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App Name Big City Wheels - Courier Simulator Mod (Free Purchases) v1.6 Big City Wheels - Courier Simulator Mod (Free Purchases) v1.6 is the most famous version in the Big City Wheels - Courier Simulator Mod (Free Purchases) v1.6 series of publisher Garage 54
Publisher Garage 54
Genre Racing
Size 133M
Version v1.6
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Big City Wheels – Courier Sim is a fascinating game about the stories of a courier expert. In this crowded urban area, you have to receive and deliver orders and serve all your customers’ needs. Besides, you will also encounter thousands of exciting situations and cases that occur in daily life. Don’t miss this game if you want to experience new things through thousands of real-life stories of the main character.

Become a professional courier in a sprawling fictional metropolis, inspired by the cities of Siberia. Take orders, deliver various items of interest… and find yourself in the middle of an exciting story.
Your character was a typical office worker who hated his (or her) dull job, but one day, as a result of one sudden meeting, the life of our hero has changed dramatically. Now you are a courier providing services for an unusual auto repair shop.
What is so unusual about this auto repair shop, you wonder? Oh, these guys are not as simple as they might seem at first glance. Firstly, they are creative individuals and enthusiastic video bloggers: they treat their work like art and they have their own channel full of interesting videos dedicated to their work. Secondly, this team has a secret life! During the light of the day they are engaged in their usual work routine – but when the night falls down on the city, they reveal their hidden identity of fighters against evil and injustice. Well, basically against such kind of injustice that threatens cars and car owners.
And it turns out that the threat is quite real: a powerful corporation puts its tentacles into the city. These greedy business sharks are pressuring the mayor’s office, as they want to ban the use of private cars, route taxi minivans and trucks in the city. These unscrupulous tycoons desire to replace route taxi with soulless unmanned public transport and cargo trucks – with autonomous drones. Also these corpo-rats intend to force car owners to use bicycles under the far-fetched pretext of “promoting healthy lifestyle and care for the environment.”
But who would believe in the good intentions of these corporate bigwigs? Definitely not our hero! Together with your fellow car enthusiasts, you go on the warpath. More precisely, on the highway of war! You, as a courier, are entrusted with the responsible task of restoring connections. Unite those who really care about cars, establish a network of the indifferent forces, restore the Brotherhood of Crossed Wrenches and save the city.


– A large city, inspired by various Siberian cities. If you are from Russia, and especially from Siberia, you will surely find something familiar there;
– A dozen cars with customizable characteristics;
– Exciting storyline, as well as an unlimited number of side missions.


Coming to Big City Wheels, you will have the opportunity to become an office worker. However, for this job, you are incredibly dull and not very interested in it. You are exhausted and stressed. Life has pushed you to become a courier whose job is to provide services to a famous auto repair shop in the city. You will encounter thousands of unexpected situations at this store and learn many mysteries that lie deep within them.


You will be working with many of your colleagues. They are both very hard-working and energetic guys. Everyone on the team has their blog. They find their work very interesting and love it through several related videos and posts. However, the most surprising thing is that they all have a life of their own, extremely mysterious. You, your team’s duties will participate in the work regularly and seriously. But every night, they are the heroes who stand up against the injustices that car owners bring.


After researching and knowing the deep intentions of the evil bosses, you and your team are determined to quietly come up with reasonable and intelligent solutions to handle this dangerous plan. That plan is to pressure and prevent the travel of many private vehicles such as cars, bicycles. It is a ridiculous thing. With this situation, you cannot let these cruel and greedy business sharks control and affect the lives of everyone in this city. They need to travel using transport every day, and this is a fact that nothing can stop.


Thanks to this game, you will have the opportunity to admire and enjoy a lot of different cars with modern styles and models. Each vehicle will have a unique feature, and you will discover its new functions, helping the driver fully enjoy an extremely comfortable and enjoyable ride. Moreover, the game manufacturer has also sketched and designed for players an extraordinarily realistic and delicate image. Thanks to that, players enormously enjoy and appreciate the quality of this game.


Try to complete the daily mission that the game gives you. You will get a lot of different challenges that need to be handled wholly and flexibly. More than that, show your level of intelligence and creativity to bring about the desired result. You can ultimately become a hero protecting your city from dangers and dark threats. What are you waiting for without giving it a try now!!

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  • - A bunch of minor fixes.


  • Free purchases for real money
  • You can get free stuff without watching ads.

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