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App Name 4x4 Mania: SUV Racing Mod (Speed Map) v4.25.07 4x4 Mania: SUV Racing Mod (Speed Map) v4.25.07 is the most famous version in the 4x4 Mania: SUV Racing Mod (Speed Map) v4.25.07 series of publisher Limbersoft
Publisher Limbersoft
Genre Racing
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Version v4.25.07
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  • Speed Map

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Perhaps racing games are no longer strange to us gamers. But to experience the exciting off-road truck racing, only a few people can experience it. Choose your best truck in 4×4 Mania and show off your maneuvering skills on a variety of unique but equally dangerous terrains. It could be mud or a sandpit. Not only is racing, but this is also where the fights are really explosive. Enjoy the thrilling moment in this super racing game, and it will never end.

Awesome off-road trucks that you can upgrade and customize to create the trail rig of your dreams. Mud bogging, rock crawling, bombing around the dunes, off-road racing and even demolition derbies – there’s an activity for every four-wheeling lover. Get together with your friends and go wheeling in an online session!
Customize your rims, tires, bullbars, bumpers, snorkels, racks, cages, fenders, colors, wraps and more. Install that lift kit, disconnect your sway bar, engage the lockers, air down the tires, and get on the trail! Don’t forget to take a pic with Photo Mode to show off that awesome wrap once you get your rig to an impossible place!
Huge and tough off-road levels, Diverse environments: muddy forest, scorching desert, freezing ice lake, bumpy hills, perilous badlands, and a demolition derby arena stadium with a drag strip nearby.
Complete challenging missions, trails, races and derbies to earn in-game points.
More than 25 stock off roaders to build up – trucks and jeeps, to choose from as a base for your 4×4 rig, and dozens of pre-built trucks are waiting for you.
Get behind the wheel of a precision-built four-wheelin’ rig and show’em how it’s done!


– Multiplayer with chat
– Tons of tough trails to get stuck on
– Mud and tree-felling
– Night mode
– Winching
– Manual diff and transfer case controls
– 4 gearbox options
– All wheel steering with 4 modes
– Cruise control
– Controller support
– 5 separate color adjustments with glossiness ranging from matte to chrome
– Wraps and decals
– Tire deformation when aired down
– High res deformable terrains (on supported devices) so you can truly dig yourself into the snow
– Boulder town in the desert for all your rock crawling needs
– Mud holes
– Stunt Arena
– Drag strips
– Crate finding
– Dumb AI bots and less dumb bots
– Suspension and solid axle simulation
– In-depth graphics settings to support the widest range of devices
– Buttons, steering wheel or tilt steering
– Button or analog slide throttle
– 8 cameras
– Realistic simulator physics
– Mid air controls
– Animated driver model
– Slope gauges
– 4 types of upgrades for your 4×4
– Manual or automatic gearbox, low range with auto diff lockers, handbrake
– Detailed vehicle setup and driving assistance settings
– Damage modelling


In order to give players the best 4×4 Mania experience space, we are constantly working on improving and upgrading the parts of the game. You can see a noticeable change in elements when you experience the new version. Indeed, the suspension during racing has been softened, and you will not see other racing problems. The engine parts have also been improved a lot, like the springs are refreshed, durable and longer…


Each racing car in 4×4 Mania is entirely different from the vehicle that you see in other games. Every vehicle in this game is converted from a truck or a jeep, and that feature has made the game’s name. More than 25 of your racing cars will be converted from old cars, and you will choose the car you like and proceed to transform your vehicle into the most unique. There are also many pre-built vehicles, but you have to unlock them in the following levels.


The uniqueness of your car or its abilities can be transformed in your hands. Feel it necessary to customize the racing car parts every time you are about to enter a new race. Players can change and remove unnecessary engines, which helps to upgrade the car to be more agile. Customize the parts that you feel are about to “retire” and replace them with new ones like rims or tires. And add in upgraded parts for a great race.


You have to do many adventurous races on a variety of terrain, and each terrain is hazardous. Players will be adventured in many different spaces, and the difficulty of each racing terrain in 4×4 Mania will gradually increase as you progress through each level. Doing so can increase the player’s excitement when having to conquer massive and really harsh terrains such as bomb craters or glacial lakes… When moving to the land covered with bomb craters, you also have to Think of ways to destroy them.


Countless gamers have participated in this game, and the number is recorded as millions of weird racers. They use an unusual variety of skills and can beat you in races. But everything can be practiced, improve your ability when participating in all races big and small. For scoring, races try to do some fantastic somersaults. Then your score will definitely improve and can positively change your ranking in the rankings.


Off-road trucks will be your companion during the race with many difficult terrains. Players will closely monitor their “friends” so that they can change the engines when necessary. It is indispensable for trucks in 4×4 Mania when it comes to many injuries in races. In addition, you also need to upgrade the vehicle to a new level, use it to overcome any terrain.

  • Overcoming all harsh terrain such as muddy forests or frozen lakes, the environment will increase in difficulty and expand through many levels.
  • Complete every dangerous race, race, fight in derbies and cross the terrain.
  • Choose from dozens of vehicles and start renovating from a jeep or truck, choosing from pre-built vehicles.
  • Upgrade car parts, change and customize various parts like rims or tires, and also colors.
  • Use super skills to raise your score and improve your performance on the leaderboard.

4.2 8,296 total


  • - Further calmed down suspension jumpiness
  • - Increased droop flex with softest long springs and disabled sway bars
  • - Added steering and pedal sensitivity adjustments in the driving assistance menu
  • - Fixed sway bars not being fully disabled on the lowest setting
  • - Made coil springs paintable with the ‘Accent 2’ color (previously ‘Beadlocks’ color)
  • - Adjusted audio behavior
  • - Increased flex tester range
  • - Fixed ABS
  • - Fixes for several issues

Download 4×4 Mania: SUV Racing Mod (Speed Map) v4.25.07

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