Boobs vs Aliens Mod (Menu/Dumb Enemy, Free Upgrade) v0.9.107

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App Name Boobs vs Aliens Mod (Menu/Dumb Enemy, Free Upgrade) v0.9.107 Boobs vs Aliens Mod (Menu/Dumb Enemy, Free Upgrade) v0.9.107 is the most famous version in the Boobs vs Aliens Mod (Menu/Dumb Enemy, Free Upgrade) v0.9.107 series of publisher Nutaku
Publisher Nutaku
Genre NSFW
Size 125MB
Version v0.9.107
Read 85 views
Price: $0
MOD Info
  • Menu/Dumb Enemy, Free Upgrade

Download Boobs vs Aliens Mod (Menu/Dumb Enemy, Free Upgrade) v0.9.107

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Boobs vs Aliens is an action game but uses a lot of adult content elements to enhance gameplay entertainment and give players endless pleasure. In addition, it coordinates with many other concepts to diversify all content and make the plot or player’s goals thicken. Above all, the elements related to aliens will open up many new ideas for players to enjoy the game to the fullest with a distinctive style. Boobs vs Aliens is a tower defense game where players with characters with different weapons stop invading aliens. The waves of enemies will be more and more diverse that surely anyone will be careful. At the same time, the items that you collect during the game will be used to upgrade weapons for these characters. Impressive interactive stories are waiting for players.



In Boobs vs Aliens, there is the existence of aliens, and they have observed the development of humanity from the very first steps of development. Little by little, they began to envy what only humans could achieve. From there, they started a total attack on Earth with a plot to destroy humans, and of course, there will always be heroes standing up against the enemy. This role was entrusted to an ordinary delivery man with impressive power.

The character possesses the right weapons and mental strength to resist the invasion of various enemies from the alien world. At the same time, over time, you will be able to strengthen your team with the characters you have saved. The gameplay that you find in this game revolves around the tower defense mechanism, where you will set up a line of defense so that the enemies cannot get through. The enemy’s strength will increase day by day and you must pay attention.


As noted above, the gameplay of Boobs vs Aliens revolves around tower defense mechanics where you will destroy approaching enemies. The game’s level is divided into two when the enemies move from the right side. At the same time, you also know the game’s progress through the red bar, and of course, your team will have HP that you need to try to protect so that the level does not stop. In addition, with a diverse number of enemies, your character will receive specific support.

This game is different from other games of the same genre because of the variety of characters it possesses. Specifically, the number of starting characters in the game is quite modest, so support items will be needed. These items are located on the right side of the screen and have usage limits for you to consider. At the same time, its effect is beneficial and can be used in many situations, such as creating an ice effect and making your enemies move slower.


You will overcome many different levels in Boobs vs Aliens, and your rewards are completely diverse as you can use them to upgrade the weapons for the characters on your team. Each level of upgrade requires a different number of items that you need to meet, and you can craft materials if the number you own is not enough. At the same time, you can also interact with your team members to find out information about them.

You will be able to text with these characters, and of course, there will be options to help your dialogue progress. At the same time, over time, as your relationship with them become close, you can ultimately find out the secrets they hide.


The player’s adventure is now complicated and full of dangers when aliens are invading with terrifying plans. However, Boobs vs Aliens gives the main character a lot of interesting powers to fight every alien, and at the same time, attracts hot girls to make everything more enjoyable. The trip’s goal is also diverse and gradually unlocks over time, giving players more motivation to seek the ultimate pleasure and more.


Graphics and visual effects are the most important element of the game in building a world in a state of war. The design of hot girls with special interactions is the most prominent point, to stimulate players and make them more immersive in progress. In addition, the visual effects are eye-catching and vivid, and a few animated moments are enough to make people excited through its sensitive elements.


The battle system of Boobs vs Aliens uses a turn-based style to have many exciting ideas to build appropriate tactics for many situations. As players delve into the storyline, the battle system also has many significant improvements to enhance the player’s experience. They can also take advantage of all the skills and abilities of the combat units to the fullest to progress faster in each battle, even using additional items.


Besides the fierce battles with aliens, the game also wants the player to conquer all the girls in the story. The girls all have unique personalities and looks, but they have their progressions for players to enjoy interacting and unlocking their sensitive secrets. Of course, the hottest and boldest scenes will automatically save to the player’s collection as spoils.


Boobs vs Aliens will introduce more diverse and rich base systems, where players exploit resources or research new technologies. Over time, the base will gradually expand and give the player many new amenities and functions to improve the combat performance or endurance of the girls while in bed. The great thing is that the whole city has a new beauty to make the base more lively and bustling as players continuously upgrade it.


The main abilities of the player will help them fight the aliens with the best possible performance while satisfying the girls in the hearty evenings. The system also has in-depth development and many surprises for players, making them more flexible when creating suitable strategies. Furthermore, some of the content in the upgrade system will require complicated requirements, so players must meet them to enjoy their benefits.

The content and stories in Boobs vs Aliens all have a lot of adult content, but that makes its quality significantly enhanced for players to immerse in pleasure. In addition, the girls’ appearance makes everything funny and gives players many hot and euphoric evenings as rewards for their hard work.

The journey against aliens attracts players for the following reasons:

  • You will transform into a hero with great potential and modern weapons to fight the aliens plotting to destroy humans.
  • The waves of constantly moving and powerful enemies you need to face, and there will be items to support you in battle.
  • The number of team members will increase daily to help you kill more enemies at once and complete the level in the best way.
  • The items you get in the games can be used to upgrade weapons or craft an item of higher quality.
  • Each character on the team has different beauties that you can interact with and uncover their mysteries when the two reach a high level of intimacy.

4.7 12045 total


  • 1. Menu
  • 2. Dumb Enemy/No Attack (Helper are also affected with this)
  • 3. Free Hero Upgrade
  • 4. Free weapon Upgrade
  • 5. Unlocked all Ammo Chests
  • 6. Free Ammo Chest
  • 7. Free Black Market Chest
  • 8. High Power => Skip battles
  • Collect Ammo Chest/go to Main Screen/back to ammo Chest to new Claim

Download Boobs vs Aliens Mod (Menu/Dumb Enemy, Free Upgrade) v0.9.107

Download (125MB)
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