicks
Publisher Candy Chicks
Genre NSFW
Size 52MB
Latest Version v0.99.72
Mod Version v0.99.72
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  • Menu/Unlimited Money, Items
Update February 14, 2022 (3 months ago)
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MOD Info
  • Menu/Unlimited Money, Items
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Candy Chicks is a game where players will have the opportunity to meet beautiful characters and overcome match-three levels to progress in the game. You will interact with these girls through the options you feel are necessary. Gradually, their secrets will be unlocked, and it will prove your victory. Candy Chicks is a puzzle game combining business management simulation extremely attractive. This combination creates an interesting and unique gameplay. You will have to combine many skills to accomplish many tasks at the same time. That is the basic element for you to become a good trader. Do everything you can to spread your women’s toy company to many countries around the world. Join now and you can take a step into the Women’s Toy Industry Hall of Fame!



The events and storylines in Candy Chicks always lead players to different situations for them to enjoy and explore each potential. In this game, the player is the toy store owner but is on the verge of bankruptcy, so they must go to a new area to start things. However, the store’s toys are predominantly female-oriented, and from there, players have to find potential female customers and encourage them to buy the product. While restoring the store’s glory, players will have countless intriguing adventures, even reaching out to beautiful soldering customers and flirting. The game’s plot is interactive, and players can change their fate in toy sales or progress with the girls.


The puzzle clicker genre is picky of the player and depends on the player’s decision in all situations, and at the same time, these games are similar to life simulation. Players control the character, move, interact with the world, complete mini-games, unlock content, and experience the game to a new extent. Depending on the mission and current progress, the game will have many different players’ goals to entertain. The player’s goal is simple: to find a way to promote their toys and continually engage with the characters to make the product a success. Besides, players have to generate revenue, shop, give gifts, entertain themselves, and have fun evenings with hot girls.


If players want their toys to become famous and widely used, they need to interact with girls and make exciting progress. The game will use excellent visual quality to sketch girls with enchanting beauty and comes in many different styles for players to enjoy. Furthermore, each girl has a unique personality, and through interaction with them, the player will find their weaknesses to exploit. If the player wants to make progress faster, gifts and toys will be the key factor. When the player succeeds in conquering the girls with various methods, the game will unlock special content, and the player can save them on the virtual phone as memories.


While players are restoring the store’s inherent glory, they can interact and chat with the girls. What’s impressive is that the player can trigger many special events, and those girls will send more engaging content, improving the player’s progress with everyone. Depending on each girl’s personality, the conversation will change a lot, and players can send or do many impressive actions to tease the girls. The game’s texting mechanics are simple, though, and they are pre-set for players to choose from. However, each decision will influence the other party, creating a lively and varied among the girls.


The game will introduce the player to a large city where they start over again. Through it, players must know to spend energy points appropriately, improve appearance, and invest in work. The game’s upgrade system is fair and in-depth, giving players a wide range of fascinating options to explore the world and entertain the girls. Furthermore, players can unlock special titles and have unintentionally new progress to the game.


As a boss of a women’s toy store, players must know how to use that skill reasonably and wisely. An innovative mechanism allows players to use available resources to create toys, which can then be sent or used as special gifts. However, players must know which toys are reasonable since each girl’s preferences are different. If the girls are interested in the player’s toys, the relationship gauge will increase significantly, unlocking new content for the player to enjoy.

Candy Chicks is a fun and enjoyable game where players can use their talents to flirt and build relationships. Moreover, the game’s content is sensitive but engaging, making it a suitable game to entertain players at lonely times, combined with special content that players can only unlock via special events.


In the game, you are an employee of a toy manufacturing company. You are quite satisfied with your current life. High salary and romantic love, what more could you ask for? However, life always knows how to create challenges for people. One day, everything changes surprisingly quickly when your boss walks in and announces important news. Competitors are working non-stop, so she wants the company to have a breakthrough. More specifically, she wants you to come up with an idea ahead of the current trend.

As a well-paid employee, you cannot deny this responsibility. So, get ready to start an important business trip with your boss. The destination this time is Amazon, a perfect place to explore ideas for women’s toys. Along the way, you will meet many challenges and many beautiful girls to date. Get ready to look forward to the fun times ahead!


Candy Chicks is a puzzle game, but it’s not a match-3 genre like Eroblast: Waifu Dating Sim. In our opinion, Candy Chicks is an integrated puzzle clicker game. This is a pretty unique game genre that not many players know about. This is a picky game genre and depends on the player’s decisions in all situations. At the same time, this game also simulates many realities in life.

You will control your character to interact with everything around, even with other girls. This gameplay gives you the feeling of really living in a new world, new identity and new job. You have to solve puzzles to get information about the next job and mission. The main gameplay in Candy Chicks is the puzzle, and it is the premise for you to develop the business.


According to the plot, you have to move with your boss to Amazon to find new ideas in the field of women’s toys. Completing puzzles along the way will give you many new ideas for this task. What you need to do now is put that information into practice. No matter how you do it, as long as you can generate revenue for the company.

Besides, it is impossible to ignore the promotional strategies for the brand. Amazon is a land known for producing women’s toys, so here’s your chance. If you can spread your brand at Amazon, surely your company will quickly grow strongly and gradually move to the top of the world. Media, newspapers, handouts… there are many ways to spread your brand. The most important is still product quality and it must keep up with current trends. The novelty of the product idea will attract more users to your establishment.


Join the game Candy Chicks, you are always busy because there are many things to do. So in the early stages it was quite difficult to control everything. Use your energy wisely to run the business. Plan a huge amount of work in a day. Thanks to that, you can always be proactive to handle things. In particular, must always be persistent to be able to go through the most difficult time.


After a tiring working time, you need to have moments of entertainment and relaxation. On your journey, you will meet many beautiful and charming girls. You can chat, flirt and date any girl you like. Each girl in Candy Chicks has a different personality, so the dialogue also changes. Give gifts to the girl you like, romantic coward… sure it will be your very happy time at Amazon. You can also access profiles of girls you are interested in. This will help you get more information about them, convenient for getting acquainted and chatting.


Candy Chicks is a puzzle game, simulation but possesses quite quality 3D graphics. It uses superb image quality to render unique, realistic images. The beautiful, large Amazon setting makes you feel like you’re traveling in a world wonder. Besides, the realism comes from high-detailed images. The widgets, toy products, companies, characters are extremely eye-catching and you can interact with anything that appears on the screen.

You will definitely be impressed with the character design in this game. Beautiful girls are sketched by design technology. Therefore, it has almost absolute realism. You will feel more perfect about romantic dates. Candy Chicks also voiced them in conversations. Finally, the background music that is played continuously will create a lot of inspiration for players.


The story the player experiences in Candy Chicks involves a character who works in a toy company. This character’s life is entirely successful and desirable when his salary is high, and there are always beautiful women around him. But until one day, his life was changed when he was called and assigned a new mission. You have to go to a new place to do your job.

The goal of this job is that he will go to Amazon to test his toy products. From there, it will help his company’s toy sales market become stronger and stand up to other competitors that are constantly growing. At the same time, he also meets many beautiful girls who help him with the necessary information along the way, and of course, you can also build your relationship with them.


One point that any player will take time to overcome in Candy Chicks is the varied match-three levels of challenge and difficulty that you will face. The rules in this game are straightforward when you will observe the match elements and establish a link between the elements of the same color and close to each other. At the same time, depending on the number of factors that you match, you will get different effects in the game.

Passing the match-three levels allows you to make specific progress in the game with the girls you love. At the same time, these levels are constantly changing in terms of goals and difficulties that you must complete. Specifically, you’ll find a requirement to complete and some moves that help you make a link. These elements are all understandable but sometimes will cause you to replay the same level many times.


In Candy Chicks, players will meet many different girls on their way to the Amazon, and you will be completely impressed with their beautiful appearance. So you’ll want to interact with these characters, and of course, it will take a lot of time and resources for you to increase your level of affection for her. You will interact and choose an impressive answer brought by this game and suitable for the situation you observe. At the same time, the gifts you find also promote specific effects.

You can also message these girls and confirm how close you are to these characters. Simultaneously, you will find the secrets sent to you by these girls, and that can be seen as a goal that anyone wants to aim for.

The character’s journey ultimately attracts players because:

  • You will have a long journey to the Amazons full of challenges and opportunities to meet attractive characters.
  • The characters you interact with possess entirely an impressive appearance that you wish to date them.
  • Each character has stories and secrets that you will gradually be able to unlock.
  • Fun match-three gameplay engages players and always offers challenging requests that you are forced to complete.
  • There will be many ways for you to build relationships with characters, from interactions to gifts with different effects.

6.0 5877 total


  • Starting Game to have 1000 Energy
  • Starting game to earn 10000 Gold
  • Starting game to earn 10000 Gems
  • Starting game to earn many items

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