A New Breakthrough For Future Ethical Hackers Is Antidetect.

March 16, 2023 (3 months ago)


The Antidetect system was just released by Vektor T13 Technologies. This provides as a tool for aspiring ethical hackers to debug software and online applications while also preventing antifraud.

A lot of people are excited about Antidetect on the internet’s technical side. The creator of Antidetect, Vektor T13, also launched a training programme to teach users how to use Antidetect and understand its workings for their own needs of online anonymity. Also, he combined the two so that individuals who wish to study ethical hacking may easily fulfil their goals and improve their debugging abilities.


The Antidetect system was developed by Vektor T13 and allows users to build personalised identities for themselves in addition to providing online anonymity and data protection. It is a system that largely depends on virtual computers to encrypt user data. without providing opportunity for error or a data leak by attackers. Virtual machines may also simulate other browsers, operating systems, and hardware that is already in use. such that a user’s personal computer cannot be accessed by a cybercriminal.

Antidetect enables its users to express themselves in many ways through various identities on a single computer. Any identities or fingerprints are normally identified by an outside source, and each personality is secured. and are used to fool the system in different ways. Users may develop and test websites, web apps, and programmes for each personality. They can also uncover problems in their apps and fix them with the aid of Antidetect.

Antidetect does not collect or sell a user’s private and sensitive data for the developer’s personal advantage, in contrast to cloud-based antidetect systems and services. This private information comprises the numerous emulation systems or solutions that a user creates on a single computer. Other antidetect systems, which are frequently built on web browsers, track users’ IP addresses, browsing habits, and private information.


The “Ethical hacking of antifraud system” programme was developed by Vektor T13 Technologies and Cyberyozh Academy. It describes how to utilise Antidetect over the course of five months and the strategies fraudsters employ when launching assaults on corporate websites and software.

The informative course demonstrates how Antidetect system users may become cyberdetectives and contribute to thwarting cybercriminal activities. by imparting the fundamentals of ethical hacking to them. The training also shows students how to properly check their websites and applications for security flaws. This can lead to a security compromise.

The application teaches users how to consult with expert companies and safeguard them against antifraud, from a commercial standpoint. It also describes how users can get around restrictions while carrying out local transactions or using verification techniques.


Dmytro Momot founded Vektor T13 Technologies, which today has a $5 billion charter capital. The company’s CEO, Dmytro, is an expert in the fields of internet and information security and is knowledgeable in anonymity protection, SS7 network security, mobile device security, antifraud systems, and forensic analysis. He occasionally presents in-depth information on IT security at conferences in Europe and aids expert firms in addressing their security concerns.

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