A review of the Apple iPad Air tablet (2022)

March 17, 2023 (3 months ago)

Introduction :

Many tech bloggers were unaware of the iPad Air 5 (2022)’s positioning or potential when it was launched by Apple in 2022. Only now, with the release of the iPad 2022, did everything come together. Apple’s ideal product is the iPad Air 5 (2022), thanks to its balance of cost, quality, and functionality. the first mid-range tablet with the M1 processor, which was previously only offered in MacBook and iPad Pro models. For the majority of users, this makes this device the ideal option. But first things first, there are some drawbacks to this device.

Quick facts about the Apple iPad Air tablet (2022) :

Screen Diagonal (inch) 10.9″
Screen resolution 2360×1640
Screen refresh rate 60 Hz
Processor model Apple M1
Number of Cores 8
Processor configuration 4x Firestorm 3.2 GHz, 4x Icestorm 2.1 GHz
Built-in memory 64 or 256 GB
WiFi Standard 4 (802.11n), 5 (802.11ac), 6 (802.11ax)
Rear camera megapixels 12 MP
The number of megapixels of the front camera 12 MP
Interface USB Type-C
Width 178.5 mm
Height 247.6 mm
Thickness 6.1 mm
Weight 461 g

Equipment :

Apple sticks to tradition in this case; the full set is the most comprehensive and includes a typical 20W powerful charger. The American connection option is the only restriction. You’ll need to purchase a converter to use our outlets. The connection for meters is USB Type-C compliant. Apple has finally replaced Lightning with a regular connection. While it isn’t Thunderbolt or USB 4, it is still a significant advancement. As usual, trash paper and apple decals are also included. The iPad Air itself, however, is the primary component of the kit. The gadget is high-end and precise because of the color scheme’s noble tones.

colors Availability :

There are a total of five hues: Blue, Starlight, Pink, Purple, and Space Gray (Space Gray). (Blue). There is a wide variety of colors available to suit every style, including the traditional noble gray and upbeat lilac. All hues are rich and very expensive.

The case itself is still made of noble aluminum with straight “chopped” edges, just like the previous version. The style is in line with the most recent iterations of the MacBook, iPad Pro, and iPhone.

The device weighs 461 grams, which is three grams more than the current version (apparently the M1 processor weighs more:).

Design :

With this tablet, stylus input works perfectly. Charge your iPad while displaying all graphics and interactions. (charging and connecting, etc.). A connector and speaker hole are located on the underside. Since the sound already makes the claim to be stereo, there are also holes for the speaker on the opposing side.

A fingerprint is incorporated into the power button.

Analog headphones can only be attached using an adapter because there is no headphone jack or mini jack on the device. Sadly, the new iPad does not come with the USB-C / 3.5 millimeter adapter. A camera with a flash and a unique connector for attaching keyboards and covers are located on the back. Of course, there was also a mirror fruit.

The tablet’s monitor is one of its key benefits. It is almost 11 inches, but due to its slim bezels and lower diagonal, it is also smaller in size than the iPad 2021. Here are examples of smaller diagonal devices placed side by side for contrast.

The image on the Liquid Retina display is sharp and colorful with a resolution of 2360 by 1640 pixels at 264 pixels per inch (ppi). Since there is no air gap between the glass and the display on the screen, working in the sun is made much more pleasant and feels almost like touching the actual picture. 500 nits of brightness is a comfortable level for outdoor activity. This and the anti-reflective layer are also factors in the low reflectivity of the screen, which is only 1.8%. The 4:3 aspect ratio is typical for Apple devices. It’s a pleasure to work with documents and view PDFs on it. However, due to the excessively large black screen, viewing modern movies and YouTube is not very comfortable.

The 60 Hz frame rate of the screen doesn’t seem particularly contemporary. In this price range, 120 Hz is already the norm among manufacturers; however, Apple only uses it in the iPad Pro. Everyone is aware that everything is for sale. In terms of its primary technical features, this tablet is already a Pro edition.

Performance :

The Apple M1 chip is the primary advancement in this tablet over the iPad Air 2020’s prior generation. Additionally, the iPad Pro 2021 has the same processor, making this an extremely significant invention.

The iPad Air 2022 will have an M1 chip with an 8-core CPU, an 8-core GPU, and four performance cores.

2020 iPad Air model with 6-core A14 Bionic CPU and 4-core GPU.

Additionally, it has 8 GB of RAM compared to the Air 2020’s 4 GB. It perfectly “does” the Air 4. Such authority currently seems incredibly unnecessary. as in how well it performed in evaluations that were artificial.

The large test makes the distinction with the prior generation particularly obvious.

Wangyu! I believe that this specific CPU has the potential to become the standard for Apple products. Additionally, I believe that eventually there won’t be an iPadOS, just a universal operating system for ARM devices. Although it is only a dream, it would be great to have macOS on this tablet, but there are requirements. In fact, macOS Ventura has already started to mimic iPadOS, and it is in this version that priority optimization for M-series processors starts as well.

In any event, updates for this specific tablet will be available for longer than a year.

There are only 64 GB and 256 GB capacities available for persistent memory. 64 GB are already back-to-back in this instance, but USB 3.1 Type-C is a significant advantage. 10 Gbps or greater data transmission rate. Large-capacity flash devices that are reasonably priced can be connected and used as data storage.

I won’t discuss the functionality of the iPadOS because it is present on all devices, but the M1 processor and 8 GB of RAM allowed for the appearance of the Multitasking mode feature. When using two apps at once, this is very practical. And with such computing power, this job is both quick and comfortable.

Energy efficiency

The tablet uses the same battery as the previous generation of Air, but this did not have any effect on the increase or decrease in consumption. The new processor, although energy efficient, has more cores, faster speeds, etc. In general, it turns out in the end, the consumption is almost the same. This is one working day or 10 hours of surfing when used as an evening entertainment center – read the news, social networks, watch a couple of videos from video hosting.

If you use the tablet as a working device, then the battery consumption depends on the work scenarios, but in any case, this “machine” will pull everything: editing 4k video, working with graphics programs, photo editing. With special accessories, it becomes just a laptop substitute, but, in addition, there is also a touch screen that takes interaction with the interface to a level unattainable by any MacBook or imac. To fully reveal this resource, you need a stylus, it already supports the second generation, but you can also connect analogues. However, they will not have some features, such as the pressure function or the ability to charge the stylus from the iPad itself. In any case, it will give you a completely new experience and possibilities: from writing lectures to drawing or retouching photos.

For example, from inexpensive analogues of the Apple Pencil 2.


Apple has finally unveiled a gadget that is at its peak and has a huge performance and capability margin. This tablet is now a completely functional tool for creativity and business, not just a place for entertainment.


  • highly effective M1 CPU.
  • A RAM of 8 GB.
  • No-air-gap screen.
  • complete binaural audio.
  • connection of type C.
  • For use with the Apple Pencil 2.
  • In the power switch is Touch ID.


  • Mini-jack connection is removed.
  • where the front sensor is located.

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