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App Name Bowmasters (Unlimited Coins) v2.15.20 Bowmasters (Unlimited Coins) v2.15.20 is the most famous version in the Bowmasters (Unlimited Coins) v2.15.20 series of publisher
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Humorous, dangerous are keywords specific to Bowmasters, a two-player shooter. This is an opportunity for you and your loved ones to get closer and have fun together. The humorous element expressed through each gesture, action, and expression of the character promises to bring you cheers. Besides, another plus point for the game is the simple gameplay suitable for all ages.

Bowmasters is a new and different game with more than 500,000 downloads, in the style of action games from the prominent Miniclip studio for Android devices, which was released for free in the Google Market and has been well received! In the Bowmasters game, the most important thing you do is aiming; Knowing how much to pull the character’s hand back [to increase power] and at what angle to throw! To avoid stereotypes, there are several characters with different weapons that you can choose according to your taste! Some of the equipment is two-stage and you can see changes by clicking again on the touch screen when launching! Destroying the enemy’s obstacles and advancing your positions has long been a popular style in the world of video games, you don’t need to go far, just remember Angry Birds, Bowmasters is a new title to get excited once again and change the world. Give two hands to the archers! The developer has decided to make his title based on the laws of physics, apart from hitting different parts of the opponent’s body you will see a different result [health reduction], they will also be thrown back. So you have to use a different strategy for the next shot! If you are a fan of action games, don’t miss this game.

A brand new version of the world-famous multiplayer game with bowmen — a hotsy-totsy aim and shoot game Bowmasters has in store for you:


• 60+ INSANE CHARACTERS from all dimensions absolutely for free!
• 60+ DIFFERENT WEAPONS for total mayhem, awesome fatalities with rag-doll physics!
• MULTIPLE GAME MODES. Shoоt birds or fruits down, defeat the enemies in duels and get money for that!
Don’t miss out on the fun! Be the first to grab it!


Bowmasters is famous as a hotsy-totsy point-and-shoot action game. This is another version completely molting from paddlers, a world that is so familiar to gamers worldwide. As you set foot in this place, your main action is the adventure soup oriented to hit the opponent. After ready completed step 1, you drag and drop the weapon. Your target is a parallel character, not an AI. Besides, in some modes, you will face the birds.


Your opponent’s health measures your achievements. In different parts, you will make the enemy spit a certain amount of blood. The general rule is that the more dangerous the position, the weaker the body, the more blood you will receive compared to other places. In particular, the head is considered the most sensitive area. The reason for that is because when you hit their head, the amount of health will decrease quickly, if not almost completely.


The confrontation will officially take place when you choose the character. Two people stand in two positions far apart, and there are some obstacles between them. Specifically, the terrain is higher than the character’s position to help cover up the enemy’s actions and strategies. The game will end when one of our two heroes runs out of health, or in other words, that character’s health energy returns to 0.


Like many other games, Bowmasters is no exception. After the player wins, he will receive great rewards. Specifically, a chest box is opened and in it appear hundreds of interesting and attractive toys. Every dish has its own uses. They will be used to defeat the opponent faster in the next levels. To be undefeated in every game, you must collect and build the most valuable collection.


Referring to Bowmasters, it is definitely impossible not to mention the unique character system. Here, with more than 60 different characters exclusively designed, spoiled for you to choose and enjoy. You will never find any two characters that are the same as they are all dressed up in unique costumes and accessories with a personal touch. In addition, they have their own independent personalities and strengths.


Comes with the character is a special weapon system. It is always associated with and represents the strength of the character. In Bowmasters, players will not have the right to choose their own weapons. This is one of the impressive and different points of the game compared to other games of the same genre. Each weapon spawns a different damage capacity. In particular, the game also gives you a few tricks, and typically you think that the bigger the weapon, the higher the fighting power, right? But the truth is not. On the contrary, when it is too heavy, the throwing force does not promote well.


To be able to fight the next characters, you must defeat the enemy in the previous level. That is the key for you to access and use its power. However, apart from that, you can use virtual currency to buy characters in stores—that money you save from winning the previous levels. Or even an inexperienced novice, you can also use cash to own them.


For players not to be bored, the game has built and installed more diverse game modes. You can freely choose to change the mode without any conditions. Specifically, you will be able to change the target object. Instead of a character opponent, you engage in a war with birds flying in the sky. There is also the option to shoot the fruit on the opponent’s head. The common feature of this mode is that they all have a predefined time.


Effects and vivid 2D graphics are one of the points that hold the player’s feet. In addition to the battlefield details, such as soil, trees, etc., which are painted in colorful and fun colors, the light streaks that appear on the weapon when you throw it also contribute to the fun of the game. The color of the light will depend on the weapon. An amusing thing is shown in the facial expressions and the arm and leg actions of the opponent when being hit.

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