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App Name Blocky Farm Racing & Simulator (Unlocked All) v1.46 Blocky Farm Racing & Simulator (Unlocked All) v1.46 is the most famous version in the Blocky Farm Racing & Simulator (Unlocked All) v1.46 series of publisher mobadu
Publisher mobadu
Genre Racing
Size 51MB
Latest Version 1.46
Mod Version 1.46
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Update May 04, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
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  • Unlocked All
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Blocky Farm Racing & Simulator offers a varied experience in a simulated world with many discoverable elements. Players will be able to drive various vehicles to carry out harvesting and selling activities. At the same time, you can also participate in races with the vehicles you have or destroy the required targets.

☆ Blocky Farm Racing & Simulator is a free game where you can race through village or play farm simulator mode. ☆
Choose tractor, harvester or a car and hit the road! Check how far you can drive without crash in Race mode. In Demolition mode – smash every vehicle or object you see!
Even more fun waits for you in Farm simulator mode. Find huge map, cities, fields and cute animals! Become real blocky farmer and grow your farm! … or just relax and start village exploration!


✓ big ranch and village
✓ four agricultural machines to use: hay baler, trailer, watering machine and plow
✓ select one of three combines to start harvesting
✓ four tractors including backhoe
✓ harvest wheat and corn (fields are marked on your map)
✓ release seeds anywhere!
✓ sell your seeds and hay bales to farmer’s market
✓ grow your Farm Score by selling more and more crops!
✓ pets! collect eggs and exchange them for cats and dogs!
✓ crude oil production! collect barrels and become an oil magnate!
✓ transport oil by train to the seaport and take a ship cruise!
✓ unlock three unique vehicles with your Farm Score
✓ garages to hide your machines
✓ lot of cute animals including pigs and loud chickens!
✓ receive Animal Lover badge by feeding cows in your ranch pen with seeds or hay bales
✓ drive train through entire map!
✓ discover hidden places like family campfires and horse farm
✓ lot of streets and railroads


✓ destroy vehicles, pigs and dangerous bulls!


✓ drive and stay alive!
✓ unlock features by driving as far as you can
✓ avoid obstacles like broken tractor or car accidents


✓ change colors in your tractor or harvester
✓ take the roof down or remove combine header!
✓ select color of your rims
✓ power engine feature for Cabrio and Pickup


☆ play during the day, sunset and night mode!
☆ stormy weather now also available!
☆ street traffic in each game mode
☆ lot of player skins to choose
☆ cool sounds and realistic physics
☆ play offline mode – no need for internet connection
☆ big city with airport where you can fly by plane over entire map
☆ eject from a plane and crash!
☆ farm helper! pick your buddy and double up your farm score
☆ egg farm! collect 10 eggs in 60 minutes
☆ pet simulator! drive together with your animals everywhere!

More features coming in 2020 and remember to drive safely in real life!


In Blocky Farm Racing & Simulator, players will enter a world where elements are made of blocks and have a large size for you to explore. You will spend time discovering what you can do as a farmer, and of course, there will be a variety of experiences for you to do this. At the same time, you also easily control the vehicles in this world, and each has a different characteristic.

Players will quickly drive their car with detailed control buttons like other simulation games. At the same time, you can also interact with the surrounding elements or a trailer to drag. You will see many different buttons appear when you get close to some elements you can link. So, this is a game that will give you many different experiences as a farmer.


When you start Blocky Farm Racing & Simulator, you will find three different game modes that you can choose for yourself, depending on your preference. Specifically, you can find farm, race, and demolition modes, and they all have different gameplays. Farm mode will bring a pure farmer experience as you will have a farm, collect products, use vehicles to harvest, and sell them to those who need them.

The second mode will be slightly different from the farm mode in that you will use the vehicle you have to participate in races in race mode. You will not try to run to the finish line to become the winner but will be the person who survives the longest in the race. Specifically, you will move on a rather narrow farm road, and there will be cars appearing in front of you. You have to dodge them to earn points, and there will be unexpected accidents that you should be careful with.

The final mode is demolition, and the game’s setting is similar to race mode, but there are a few things to watch out for. The goal of race mode is to stay alive and avoid other vehicles from appearing; demolition mode will require the player to destroy the targets before them. This destruction will be limited to a certain amount of time. So, depending on the gameplay characteristics, players will also have different choices about the type of vehicle to drive.


An interesting point that any player will love in Blocky Farm Racing & Simulator is the variety of vehicles from size to style. Some will move quite fast, and others will be quite slow suitable for some specific activities on the farm.


  • You will enter a large simulation world with different activities and can drive various vehicles with specific features.
  • Players can choose to be hardworking farmers when performing farm activities with the vehicles they have.
  • A farm track appears before you as you will try to dodge the vehicles and survive the longest.
  • Contrary to the mode, the player will have many options to participate in destroying the targets that appear in a fixed time.
  • Many vehicle types you can unlock are diverse, with many different characteristics that you will choose depending on the game mode.

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