Launched With An Affordable Price Tag And Premium Features Is The Amazfit GTR Mini 42Mm!

March 20, 2023 (2 months ago)


Amazfit recently released the GTR4 on the market. The smartwatch measured 46mm and had a 1.43-inch screen. And it was too enormous for many people. If you belong to that group, Amazfit has heard your cry. Recently, the GTR Mini 42mm was launched.

The new Amazfit GTR Small 42mm has the advantage of being accessible in virtually all markets. Also, it is relatively affordable for the majority of people. To put it another way, it costs $120 in the US, £130 in the UK, 11,000 in India, and €130 in the EU. But is the watch really worth the asking price?


The Amazfit GTR Mini sports a 42mm chassis, as the name implies. It is slimmer and lighter than the majority of other smartwatches because to the tiny design factor. It is 9.25mm thick and only 24.6g in weight. As a result, wearing it should be generally comfortable.

The Amazfit GTR Small 42mm uses straps that measure 20 mm. The strap mechanism’s quick-release function is another fantastic feature. The silicone strap that is supplied is also skin-friendly.

The GTR Mini has a 1.28-inch AMOLED screen on the exterior. The panel’s 366ppi pixel density enables it to provide text and pictures that are incredibly crisp. A 280mAh battery is also built into the smartwatch. Although the battery is modest, it has a 14-day battery life.


The Amazfit GTR Mini 42mm is smaller and less expensive than the standard GTR, yet it has comparable capabilities. It indicates that a patented circularly polarised antenna and an integrated GPS are both present. This antenna can improve signal reception dramatically.

Even more, the GTR small supports five different GPRS. The watch may survive up to 25 hours when the continuous GPS tracking is on.

Other than that, the watch features more than 120 sports modes. You may swim while wearing it because it has a water resistance rating of 5ATM. You can choose to share all of your post-exercise statistics with Apple Health and Google Fit. Even programmes like Adidas Running, Replay, and Strava are compatible with it.


The heart rate and SpO2 levels are continuously monitored by the Amazfit GTR Mini 42mm. The fact that this technology is quick enough to provide you with an accurate report in only 15 seconds is one of its strengths. Absolutely, Amazfit done a fantastic job with the One-Tap Measurement feature. Several fitness aspects are also available.

In addition, light, deep, and REM sleep may all be detected by sleep tracking. Also, it monitors for any respiratory problems you could experience while you sleep. Also, the Amazfit GTR Mini will awaken you with a personalised morning update.


ZeppOS 2.0 is used by the Amazfit GTR Mini, much like its larger brothers. The System is quite user-friendly despite not being WearOS. Also, as was already noted, it is compatible with many third-party programmes.

Using the Zepp App, the OS lets you to add membership and club cards. Also, you may design robust shortcut widgets that let you quickly go through the most crucial data. Your to-do list, for instance, can be shown on the watch face.

Other than that, the GTR mini’s OS does a good job of displaying all of your phone’s alerts. But, because it lacks a built-in microphone, you cannot use it to accept calls.

However the Amazfit GTR small is now offered in three hues. It is available in Midnight Black, Ocean Blue, and Misty Pink. Being one of the finest smartwatches of 2023, it is a terrific choice overall.

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