With Leaked Facebook Llama Ai, People Are Stepping Up Their Tinder Game.

March 24, 2023 (2 months ago)

While you could be employing AI models to enhance your essays and cover letters, other individuals may view AI use cases differently. Facebook’s AI breach is one of the major stories in this area recently. People have been utilising it under the name Facebook LLaMA to produce text that improves their Tinder experience.

There is yet no hard evidence that the participants are experiencing real success. Yet, it demonstrates that Facebook LLaMA is still in use after the business lost control. Not to mention, you can always train an AI to make the dating platform better and perhaps guarantee fantastic matches.


There is no doubting that the OpenAI GPT4 is more effective than the Facebook LLaMA. To provide you more information, the GPT4 was released last week. It has multiple guardrails and prevents users from requesting the model to produce various types of content. But if you ask it to, it will produce excellent prose for Tinder profiles.

To be more precise, GPT4 will produce better texts for your dating profile when compared to other tools. The Facebook LLaMA concept, however, lacks any security measures. It implies that you can experiment with it whatever you choose. Also, it may have recently started AI dating.

The Facebook LLaMA, however, has also been used in other situations. For instance, software developer Alfredo Ortega used it to build a Discord bot. And he said, “The idea is to provide a sequence of suggestions that the AI may use to ‘help’ you in starting a dialogue. I think that many people will be inspired to start conversing by this.

Even more, Ortega has outlined his plans for using the Facebook LLaMA model breach to produce content for Tinder. He claims that ongoing study is the purpose of this channel. And this research is unlike any other. It will instead result in the identification of the smallest LLM model capable of “arranging a date with a human, female or male.”

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