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App Name Asphalt Xtreme Mod 1.9.4a Asphalt Xtreme Mod 1.9.4a is the most famous version in the Asphalt Xtreme Mod 1.9.4a series of publisher Netflix, Inc.
Publisher Netflix, Inc.
Genre Racing
Size 1.1G
Version 1.9.4a
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Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing is the latest game of the famous and famous company Gameloft called “Asphalt Extreme” in the style of car for Android, which is offered for free on Google Play and with millions of downloads and a good score of 4.5 out of 5.0 from the popular Is considered to be the most racing category games! Unlike previous versions of the asphalt game, which were all on the street and in the city, this time we are facing an off-road atmosphere, 35 off-road vehicles from SUVs to bugs and rally cars have been provided to you, and the terrain The race also includes roads from the Gobi Desert to Thailand and Egypt! Gameloft has been able to create a unique variety for its users, and riding in different deserts and mountains will undoubtedly bring you a unique experience of racing games! Extreme Asphalt has a strange focus on off-road racing, it has come to excite you in the deserts and the most difficult areas possible! In general, Asphalt Xtreme is a combination of car rallies, monster trucks and racing through various places with various problems and obstacles, and has the ability to use a variety of different modes to steer and control cars!

Racing games are always loved today. In the game market, racing games are always prioritized and loved in the rest of the game series because of the fun, adventure, and novelty of the game that always makes players expect. Car driving game is probably no stranger to today’s players, especially young people. All players always want to experience this game because the game’s specialties always bring a high sense of entertainment.

Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing is also one of the most popular racing games today. The game also features racing and adventure features like other games in the same line, but why does the game get priority from players. Let’s find out! Players always make the wisest and best decisions when choosing games for themselves to experience. So download the game to your device and experience now.

Available exclusively for Netflix members.
Charge through canyons, drift across dunes and rocket past your opponents in this extreme off-road racing experience.
Forget everything you know about racing — all you need are your instincts and a fearless desire for speed.



Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing will not disappoint players with its own features. The features that make them the top spot in racing games. The game will not have a specific rule at all, are based on the player’s discretion. The playing field is for the player, and the rules are for the player. Driving skills will be optimized in the game when players experience.

The dire terrain will train the player’s driving skills; the challenge will awaken the player’s ability to control the vehicle. Every terrain has its own hidden traits about the founder’s intentions. The challenging terrain will change through the levels to increase the player’s novelty. This novelty will make players feel like conquering the game when experiencing it. The opponents in the game will be the milestones that players overcome. These formidable opponents all possess the same great skills as the player. So players need to possess extraordinary skills to win this game.


The gameplay will be similar to other games in the same series. The controller will help players control the car and complete the race by overcoming obstacles on the track. The terrain of the game plays a vital role in attracting the player’s attention to the game. Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing is truly an excellent experience for players who love speed.

Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing features game items and features added by the founders to create novelty and serve as player gifts. There are more than 50 monster machines for players to choose from and experience depending on personal preferences. Speed ​​racing against time and with opponents is always an unforgettable experience for the player. The selected vehicle will show the player’s personal style. The cult car rows are also included in the game to increase the realism of the game. Therefore, players also experience the game more realistically. The game supports online racing for players. A race will have eight more opponents for players to overcome and win for themselves. Vehicles will be tailored to the player’s preferences. Racing game, the racing car is significant to the player. They show the player’s personality and style. During the race, players will show their skills, while the opponent will look at our racing car and partially evaluate the opponent’s ability.


Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing features are constantly being updated and further improved every day. The game improvement will bring relative completeness to the game. This is the founder’s preference for players. Player ratings are also concerned and improved according to those ratings. Features that are updated will often be better than previous features.


This is also understandable by the greatness of the game Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing. Excellent game graphics is something that cannot be ignored in this game. Graphics are the most appreciated of the sections. The game’s top-notch graphics are always first of all. The graphics of each racecar are quite eye-catching and sporty. The game music also brings a sense of adventure to the player; the game music increases the feeling when experiencing the game. Racing games always pay attention to graphics and game music. It is these two parts that contribute to the success of the game.

• Unleash the power of a 4×4 monster truck. Feed your passion for fast wheels with a muscle car. Or go wild on the track in an agile buggy, a dirt-loving rally car or an unstoppable truck.
• Go head-to-head with eight-player, simultaneous free-for-alls. You’ll be facing tight competition, so stay on top of your game as you climb the leaderboard!
• Race in a variety of extreme locations from around the globe. Prepare to shred the glaciers of Svalbard, summit the Alps, cut through the jungles of Thailand and much more. 
• Need to pump up your motorsport car’s engine power? Feel like decking out your rally racer? There’s an impressive collection of custom setups and upgrades to make every set of wheels unique.
• There are always new obstacles to climb and experiences to try with five game modes, over 300 career events and more than 1,100 mastery challenges.


In conclusion, we must mention the hot temperature of the game. The game is always preferred by the majority of players and is always searched on game forums. The player’s ratings are always explored and improved by the founder according to those requirements in order to bring the player the most satisfaction with the game. Let’s download the game to your device and experience it!


– Asphalt Xtreme game is online and always needs internet to run
– Asphalt Xtreme is not hacked in recent versions; If the mod version is hacked, it will be added to the post – do not ask questions.
– The new version of the game is provided by Farsroid without the need for data and in the form of an installation file +1 GB – The game installation process may take a while!


First, go to Setup phone and clear the cache of Google Play service and Google play store; (clear cache) Then activate your filter-breaker. Run Google Market and search for the above game and click on download to download a few kilobytes! After that, stop the download and use the installation file here and play the game without a license! (First fix the license error, then install the game)

4.1 12,212 total


  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

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